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What’s Your Daemon?

(Warning: This post is only for those people who are okay with being really geeky. Which I decided was okay probably around the time I decided it was okay to do just about anything and read at the same time.)

After reading my post on The Golden Compass, Chartroose left a comment that there’s a site that will tell you what your daemon would be. I took the test and found out my daemon is:


You can take the test here. Let me know what your daemon is or leave the link back to your blog!

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2 Responses to “What’s Your Daemon?”

  1. raidergirl3

    Isn’t that fun?
    I loved the idea of the daemon, here’s mine:


  2. Cheesey

    This quiz is good but it said my daemon is a crow which I didn’t like, so I repeated the quiz, answered basically the same answers and found mine was actually a Hare. I’m starting to think its kinda random. Its a good quiz though!


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