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I’m Going To Start A Book Club

And hopefully this one works out. I’ve tried one before, and it failed. It didn’t so much fail as peeter out. Hopefully we can keep this one going.

This is the setup: At our first meeting (I anticipate four or five people), people bring books they would like to read. The books have to be considered “literature”. Basically, no John Grisham. Don’t get me wrong; I love John Grisham. It’s total mind candy. But not for a book club. Everyone has to agree on the books to be read. We will then assign one book per month for a total of eleven books (no meeting in December :-)).

I hope it works out because I love to talk about books. And I love to read. But I suppose that’s a given. These are the books I will recommend:

Ahab’s Wife

My friend really recommended this book and made her want to go read Moby Dick.


I loved We Were The Mulvaneys and Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been


This was highly recommended by an English teacher who is an avid reader.  


Recommended by everyone who’s read it.


 I finally broke down and bought it when a guy I work with, who’s 20 and not a reader, read it and said it was excellent.

Woohoo!! I can’t wait!!

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2 Responses to “I’m Going To Start A Book Club”

  1. lisamm

    I read the last 3. Middlesex isn’t one I’d recommend for my own book club, only because I felt it was too long, and it sort of bogs down in the middle. The Kite Runner was great–our entire book club (13 members) loved it. Can’t wait for the movie. Stones from the River was an excellent book that I read many years ago, when it was an Oprah pick. I would highly recommend it.


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