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Country Clubs


I hate them. And not for any other reason than that the people who belong to them tend to have a more-than-normal percentage of people who feel entitled. Entitled to what? Everything. You name it, they feel entitled. Especially when it comes to a bigger pour of wine, a better table, blah blah blah.

I’m only working there for another six to seven months, so it’s not like I’ll be there much longer. But it still bothers me. Here’s a couple of examples:

As background, this particular country club is in some financial difficulties, shall we say. They’ve scaled down on the dinner service (we no longer serve dinner on Wednesdays, only Thursday through Saturday now) and are trying to figure out what else they can do. So I was working some Sunday brunch, and I get this table of two guys. They were sitting outside. And this one guy orders a glass of wine. Okay. But then he says, “And I don’t want one of those small pours, I want a BIG pour!” So I said something to the effect of, “Don’t you realize that the Country Club is having money problems, and it’s certainly not because they’ve been skimping on their pours (of wine).” Any other restaurant (well, most), there’s a measurer that the bartender will use to pour wine so that you don’t get light or heavy pours. But for some reason, our members feel entitled to a third of a bottle of wine when really they’re only paying for a quarter of it!

It also seems fairly common that people make reservations, but will come in 30 minutes to an hour late. That’s not the norm, but it’s not uncommon. Very rude, in my opinion.

Tonight, we were full because we had a prime rib buffet, and I went to seat this one party, and the lady says, “I don’t like that table. I want a different one.” Why are people so concerned about where they sit? Aren’t they just happy that they were able to get in?

Okay, maybe I’m getting petty…but I feel like I have to be a Stepford wife with these people and I can’t stand it!!

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