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It Wasn’t a Nightmare But It Might As Well Have Been

Ewww…I had a dream last night that I was marrying my dad. Now if that doesn’t make you feel dirty and unclean, I don’t know what will.

Another part of the dream was seeing this guy get shot. I tried to help him. We went to someone’s house and I tried to call 911, but it took me 10 tries before I was able to actually dial 911. I would dial 991, 922, any combination but 911. There’s something about your dreams that makes your coordination very difficult.

But I guess I would take these dreams over the one I had the night before, where I dreamt someone had imprisoned me and some other people and was making us do a “task” otherwise he would kill us. Funnily enough, that “task” was drawing a picture of a girl, who if I remember correctly was his daughter. I can’t even draw good stick people, and I constantly practice smiley faces. I was pretty sure that there was nothing I could do to help with this “task” and that we would die. To make the dream even worse, he randomly let loose ginormous spiders that were the size of a fist.

The only good thing about these dreams is that I’ve been waking up refreshed. Usually when I have nightmares I wake up exhausted.

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