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Evil Kitty

I just had to start posting. There’s too many things that I think are funny to not put them up where everyone else can see them. I mean, I’ve got my favorite blogs (okay, I’ve only got one, maybe two) and what would I do without them? Hopefully, eventually, people will say that about this blog.

Anyway, so here’s the impetus for my finally jumping on the computer (after meaning to do it for a lllloooonnnnggg time) :

This is Orion. Evilest kitty on the West Coast. I’m taking care of him for a friend while this friend finds another place to live. Nice of me, huh? I’m a sucker for animals. And kids. And black jelly beans. I just can’t say no! I didn’t want to say no, though. When I first met this cat, I pestered the owners when I was at their house by saying that I wanted it to be in their will that I would get this silly cat if they ever passed away. Little did I know that mere months after I make this flippant comment I would get a phone call asking if I could keep the cat on a short-term basis. Sure, no problem. Okay, maybe there’s a slight problem. I have two dogs. Not only do I have two dogs, but one of them is a poodle that comes with all of the “emotional” problems that poodles tend to come with (i.e. he doesn’t like anyone else to get attention but himself, he doesn’t know he’s only 7 pounds, and he thinks all toys belong to him). And I have a cat, but that shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Riiight… the reason I wanted this cat was because he likes to attack everything that comes his way with no provocation. Very funny to visit, not so funny to own. To get this picture, all I did was put my hand near him. He doesn’t do this to his owners, so I’m hoping eventually (days, weeks) he’ll stop attacking me every time I’m near. His front paws have been declawed (don’t yell at me…I didn’t do this to him, nor would I have, but he’s a 100% indoor cat), so it doesn’t hurt when he swats at you, it’s merely startling. You’d never guess, but Orion did live with two dogs and a cat, so this should feel like home to him. Right? Right?!

I should get plenty of stories from this. Plenty.

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