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Oh, hello! Remember me? The one who posted here (fairly) regularly for the past four years? Seriously, I cannot believe I’ve been blogging for that long. I was just commenting on someone’s blog and telling them that one thing I’m thankful for is all my bloggy friends! Most of those friendships have lasted a few years (a few have bit the dust), and I consider myself extremely lucky to know you all!

Enough sentimentality. We’re like friends who can not see each other for a long time, then when we do see each other, it’s like no time has passed, right?

Soo…let’s see. Much to tell you!

Ethan: has two teef! He got them on the same night, with pretty minimal fussing. I’d say, What a trooper! except for the fact that he’s been extra fussy lately which I can only assume is more teething since we’ve been to the doctor and it’s not an ear infection. It’s hard (on the parents) to go from a super mellow baby to a (somewhat) fussy baby! The past few days have been pretty good, though, so I think we’re on the downward slope of that.

He sits up and can do this inchworm thing that can get him where he wants to go amazingly fast. Like, I would think with the way he’s moving his body, it would take him an hour to go from one end of the living room to the other. No, instead it takes 30 seconds and all the animals scatter when they see him coming.

HE SAID MAMA TODAY! I’m not positive he knows what he’s saying, but he said it more than once today. And no, he hasn’t said dada yet. I think he knows he owes me since he smiled at dad first.

Ethan was a skunk for Halloween!

I have pictures of him happy and not crying, but they’re not nearly as cute.

We went to Hawaii, and Ethan didn’t like the ocean the first day, but when we put his feet in the ocean again on the last day, he loved it. We were in Hawaii for my husband’s father’s 70th birthday (which was on 11/11/11 — thus the party in Hawaii), and some of his friends very thoughtfully bought him a cake. When they picked it up, they found out that 70th had somehow become 78th, so the cake showed he was 8 years older than he actually is:

All we need now for this to be a great Cake Wreck is for them to have misspelled his name. UnFortunately, it’s hard to misspell Tom.

The only things I can manage these days is to take care of Ethan and work on my business. Meals are sporadic, sleep is still not great because I have to work in the evenings and Ethan is waking up at night (after sleeping through the night for a few months), and reading is nowhere near where I want it to be (I can’t even read one book a month). But I love it. I’m loving life.

A few more pictures:

(This was the view standing in our living room in Hawaii.)

(Ethan on Thanksgiving.)

(After I attempted surfing. I got up on my knees, that was it.)


26 Responses to “Hawaii”

  1. softdrink ()

    It’s good to see your smiling face. And that cute kid of yours. 😀


  2. kaye

    I just love the picture of you and Ethan together. He is too cute for words!


  3. bermudaonion (Kathy) ()

    I’d cry too if someone dressed me up as a skunk! lol Ethan is adorable and will settle back down soon.


  4. Beth F ()

    Awwww — Enjoy your time with Ethan. They are little only once. Blogs and your friends will still be here. And there’s always Twitter! I love that you are so loving your life.


  5. Michelle

    That boy is just beyond cute! The skunk costume is hilarious and his demeanor in it is equally so. I’m thrilled you had such a fantastic time in Hawaii. I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday!


  6. zibilee ()

    So much is happening with him, and he’s growing so fast! I love all the photos, and even if he wasn’t happy about being a skunk, he was adorable! I am glad that you are enjoying your time with him, but sad to hear that he is so fussy with the teething. Hopefully it gets better soon! Have a great Thanksgiving weekend, Trish!


  7. Trisha ()

    Ethan is adorable! I love the skunk picture. I get a kick out of crying babies too sometimes; they can be just as cute as smiley babies (as long as they stop crying quickly).


  8. cbjames

    I tried body-surfing once and basically sank. 😛


    trish Reply:



  9. Amanda ()

    That skunk picture is so adorable!! 😀 And I love the double rainbow. Glad you’re loving life and I hope the teething stuff dies down quickly. I remember those days (though none of my boys could ever be called “mellow”).


  10. jenn aka the picky girl ()

    So glad for an update post! That is one cute kid you have there, and what an eventful fall. Looks like you guys are really enjoying it. 🙂


  11. Trish ()

    Ethan is such a doll and that skunk outfit?? Dies.

    I keep thinking that Elle is teething as well but nothing ever comes through (same thing as Ethan–got her two bottom teeth without a single fuss). Though after having a very colicky baby for the first four months, I’m grateful for a bit of mellow these days.

    LOVE the last picture Trish. You look beautiful and of course Ethan *squeeeeeze*


  12. Kathleen

    The pictures are adorable! Glad to see you back here and to hear that you are doing so well


  13. Kitty Bullard ()

    These pictures are simply adorable! Such a beautiful baby boy!


  14. stacybuckeye ()

    Adorable! The skunk seems to be a favorite with everyone, inluding me 🙂 So glad that life with Ethan is bringing you lots of joy. Love that smile.


  15. Nancy @ {a}Musing Mother ()

    I hate you just a little bit.


  16. Serena ()

    I’m so glad that you are enjoying life even if you aren’t getting as much blogging or reading done. Sounds like Ethan is going well. Wiggles is saying mama and dada and good! (strange word to pick up) Not sure she know what she’s saying either really…but its cute…she has about 8 teeth these days, so solid foods…here we come!


  17. Melissa Sarno ()

    Thanks for the update my dear Trish. I’m so happy you’re loving life. How do you stand having a kid that stinking adorable? I wouldn’t be able to stop looking at him. I also love to take pictures of children crying and I think it’s so funny (which I know will bite me in the a** one day) 🙂


  18. Ti ()

    My son was super easy so I know what you mean when you say easy to fussy. When he was fussy, I was out of my mind with frustration. You sound as if you are doing better with it than I did though.

    If he was sleeping through the night and now he’s not, he might just be growing. They go through their little phases. No matter what though, he’s just so cute. Every day I think he looks more and more like you.


  19. Amused ()

    Loved all of the photos! Looks like Ethan is getting so big and he is just so cute. Loved the one of him as a skunk 🙂


  20. Lisa Munley ()

    He is such a precious boy! I’m so glad you’re loving life.


  21. JHS ()

    Books can wait, a fact to which my overstocked shelves can attest!! But that beautiful boy can’t. What a blessing! Someday you’ll be old like me & he’ll be out with his friends, leaving you in the quiet house to read, wondering what happened to the days of diapers, teething, etc. That day comes so quickly.

    Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope your first holiday season with the little one is special and memorable!


  22. Melissa (Avid Reader) ()

    That skunk costume is amazing! I loved that you tried surfing too, I’ve always wanted to attempt that. I have a feeling it would not go well.


  23. Lu

    That smile! Those tears! He’s adorable! You two are beautiful together. 😀


  24. jennygirl

    I know this is an old post, but I don’t care. Ethan looks great! I know he is bigger now but still he is growing so fast! Before you know he will be showing you how to surf.
    I adore Hawaii and glad that you guys had a great family vacation, despit the cakewreck.

    I don’t care when you post. I’ll be by eventually to read it 🙂 You’re a mom! You have more important things to do 🙂

    Oh and the skunk is freaking adorable too.


  25. chartroose

    That is one friggin’ awesome little dude!


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