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Giveaway: Smart Mudflap Girl Necklace

November 13, 2013 – ETA – In usual form, I’m late picking the winners. But here’s the random sequence for comments 1 through 34:Β 

necklace winners


Heather S. and nomadreader were the winners! Congratulations! An email has been sent to each of you.Β 


A little over two years ago, I found an Etsy seller, MarKhed Design, who made silhouette necklaces out of sterling silver (check out her designs here since she’s on maternity leave). I loved them and wanted all of her designs, but I couldn’t afford all of her designs, unfortunately. Then I had the awesome idea of seeing if she could make a necklace of the smart mudflap girl — you know, the one you see on the back of cars?


And she nailed it. The necklace looks fantastic! In a moment of pure insanity genius, I ordered three — one for me and two to give away. And then I promptly procrastinated on hosting the giveaway, and here they are, two years later, waiting to be worn around someone’s neck.

So here we go.

I’ve got two necklaces to give away. They both look like this:


It’s the smart mudflap girl on an 18″ silver chain. The girl is approximately .75″ tall and 1.25″ wide. The silhouette originally had a loop in the head (as you can see in the picture) and on the extended foot, but it seemed to hang weird that way, so I changed them so the chain only hangs from the head. That’s why there’s a hole in her foot.

I’ll ship these to two different folks, anywhere in the world. Just leave a comment to be entered in the giveaway, and I’ll close the giveaway at 11:59pm on Tuesday, November 5, 2013.

If you don’t win, MarKhed Designs said they’d make this same design for anyone who wants it. Of course, that was two years ago, but I’m sure she’ll still do it, though her prices may have gone up some. Just make sure you have Etsy email you when she returns to business so you can get in touch with her.


40 Responses to “Giveaway: Smart Mudflap Girl Necklace”

  1. Jess - A Book Hoarder

    I have been wanting to put one of these on my car. The necklace is adorable and a great idea. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!


  2. Sandy ()

    I cannot resist this! Thanks so much for the giveaway!


  3. Word Lily ()

    Ooh, awesome!


  4. nomadreader (Carrie) ()

    These are fabulous, and I would love to win (then comes the hard decision–keep it or give it as a holiday gift!)


  5. Ti ()

    GREAT giveaway! I would love to win one of these!


  6. anne

    thanks for this wonderful giveaway which is unique and special.


  7. Eliza

    That is a super cute and brilliant idea. I would love to wear one of these. I’m all signed up for the notification when she returns in case I don’t win πŸ™‚ The little girl on a swing necklace is pretty darn cute, too.


  8. Heather S

    Super cute! Much cuter than the original ones!


  9. Debbie Jackson

    This is so fun.. Please consider me entered
    roddjackson at hotmail dot com


  10. Laura Fabiani ()

    This is a great giveaway even if you’re hosting it two years later than you thought! :-))
    laurafabiani at videotron dot ca


  11. Bonnie

    I have never seen this before and I’m quite certain it’s one of the best things ever. Even if I don’t win I have a truck and see actual smart girl mudflaps in my future.


  12. Alison M. ()

    I would love to win this. Thank you for the giveaway.


  13. Lisa Justus ()

    Cute! Would love to have it hanging around my neck!


  14. Laurie

    Brilliant, Trish!
    I’m in for chance to wear this daily – my students will love it!


  15. Lisa E Richardson ()

    What a cool idea! I wish I could get them for my dad’s truck, lol!


  16. Beth T. ()

    This would make an outstanding gift for my cousin’s daughter, who is smart and lovely and who loves books with an enthusiasm I recognize. Thank you for sharing these treasures.


  17. Michelle @ The True Book Addict ()

    Who doesn’t love bookish jewelry, right!? This is terrific. Those Etsy folks are uber-talented!

    Thanks for the chance!


  18. Joji

    Hi! This is a terrific inspiration for anyone to read, read and read more! I would love to show this off to all!!! Thanks!!!


  19. Beth F ()

    Oooh fun! I’d love to be entered. Thanks so much!


  20. Sandie Kirkland ()

    So cute! I’d love to win one of these! Great giveaway.


  21. NoteBook Blogairy ()

    Love, love…LOVE this pendant! I’d love to show how much I love books by wearing one of these! Thanks for sharing this & I hope I win. πŸ™‚


  22. beastmomma

    Would love to win! Thanks so much for the chance.


  23. Mirela ()

    Love the necklace, I hope to be the lucky one! Greetings from Greece πŸ™‚


  24. Elida Crowley

    Seeing that beautiful necklace reminds me that my daughter born on November 5th 41 years ago. Got her love of reading by being read to. She is her mother’s daughter and can’t get enough to read. Books make the world your backyard. Thank you for offering the giveaway.


  25. Leslie ()

    Very nice and very unique. Of course I’d love to have one!


  26. Pam

    It is so cool…


  27. Jenny @ Reading the End

    How cool, oh how amazingly cool! Don’t sign me up for the giveaway (I only ever wear one of two necklaces, because I cannot handle a ton of change), but do you expect you will hear about it when this designer gets back from maternity leave? And if you do could you maybe perhaps post about it? Because there are like fifteen trillion people in my life for whom I would like to buy a necklace by her.


  28. Christine Barter ()

    This is adorable. Love that she’s reading a book. If I won everyone would already know it was me as I always seem have my head in a book. Great giveaway.


  29. Julie

    Great idea, thanks for the opportunity


  30. Alexia561 ()

    What an adorable necklace!


  31. amy holtz

    I love that you had these made up and are offering them. i also love the smart mud flap girl because I am both a literature major and a blond and can use all the help a blond needs to be taken seriously. They are just as great as the pin up girls reading.


  32. Justine

    Ooh, that’s such a great image for a necklace! I like how you changed the way the pendant hands on the chain.


  33. Rica ()

    Would love to win one!


  34. Susie C.

    Awesome! Adorable.


  35. April

    Argh! Gutted I missed this giveaway! I’ve added her to my ‘favourites’ on etsy so I can keep an eye when she’s back from maternity leave. πŸ™‚


  36. John

    Shame I missed this πŸ™

    brought here by Censation Girl.


  37. Samantha

    Love this! Winning would be great


  38. BookHunter

    OMG! i love your blog, it’s amazing <3

    PLEASE check out my blog, it’s also about books,I just recently started πŸ˜€


  39. Meghan ()

    These are actually really cool. I’d love to have one of these!


  40. Joy ()

    Oh that is so cute, I would love to win. I also have a book giveaway going on if you want to stop by and see if you like any of the selections.
    Books and Life


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