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The names, they just sound so alike.

I keep on mixing up my dog’s name and my son’s name. And it wouldn’t be so bad, except they look nothing alike and the names aren’t even similar.





Maybe if we look at them from behind?

I’ll leave you with this:




19 Responses to “The names, they just sound so alike.”

  1. Mary

    Ha! You’re officially a mom when you mix the names up 😉
    Cute pics!


  2. bermudaonion(Kathy) ()

    Don’t feel bad – I’ve done the same thing many, many times.


  3. Sandy ()

    OMG, first of all I think I was just cuted to death. He is so big and that smile is insanely infectious. But just to make you feel better, I have a boy and a girl, look nothing alike, and I get them mixed up with each other, the cats, and my husband. It is called mommy brain.


  4. Beth F ()

    Too funny!! Ethan is a definite contender for cutest kid.


  5. Jeane

    I always thought I’d never mix up my kid’s names, but now I do it all the time! My older daughter is getting used to it, at first she would protest and get real upset but now she just rolls her eyes and reminds me that I used the wrong name, ha.


  6. Sheila (Book Journey) ()

    Ahhhh! Cute post! I now do that with our three dogs… call them by the wrong name, sadly I sometimes call one of them by the dogs name we put down last fall which is still painful and I hate it when I do that….

    Ethan is so CUTE!!!


  7. Shelley

    Identical innocence.


  8. softdrink

    Oh my…I can really see you in his face in that last pic. He’s adorable!


  9. Lu ()

    I agree with Jill! He looks just like you in that last photo. Adorable!


  10. Trish ()

    My sister has a dog named Zoe and my friend a daughter named Chloe. I ALWAYS want to call Chloe Zoe but then feel so terrible that I called her after my sister’s dog. :-/ Love that last picture–what a doll!


  11. Bob Stein ()

    I have four kids and I really wonder what’s happening in my silly brain when I cross-pollinate their syllables. Where does this come from?

    (syllable 1 from kid 1’s name) –
    (syllable 1 from kid 4) –
    (syllables 1 and 2 from kid 2, the one I’m actually speaking to)

    I bet it’s universal across cultures.


  12. zibilee ()

    Sometimes when the kids frustrate me, I run through all the names in the house, including the pet names until I have found the the right one. Often, I stop when I get halfway through and say ” you know who you are, just stop it!’


  13. Susan

    LOL! This was hilarious! And I’m with Zubilee, I run through the names now of my three kids, and mix them up, and eventually say, ‘Oh you know who you are! stop it!” Sometimes if I’m really tired I’ll throw in the cats’ names too.Or my nieces for my daughter’s, or my brother’s for my sons. It’s amazing how the brain can link names!!! And definitely a sign that you are a mom now.


  14. Lisa

    Don’t feel bad – my mom sometimes ran through all of the kids’ names, the cat’s name and the dog’s name before she finally got to the right name. We all do it!


  15. Ryan ()



  16. stacybuckeye ()

    I do this too 🙂 And Max and Gage look and sound nothing alike!


  17. Bookworm

    lol Too funny!


  18. Kathleen

    They look nothing alike except they are both adorable!


  19. jennygirl

    all the names get mixed up as we age. As long as you don’t put Ethan on a leash, you’re good to go. He is so cute and getting so big Trish! I can’t believe it.


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