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The Only Thing I Don’t Like About Reading

(I wrote this about two months ago when Ethan was still breastfeeding a lot. He’s so efficient at breastfeeding now that I don’t have much time to read right now. :()

I’ve finally got some reading time again, since I sit with Ethan as he breastfeeds throughout the day. I’ve found, though, that there’s one thing that I don’t like about reading.

I don’t like starting a  new book.

I KNOW! Weird, right? Instead of being excited about the possibilities, I feel apprehensive that I won’t like it. Most books need some time to set the stage, so to speak. And I get it! I do! But the whole setting the stage part is generally something that I have to slog through as I get into a groove with the story and the author’s voice.

My favorite part is being in the middle of a book I love, and I hate finishing a book, because I know I’ll soon be starting another book. I’m saying goodbye to an old friend, and now I have to make a new friend.

Is there anything you don’t like about reading?


15 Responses to “The Only Thing I Don’t Like About Reading”

  1. Alyce ()

    I completely agree! That’s why I so rarely read short stories – I just get into the story and it’s done practically on the next page. Short stories have to be excellent for me to feel like it’s a decent investment of time (like those of Jhumpa Lahiri).


  2. heidenkind ()

    Deciding which book to read next. It shouldn’t be a big deal, but it is! I can never decide and then I feel like when I do pick a book, I’m cursing it with my indecision.


  3. Kathleen

    I know exactly what you mean. My least favorite part of reading is finishing a book that I love and feeling so sad that it has to end. Picking a new book to read after that is always fraught with a lot of uncertainty. Sometimes I have to read magazines and newspapers for a few days before I am able to pick the next book. Weird, right?


  4. Diana Douglas ()

    It’s such a letdown when a book starts off great and I’m all excited because I’ve found a new author and thirty pages in I realize I’ve completely lost interest.


  5. Jenny

    Not to push my agenda (which, be it said, is an agenda of AWESOME) on everyone else, but a way to fix this problem is to start reading the end before you read the middle. Read for twenty minutes until you know who the characters are, then read the end! It’ll make the beginning more fun and the middle even funner than it already is.


  6. Steph

    While I wouldn’t say that I *hate* starting new books, I will say that I do understand what you mean about how it can feel like a bit of struggle at first before you can really sink into the story and the world the author has developed. This is one of the reasons that I always try to bring a book on planes that I’ve already started and made good headway in, because I find that I have a really hard time giving a new book the focus it needs on planes and in other busy/crowded places.


  7. Nancy Taylor ()

    That’s how I feel, too. Maybe if we weren’t such voracious readers (3-7 books a week), we’d feel giddy with anticipation.


  8. The Reading Panda

    The worst for me is finishing a book, especially if it is a book I really liked. Even if I have a new book lined up to read next, I usually drag out the last few chapters because I don’t want my current book to be over. Oh, and I get really upset when it looks like I have another 25 pages or so to go, only to find out that it is book club reading notes or some sort of advertising plugged into the back of the book. So disappointing…


  9. Melissa (Avid Reader) ()

    I love picking out a new book. I feel like there are endless opportunities. But at the same time, I don’t always like starting a new book because the characters are still strangers at the beginning.


  10. stacybuckeye ()

    I am nervous to start a book because I have a hard time abandoning a bad one once I’ve started and I have so little time to read now. Wait til Ethan starts crawling/walking. You won’t have moment’s peace!


  11. Trish ()

    Yup, don’t really like starting new books either. Usually takes a good 50 pages for me to get into a book.

    Oh Trish. I haven’t finished a paper book since JULY. My only saving grace is my long commute to and from work when I can listen to audiobooks. But some days I’m too tired to even listen to those. Think we’re going to start sleep training with baby Elle since she seems to want to do all of her eating at night (and she’s off the boob, so it’s not a comfort/preference thing). exhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaausted. 😉 How’s your little pudding cup?


  12. Beth F ()

    Ha! I love starting new books — you never know what you’ll discover when you open the cover.


  13. Aurelie D

    I agree starting a new book can be hard when we wait so long for the action to begin, but i notice this is not true of some books (i.e. Agatha Christie) where the crime or main event occurs well within the first few chapters. Also i completely agree with heidenkind that picking the next book to read is the hardest, especially when there are sooo many to choose from!


  14. jennygirl

    I don’t like starting a book at night before bed. I feel like I forget everything when I pick it up the next morning. I also only give books 50 – 100 pages to wow me. If I’m bored or feel like I’ll be fine if I never read it again, then I know it’s time to move on.


  15. Louise ()

    I’m not sure that I hate starting a new book but the anticipation of choosing is more exciting than starting a book. I hate when I’ve really looked forward to a book and 30/40 pages in realise that I’m not enjoying it. There’s no worse feeling in reading than making the decision to give up on a book.


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