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Hide and Seek

We play a lot of hide and seek these days, and Ethan will often hide.

The rules are: you have to look around for Ethan (this can be done sitting on the couch) and verbalize where you’ve looked. Is he under the coffeetable? No. Is he under the chair? No. Where could he be? Where’s Ethan? Ethan will slowly come out of his hiding spot (see above), and the longer you pretend not to see him, the harder he laughs when you finally do see him and are startled by his presence.


9 Responses to “Hide and Seek”

  1. Amanda ()

    That’s such a cute age! I loved Hide and Seek games. 😀


  2. bermudaonion(Kathy) ()

    What precious times for you!


  3. Kathleen

    Your little boy is no longer so little! Where did the time go? I’m feeling older all the time…! 🙂


  4. Teresa ()

    We still play this game at 4 1/2. So much fun!


  5. Margie Durham

    Aren’t they fun!


  6. Jennygirl

    Perfect hiding place 😉 Love the early fun and games with kids.


  7. Susan

    How lovely – and a very cute picture too, that captures the game perfectly. Wonderful!! Thank you for sharing 🙂 I remember doing this with each of my 3 children. It’s a game all children love, I think.


  8. Stephanie ()

    Too cute! I really miss that age.


  9. StephTheBookworm ()

    Way too cute!!!


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