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Mighty List

Everyone’s heard of a bucket list: things you want to do before you die. But that’s so morbid. Somehow I stumbled across Mighty Girl’s Mighty Summit, which is “an annual retreat structured around the idea of creating a better life. We’re asking all of our attendees to draw up Mighty Lists — lists of about 100 things they’d like to do in their lifetimes — and share them with each other over the course of the weekend. Too often we move forward in our daily lives without making time for our passions. Mighty Summit is about establishing life goals, reflecting, relaxing, and networking with others doing the same.”

I was inspired! One hundred things I’d like to do in my lifetime? YES! One hundred things to do before I die? Hrm. Well, since I procrastinate, things could get kind of interesting in my 90’s.

I’ll be applying to go to the Mighty Summit for 2011 (I mean, it’s held WHERE I LIVE. Either I’m meant to go or that’s just a cool coincidence.), but in the meantime I also wanted a Mighty List. Things that I always think, I’d love to do that, or, That’d be cool! You know. That stuff.

So here’s my list. I’m not at 100 things yet, but I’m getting there. I’ll add to this as I think of things. Maybe one day I’ll even display it like this.

  1. Have at least 2 children (1 down, 1 to go!)
  2. Help a child that’s not mine learn to read
  3. Rescue an abandoned dog
  4. Visit France
  5. Visit Italy
  6. Become proficient enough in French to carry on a conversation (again)
  7. Visit 100 wineries in Sonoma County
  8. Sew a quilt
  9. Learn to photograph only in manual
  10. Learn to pick a lock
  11. Go camping with my family
  12. Leave 100 inspirational notes around my city
  13. See a firefly in real life
  14. Do a pinup and boudoir session with Ambitious Misfit Photography (inspired by this session)
  15. Create a yearly tradition of a Girls Weekend
  16. Buy an original piece of art (in addition to the one I already have)
  17. Buy a house
  18. Collect a full set of vintage dishware that I love
  19. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  20. Learn how to shoot a gun
  21. Attend a Super Bowl or a World Series game
  22. Earn a black belt in Karate
  23. Plant daffodils in a field
  24. Go swing dancing again
  25. Attend the MightySummit
  26. Volunteer in a classroom
  27. Donate a fixed monthly amount to a charity for one year
  28. Send a birthday card to every friend whose birthday I know about for one year
  29. Learn how to repair an old watch/clock
  30. Visit all 50 states (see below for progress)
  31. Win a poker tournament
  32. Have a room that only has books in it
  33. Buy something someone needs anonymously
  34. Leave a server a $100 tip
  35. Own a sapphire
  36. Have a snowball fight
  37. Send a card to 10 friends for no reason
  38. Go on a horseback ride
  39. Grow my own garlic
  40. Befriend a quilter I admire
  41. Go parasailing (again)
  42. Climb a mountain (Mt. Whitney)
  43. Finish electrolysis
  44. Learn to do the splits
  45. Experience a white Christmas
  46. Make a mosaic
  47. Earn enough money to need a financial planner
  48. Eat beignets in New Orleans
  49. Learn how to do stained glass
  50. Participate in a watermelon seed spitting contest
  51. Learn how to do blown glass
  52. Build a radio

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Washington DC
West Virginia

What’s on your Mighty List?


24 Responses to “Mighty List”

  1. Sheila DeChantal ()

    Oh fun! I love lists like this… my girlfriends and I have bucket lists but they are not to 100.

    On mine is –
    1. I want to ride a mechanical bull

    2. I would like to do a night in jail – not for anything bad… but like for a cause… like stopping a building from being torn down…

    3. I would love to spend time in Hawaii


  2. Veens

    **Learn to pick a lock** — yes! me too :p


  3. bermudaonion (Kathy) ()

    You’ve never had a snowball fight? I see several items on your list that you should be able to do soon.


    trish Reply:

    No, I don’t think I have. I’ve never lived where it snowed, so while I’ve been to the snow plenty of times, I don’t think a snowball fight has ever happened. It’s possible I did it when I was a kid (I did have a younger brother), but I’d like to do it as an adult!


  4. Rebecca @ The Book Lady's Blog ()

    DUDE. You’ve never seen a firefly in real life????


    trish Reply:

    NO! California doesn’t have fireflies. 🙁


    Lisa Richardson Reply:

    Arkansas has some…….lol, go there in the fall!


  5. Colleen (Books in the City) ()

    I love this idea! And will definitely make my own list.

    Pick a lock?


    trish Reply:

    I’ve always thought being able to pick a lock would be cool. I don’t mean being able to pick any lock, but a basic lock.


  6. Terri

    I’ve done 12 on your list. But there are 2 that you have listed that I really want to do too. Sew a quilt, and have a room with only books in it.


  7. Helen ()

    I have a list like this that I began as I went off to college. Now it has some stuff I definitely don’t want to do that I added in college when I thought I was cool. The list is on a faded lined piece of paper that I keep folded in a journal. But reading your list and the one you linked to (with the butterflies) makes me want to do more with my list, to make me more conscious of it. Thank you for the inspiration!


  8. Alexia561 ()

    What a wonderful idea! I have a bucket list, but I like the idea of a Mighty List even better! Like you, I’m a procrastinator and would probably be running around like crazy in my 90’s to complete my bucket list! *L*


  9. raych ()

    ‘Tip a server $100’ is also on MY life-list! What are the odds? I am going to steal ideas from yours. Here’s mine:


  10. soonerscotty

    I wanted to make a to-do list for 2011 but, since I’m outta work right now I didn’t think I’d be able to do anything but, if I could make it for my whole life…now that’s an idea!

    Thanks for the inspiration =]


    soonerscotty Reply:

    and it’s posted… =]


  11. Staci

    I’m so into your list…several of your picks made me smile and I thought to myself, “Yeah, I’d like to do that too!”


  12. Robin

    what an amazing idea. I’ll have to do make a mighty list. My husband and I both have the ideas in our heads, but never thought to write them down. Maybe if we write them down, we’ll be more likely to do them.


  13. Alyce ()

    I saw a firefly for the first time (a bunch of them actually) while in Washington, DC about three years ago. It was very fun. 🙂 I hope you get a chance to see one someday soon!


  14. Nan

    If you are ever in Vermont, you can come and volunteer in my classroom. Then you can also help a child learn to read. That would take care of 2 on your list!


  15. Ali ()

    I love your list. I don’t have an actual list but definitely have a mental “bucket.” I was able to cross several things off of it this winter and it totally inspired me to be more focused about how I spend my time and money so that I can try some more of these things that really matter to me. Maybe I should start by making an actual list…


  16. Michelle

    Come and visit me! I’ll hook you up with the fireflies!


  17. Stacybuckeye ()

    Oh, you’ve inspired me to start my own list! You ahve some great things on here. Having been to both Italy and France I recommend going to Italy first 🙂


  18. Irish ()

    I love this idea! And I love your list! Have fun knocking them all off and then finding news ones to take their place.


  19. Cheree

    I love writing my Mighty List. I included some things that I have already accomplished that I was proud of. Having a list is great for when life feels like nothing is happening, it reminds me that I still have goals that I am always working towards.

    My list:


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