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Shampoo Bottles

I hate when shampoo bottle companies make it so you can’t take the lid off of their shampoo bottle so you can scrape out the last of the shampoo when you get down to the end. I’m looking at you, Matrix Essentials. Not only do I use my finger to scrape the very last of the shampoo (or conditioner) out of the bottle, but when I’ve gotten everything I can, I add some water, shake it up, and use it one last time (or two or three times, depending on how effective my finger was) (that’s what he said).

But like I said, some companies make it nearly impossible to unscrew the lid. I will not be foiled, though! After turning the bottle upside down and using as much of the shampoo as I could squeeze out of the bottle, I put the bottle up to the shower head and stood there while water trickled into the tiny opening. I shook it up and have been using it for the past week. Yesterday I added a little more water, shook it up again, and was able to use the very last of it today. Haha! Who needs an easy to remove cap to make sure you use all the shampoo you possibly can?

So far in 2011, I have already bested a shampoo bottle.

Trish – 1; Shampoo Bottle – 0


24 Responses to “Shampoo Bottles”

  1. Melissa

    Bahaha, take that shampoo! You’re hilarious.


  2. Jo-Jo

    You go girl!


  3. gautami tripathy


    And I thought I was the only one who had to have every drop out of Shampoo bottles, Moisturisers and Sunscreen lotions.

    You seem to my soul sister!!

    Hee Hee.

    (You made my day!!)


  4. Rebecca @ The Book Lady's Blog ()

    I’m forwarding this to my father-in-law, who has a collection of at least 25 almost-empty bottles of Softsoap body wash. He’s saving them so he can empty them into one bottle together someday. But that someday? It’s never coming.


  5. Marie ()

    Priceless! I’m forever adding water to shampoo/conditioner bottles to get the last of it out. Too bad that doesn’t work with toothpaste or hand lotion. Let me know if you find a solution to that problem. 😉


  6. Shelly Burns ()

    Hahaha! Your post gave me my laugh for the day. We have soap bottles in our bathroom at work that I toss when it gets so low that you can’t pump them out any more. Others put water in there and it gets on my nerves. Thanks for the laughter!


  7. Patti

    I love this. You have made my day!

    Back in the olden days when I was a kid, we had little toothpaste keys that fit on the end of your toothpaste to help squeeze out the last bits as you rolled it up. After they changed the tubes to plastic, this didn’t work anymore because the tube sort of rolled back out. Perhaps one of us more inventive people out here can come up with an efficient shampoo dispenser that’s “good to the last drop” 🙂


  8. zibilee ()

    I am sure that this is just a snide little attempt to get you to buy more shampoo. I have had this happen to me before, and it drives me nuts!


  9. heidenkind ()

    I hate it when shampoo bottles have foil on the mouth of the bottle, which of course you don’t realized until you’re in the shower trying to get shampoo out of the new bottle. And then you have to unscrew the lid and try to get the foil off with wet hands!

    Why? Would they do that????


  10. Lesley

    You will now be my husband’s new hero for putting a variation on ‘TWSS’ in a book blog post, ha! It’s become such a joke among him and his buddies that his boss even gave him a shirt that says ‘That’s What She Said’ – once when he was wearing it in public, some random guy came up and asked if he could take a picture of it. I draw the line at him wearing it out for date night though. 🙂


  11. Nan

    Oh I hate that too! Good job for winning the battle! Go team Trish!


  12. Mumsy

    *laughing uncontrollably* Oh, this is me too!


  13. Leslie ()

    Ha… you just gave me my laugh of the day. I love it. And I thought I was the only one who tried to force water from the shower head down that little opening to get the last drop!

    I still haven’t figured out how to get the last of my allergy nasal spray (that would be flonase) out of the bottle now that they sealed the top instead of having it screw on. And that stuff is really expensive.


  14. Jeane

    I do it too. The way to get the end of the toothpaste out is just cut the tube open- cut the flat end off with scissors, cut the edges of the sides open, peel it apart and voila! you can brush your teeth two or three more times, ha ha.


  15. Robin

    Yep, my husband does that. Adds water to get every last drop. My pet peeve is new and improving my favorite shampoo and ruining it so I had to experiment with different ones until I found another one that made me and my hair happy.


  16. donstuff

    As Steven Wright would say, “Boycott Shampoo, demand the real thing.”


  17. Veens

    lol! I do that, I add water and shake it up and use till it almost finished 😀


  18. Jess - A Book Hoarder

    Oh my God that is awesome!

    My bigger issue with shampoo is when they “upgrade” their product to something that sucks and then you spend too much money and suffer through bad hair days until you find a replacement but you don’t want to use every last bit because you just want to get rid of the crap and move on to something better. Uggh…can you tell I just went through this?


  19. nat @book, line, and sinker ()

    seriously? i thought i was the only doofus to stand in the shower trying to funnel water into the tiny opening in an effort to use every drop of shampoo. we won’t discuss how i have miles of shelves in my basement with several years’ supply of canned goods and beauty products, right? i have my own personal costco in my cellar but i will FIGHT for the last drop of toothpaste, shampoo, or ketchup. lol.


  20. Cori ()

    Ha! Love it.

    I have this facewash that I adore, but it’s impossible to get all of it out of the tube. So much is left over! I finally cut the end off the bottom of the tube and scrape out all the leftover facewash with a plastic paper-folder-thing that I have in my office. I got at least a month of facewash out of that sucker!


  21. Krysten ()

    I switch up my shampoos and conditioners and I always get so excited for the new stuff that I never use the last bit. I’m so wasteful, my mother would kill me!


  22. Nishita ()

    I actually take a knife to my shampoo bottle. Cut it neatly (but not completely), so I can close it up again…and use every last bit of my shampoo 🙂


  23. Mary

    Shouldn’t it be against the law to make these caps unremovable….Glad you are getting the last drop despite their tricks. I am right there with you!


  24. Gail

    Matrix! What about those of us who don’t have room in the shower for a big bottle? I tried to refill my smaller bottle but can’t get the #@*% lid off. Shame on you for encouraging such waste – next bottle will be another brand.


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