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The Book Blogger Convention

Michelle and I are pleased to announce the acquisition of the Book Blogger Convention by Reed Exhibitions (the folks who run Book Expo America (BEA))!

As many know, I have been organizing and running the Book Blogger Convention together with Michelle (and with the help of other bloggers) for two years now. It has been a labor of love, something that we created because it was something that WE wanted and thought other bloggers might enjoy as well. The support has been tremendous, and the responses after both years was thoughtful, insightful, and spurred us to new ideas.

Michelle ran the Book Blogger Convention this past year by herself. It was tough, but we were looking forward to planning the 2012 convention with the idea that I would be present. It quickly became apparent that with my having a new baby (and wanting more bebes) and Michelle dealing with some health issues, that planning another convention wouldn’t be feasible. We approached Reed about the possibility of purchasing the Book Blogger Convention. After quite a few discussions, it seemed like the best idea to have Reed run the Book Blogger Convention and Michelle and I would bow out.

We are confident in the direction that Reed will take the Book Blogger Convention, and we feel they will be able to do things with it that we were unable to do, either because we didn’t have the resources or we didn’t have the time.

Our hope is that the book blogging community embraces this new direction, and we look forward to seeing you in June at the Book Blogger Convention and Book Expo America!


21 Responses to “The Book Blogger Convention”

  1. Beth F ()

    I’m so happy for you


  2. Melanie ()

    I’m happy for you as well!


  3. Michelle ()

    Congratulations! That is exciting news!


  4. jenn aka the picky girl ()

    Wow! This is so very cool!


  5. Wendy ()

    Just read the press release on this – and it is very exciting that BEA recognizes the importance of bloggers to the extent that they were will (and eager) to purchase BBC. Thanks for all your hard work on this Trish – you and Michelle should feel very proud of the work you did to bring the BBC to BEA. Thank you for that!


  6. Serena ()

    I’m happy to hear that you are pleased with the sale. You and Michelle did excellent work on the previous BBCs and I hope that the new incarnations under Reed will be as successful and exciting. I hope that Michelle feels better soon and that you and the little man continue to grow together…and you’ll have to keep us posted about other babies! btw, got the holiday card and he was priceless with Santa!


  7. Jenn's Bookshelves ()

    I’m so proud of you both! You’ve succeeded at showing the publishing world just how important and relevant book bloggers are! Can’t wait to see you in June!


  8. Kerry M ()

    Congrats! Very exciting news. And definitely good to see that Reed (and by extension, BEA) recognize the importance of book bloggers…


  9. Alison's Book Marks ()

    Congratulations! Thank you both so much for giving birth to this wonderful event! I look forward to seeing the future of BBC, and to actually being able to chat with you this year! Well done!


  10. Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) ()

    Congrats, Trish, this is really great news for both of you. BBC has become one of the highlights of my year, and I’m glad to see it will be in good hands again. You and Michell did an amazing job putting the event together, and, like Jenn said, helping make the industry see how important bloggers are.


  11. zibilee ()

    This is such an exciting development! So glad that you figured out a way to work everything out! Thanks for sharing it all with us!


  12. Kathleen

    This is really exciting news! Congratulations!


  13. Alexia561 ()

    Congratulations! That’s incredibly exciting news!


  14. Sheila (Book Journey) ()

    I am soooo looking forward to it!


  15. Ryan ()

    Congrats! And one of these I may actually have the time to go 🙂


  16. Jill

    Hi Trish, I read your post on my site about The Lantern tour but the email button wasn’t working. I can definitely participate in it. Thanks!


  17. Aggie Villanueva ()

    Is there a link to a page/site for the Book Blogger Conventions? Thankx so much!


  18. Is the BEA Blogger Con Dead on Arrival? | Read React Review

    […] were lots of congratulations, but I was really surprised nobody asked what it meant for the event. This post and the comments at Collins’ blog are representative.: We are confident in the direction that Reed will take […]

  19. BEA BCC WTF « JulzReads

    […] really excited about attending for the first time and meeting our peers.  And I’ve worked with Trish Collins through TLC Blog Tours and she’s been wonderful.  She is attending BBC and I’m excited to meet […]

  20. Lisa LaVergne-Pottgen ()

    Okay, so apparently I have been living under a rock, because I did not even know there was a book blogger convention! I am off now to go Google this and find out more, because if there is a convention for book bloggers, I have to find out more!


  21. Tamara ()

    This is wonderful! Like the previous poster, I didn’t know The Book Blogger Convention existed. I am going to have to get more details on this! I’m very interested in learning more! Congrats on your accomplisment.


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