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Too Busy Taking Pictures

Time goes by so fast! In a perfect world, I’d post weekly with photos about what’s new for Ethan and what’s new for me and all that stuff that’s just so exciting for a first-time mom. But working at home is WAY harder than I ever thought it would be, and I just don’t have the time I thought I’d have, so sporadic updates will have to do.

Ethan is 14.5 weeks, which amounts to 3 months and change. He’s a whopping 17 pounds — SEVENTEEN POUNDS — and is in 6-9 months clothes, with the 12 months clothes thrown in so he doesn’t accidentally outgrow them. Obviously, he eats. A lot. Which means I’m reading a lot and/or trying to get total and complete destruction on Angry Birds, depending on if I have a book club meeting looming.

(Ethan the hoodlum)

He’s smiling and talking and laughing, though we haven’t gotten one of those good belly laughs yet.

Ethan is a super mellow baby. I’m taking him to all of my committee meetings and book club meetings and coffee with friends. I’m hoping he’ll be my little sidekick if this is just how we do things. It’ll make it easier for me to justify FOUR BOOK CLUBS to my husband.

(Ethan’s first hickey — on my friend, not me. Classy, baby!)

We’re cloth diapering and co-sleeping (though he is sleeping in his crib now that he’s sleeping through the night, but that was more of an “oh, look! He can sleep in his crib no problem!” rather than an “I’d really like him to sleep in his own bed.”) and exclusively breastfeeding. All of which I’ve become extremely passionate about, so I try to not bore people with my recitation of facts and studies that support all these things! We’ll also be doing baby-led weaning, which means I won’t be pureeing food and he’ll be breastfeeding until he weans himself, which means I might have a toddler who breastfeeds.

In my younger days, I swore I’d never do some of these things (cloth diapering, for one, and potentially having a toddler who breastfeeds, for two). When I got pregnant I tried to keep track of all those things I swore I’d never do, but I lost my list. I thought it would be funny to look back on that list in a year or two and see how many of those things I had managed to not do. My guess is there wouldn’t be too many. 🙂

Every week I go to a Mommy & Me group, which I love. I’ve met some people there who I’m hoping will turn in to friends. I’m quiet during most of the Mommy & Me group because Ethan’s been such a good baby so far that I haven’t really had to troubleshoot anything.

I’m loving being a mom. I love it even more than I thought I would!

Incidentally, the title of the post comes from this: I’d posted the bottom two pictures on Facebook, and a friend said something to the effect of, Pick your baby up and soothe him (way nicer than that, though), and I said I couldn’t because I was too busy trying to get those faces on film! Poor baby. Having to suffer so mama can laugh later. It’s a tough life!


32 Responses to “Too Busy Taking Pictures”

  1. Pam van Hylckama Vlieg ()

    I am so jealous you can continually breast feed. I tried to do so with Elijah and wanted to do baby ready weaning as well but my milk dried up around seven months and nothing the doctor tried could fix it. I love the angry photos.


  2. Vania ()

    ahahhah best faces EVER! too cute!


  3. Sandy ()

    Well, he’s a boy. My son was the same way…he just ate all the damn time. I think he was in his newborn clothes about a day. As for the breastfeeding, I’m glad you are having success. I did it, but he outgrew me. Needed more sustenance, wanted solid food, like…meatloaf. (ha) Those faces are hilarious and adorable.

    P.S. Yay for four book clubs!


  4. bermudaonion (Kathy) ()

    Aw, Ethan is such a sweetheart! You’ll continue to do things you swore you’d never do until he’s grown. At some point, you’ll wonder how you turned into your mother.


    trish Reply:

    That’s what I’m afraid of!


  5. Helen ()

    Being a mom really is an amazing experience, isn’t it! The best part is that it just gets better and better (and goes so quickly!).


  6. zibilee ()

    Trish, he is beautiful, and looks so much like you! I also think it’s cool that you are able to take him so many places with you and that he is always so compliant and well behaved. He sounds like such an angel. But hey, watch those hickeys, he could get himself into trouble!


  7. cbjames

    I’m laughing here because I flashed on you giving Ethan little pinches to make him put on an angry face. I have a suspicion that he best just get used to that sort of thing. 😉 I think he has a happy childhood to look forward to.


    trish Reply:

    HA! How did you know?! And while I haven’t actually done that, I can’t say it hasn’t crossed my mind… 😉


  8. Freda ()

    It’s all gravy until they hit puberty… so enjoy it while it lasts.


    trish Reply:

    Yeah, I’m not looking forward to one day going *sniff* *sniff* “What’s that smell? OH! It’s Ethan’s B.O.!” Bleh!


  9. Melissa Sarno ()

    I love Ethan! He is so adorable. My friend just had a baby and whenever I see her, we laugh at the baby and the faces she makes the ENTIRE time. For serious. I hope she knows we’re laughing ‘with’ her or she is going to have a huge complex when she grows up.


  10. Kathleen

    Ethan is a real cutie pie! Sounds like you are enjoying your new role as mommy! I lost track years ago of all the things I said I would never do after I had kids, that I have done…co-sleeping was one of them! Enjoy every second with that precious little guy!


  11. Lisa Richardson ()

    It’s wonderful that you are having such a good time doing so many good things for your baby. I think breastfeeding is such a wonderful way to raise a baby if you can, even for a little while. And with the price of formula these days….wayyyyy cheaper too!

    I only have one comment about the toddler breastfeeding, lol. I worked with a man whose wife was still breastfeeding their son — and he was four years old. And not just at home! Her husband was embarrassed, and asked her to stop, but she refused. For me, and this is purely my own opinion mind you, I think that’s a little past stopping time. At least in our culture where it’s not a necessity of life. When the child can unbutton your shirt and move your bra, maybe he can get a glass of milk. I always like to hear other opinions on this, lol!


  12. Amused ()

    So cute! I love the faces 🙂


  13. Amanda ()

    That lip curl is the best isn’t it? Our second son’s lip always curled over like that when he cried. I took tons of pictures of it instead of picking him up, haha! 😀


  14. Beth F ()

    I love how you’re loving your life.


  15. Vasilly ()

    Trish, Ethan is so beautiful! I want to kiss those cheeks! 🙂 I’m glad to hear that everything is going so well.


  16. Chelsea ()

    What an absolutely adorable wee baby! Thank you so much for the parenting update and heart-warming snapshots!


  17. Debbie's World of Books

    Hard to believe he is even cuter in person but he was! And such a good baby.


  18. Darlene ()

    Trish, he is so adorable! I love those poutie faces – they are their cutest! I’d love to give him a big squeeze!


  19. Elizabeth ()

    What a cutie! My kids are 10 months old now, and weigh 19 lbs, so in about 2 months Ethan will be able to beat them up! And I totally know what you mean about just wanting to get the picture – I make my kids change clothes about 4 times a day just so I can see them in all their cute little outfits. =)


  20. Lisa

    Lol–Ethan looks like Winston Churchill in that last pic! It’s incredible how much being a mom changes you, isn’t it?


  21. Teddy ()

    He is so adorable and I swear I see some of you in him. I’m so glad for you that he is a mellow baby. Hooray for cloth diapers, it’s the most environmentally friendly option, for sure. I have a friend who did the baby led weaning. She weaned herself off totally at four years old. Most people think that’s crazy, but they don’t read the research.


  22. Alison's Book Marks ()

    Being a mom has rocked your whole world, I can tell. Ethan is one lucky little man!

    I’m so glad you’re in a mommy group – it’s as good for you as it is for Ethan. I am still VERY close with my mom’s group (my older son is 9).

    Without sounding patronizing, I am so proud of you!! The cloth diapering, the breastfeeding, the co-sleeping…these are not easy things. All I ask is that you don’t pass judgement on the moms who have made other choices. I did all the “right” things with my first son, and we were going strong into his second year, but my younger son was a completely different beast. I can remember breaking down crying when the pediatrician told me I needed to supplement at 4 months because he wasn’t getting enough (even though he was eating every 2 hours!! I wasn’t making enough). I have two very healthy, very happy boys, no matter how they got to where they are at 9 and 6, and I am blessed to have them.

    I want to smush that sad face!!! (Some of my favorite pictures of my kids are sad faces…mean mommies we are!)


  23. Alison's Book Marks ()

    By the way, I meant that “rocked your world” in the best possible way. Maybe I should have opted for “knocked your socks off”? It’s been a long day. 🙂


  24. Amanda ()

    Oh so cute!! I need to do an update on my little guy too. When he was 7 weeks he weighed 14 pounds 3 ounces….he’s 10 weeks now so have no clue how much he weighs. Glad to know someone else has a cute chunky baby like me 🙂


  25. Michelle

    Those bottom two pictures ARE classic!! LOL


  26. stacybuckeye ()

    So adorable! You are lucky that he is so mellow that he fits into your social time. Enjoy the time.
    Motherhood is hard and every kid is different and I’m glad breastfeeding is working for you. There are many reasons it doesn’t work for other moms most of them not of their choosing, so again, consider yourdelf lucky 🙂


  27. Dreamybee ()

    Aw! He is adorable! Glad to hear you are loving motherhood so much.


  28. Sheila DeChantal ()

    He is so cute and love the faces!


  29. Shellie

    Yes he is a boy – a big boy… what a cutie and his first hickey too… how funny.

    Every time I stop by your blog I get so so home sick Trish!!! I am leaving now since if I link on one of your Northern CA links I know I will cry.

    Congrats on your new baby… Soon you will be chasing him around – I wonder if he’ll be a climber. lol…


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