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“I’m rich enough to eat my food in separate dishes.”

I’ve talked previously about my food issues — how I don’t like any of it to touch. Well, my friend Becky (hi, Becky!) sent me an excerpt from an article she read about Groucho Marx:

Because of the greasy food served all slopped together in the boarding houses, in his later years Groucho always insisted he be served his food in separate dishes. Each main course, vegetable, salad, potato, whatever, was always served alone, in its own dish. “I’m rich enough to eat my food in separate dishes,” he would explain. Groucho hated mixed vegetables, calling them “trick vegetables.”

And that will be my line from now until the day I die. “I’m rich enough to eat my food in separate dishes.” I might not be able to afford a new house or an iPad or new eyeglass frames (at the same time that I’m buying prescription sunglasses), but at least I have enough money to eat my food in separate dishes.


16 Responses to ““I’m rich enough to eat my food in separate dishes.””

  1. gautami tripathy

    We Indians eat our foods in separate dishes. Dish washing is a chore but so what?

    Go for it!!!


  2. Ti ()

    I don’t like my food to touch either. I’ve been known to use those plates with the compartments. Like…kid trays. LOL.


  3. zibilee ()

    I also don’t like it when my food touches, and have thought about serving all my meals in those paper plates with different compartments. My husband and kids wouldn’t like that though, so I will have to suffer along as it is. I think the idea of separate dishes for different foods is a great one!


  4. Kathleen

    I had to laugh at this one. I ALWAYS needs to have my veggies separate from the rest of my food when I was growing up. To this day my family still hassles me about it. I’ve outgrown the habit but can certainly relate to wanting food in separate dishes!


  5. Helen ()

    Great solution! That is such a common issue, more parents shouldn’t bother to fight it and should just use separate dishes


  6. Dev ()

    Ha ha! I knew I wasn’t the only person with “food issues”. My food can’t touch – at all. I’m known to clean off my plate between servings so that I can ensure nothing touches. I also eat all of one thing before I move on to another food item.


  7. Sandy ()

    Looks like there is a nice group of us that like our food to have its own space. If even juice runs from one set of foods to another, the gig is up.


  8. Amy

    I like to eat stuff together and get a mixed taste, but my husband does not! So, I have gotten used to not putting sauces on his plate, keeping his orders plain and generally not mixing things up; Just another sign of different strokes for different folks. But Todd is seriously eyeing those plates with dividers!


  9. Sara

    Great story, A new one for me


  10. Shel

    Haha, good quote. I prefer my foods not to touch, but as long as sauces and dressings don’t mix, I’m good. Buffets are interesting, because I will do several trips with smaller amounts on my plate, where most people pile ’em high.


  11. Heather Rosdol ()

    Glad to see you back and blogging! That’s so funny because my sister is like that. She hates to have her food touch. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. So eat your food in separate dishes. Or, at Walmart, they have these nice little metal dishes that I mix my spice rubs in and you could put several of those on your plate and serve your food in those on your plate. But more power to you!



  12. Jennygirl

    Ypu and the baby can share a set of dishes when he is ready for people food!

    I don’t mind my food touching, but I don’t mix my food when I eat. Like I will eat all my chicken, then all my rice, then all my broccoli. Not in that order, but I would never eat some chix and broccoli together unless it’s in a casserole or something. So see there are stranger people than you out there.

    And ditto on the prescription eyeglass thing. Sorry but I just can’t afford two at one time!


  13. jenn aka the picky girl ()

    Well, as my moniker notes, I am EXTREMELY picky, especially when it comes to food. However, I don’t take too much issue with it touching, unless it’s something that has a sauce or something. That can DEFINITELY not touch anything else. I don’t freak out about it or anything, but I am not happy if it does. My dad is a food mixer, and it grosses me out. I don’t need to eat food in any particular order but certainly will not mix it up. Ew.


  14. Beth F ()

    I don’t necessarily like things all mushed together, but a single plate is okay for me. I love the line, though!


  15. stacybuckeye ()

    I used to be that way, but now I don’t mind foods touching or even mixing, LOL.
    Hope motherhood is treating you well.


  16. Meg @ write meg! ()

    Trish, do you know that your food post was what brought me to your blog for the first time? I even wrote a reaction post, which you commented on. For the first time.

    So basically, food not touching is what brought us TOGETHER. It is the spark of our FRIENDSHIP. That is how crucial it is that our food not touch!

    And almost three years later, I’m still with you. I hope I’m always rich enough to afford separate dishes.


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