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Pooping in Public Bathrooms


Yesterday at work I had to go to the bathroom. Number one and number two. As a side note, I would never go number two if someone else is in the bathroom at the same time. I think pooping is a very private and personal thing, and why would I want to let someone else in on all of my bodily functions/noises? It’s not exactly…socially acceptable.

That said, I have been known to poop in a public bathroom when need be. I do, however, flush regularly (to lessen the smell factor) and use air freshener liberally (if it’s available).

If someone comes into the bathroom when I’m doing my business, I will just sit very quietly until they leave. It seems as if most other people do the same thing. I don’t think I’m strange in this regard.

As I went into the bathroom yesterday, I see that someone is already using one of the stalls. Dang! That means I’ll need to pee and hold the rest of it for a later time. My nose informs me that they are themselves pooping, making me want to get out of there all that much faster.

I sat down in one of the stalls to pee…and nothing happens. I strain, I push, I beg my bladder to let go of the liquid so that I can get the hell out of there. I hear “plop” from the other stall, indicating that the other person is continuing to get on with their business. So I try to hurry my “tinkling”, but, as has happened before, my bladder gets shy when put on the spot, and only a little trickle comes out. I accept this pittance and quickly flush to indicate to my fellow restroomer that I will be leaving soon and she can get on with her business. As I go to wash my hands, she flushes again and I’m startled when she actually walks out of the stall, essentially saying, “Yeah, I poop. So what?”

This does not make me respect her more or less, it just makes me look at her strange and think, “Huh.”

So…tell me! Has this ever happened to you?? 🙂

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5 Responses to “Pooping in Public Bathrooms”

  1. eitheryousinkorswim

    she acted defensively, maybe she thought that you were annoyed by her pooping. But what the heck, what’s that for? tee hee. Strange, I agree.


  2. tytytyty



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  5. raych

    Ok, hilariousness. One time I was on a trip with a bunch of girls and we were all staying in this one little place and for, like, 2 weeks, and no WAY can you hold it for two weeks, and everybody poops, right? Right. So at the onset of our trip, we decided to flaunt our poops. We’d be all, I’M GOING TO THE BATHROOM TO POOP and then everyone else’d be all, Good for you! Or we’d come out and holler that we’d pooped. It made pooping a triumph instead of a shame.
    Sadly, we can’t have ourselves a nice little sit-down with all the world and agree to flaunt our poops, and so our only other option is to be mad embarassed. When I worked at Red Robin, I’d poop in the handicapped bathroom if I had to, because the staff bathroom was too close to the kitchen and, ick. H’anyvays, one day I’m making my afternoon deposit and I come out and there’s a guest waiting to use the bathroom….eeks. Sorry, guy.
    Poops are hilarious.


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