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The Sister Book Giveaway Winner

I wish I had a cooler title for this post, but I don’t. Ah well.

Before I tell you who won my copy of The Sister, let me show you how I picked the winner:

Funnily enough, there were four? comments from people who said DON’T ENTER ME. Okay, but instead of doing the random number generator multiple times in case it picked someone who said they didn’t want the book, I did this old school. I present to you my handy dandy and very official hat:


I don’t know where I picked up this hat, but as simple as it is, I absolutely love it. It sits on this hat stand and I gaze at it lovingly each time I walk by. I can’t remember where I picked it up. I think it’s from the 1930s.

So now that you know how official this contest was, here’s the winner:


Congratulations to raidergirl3! Email me your address and I’ll get this book to you. I can’t wait to see what you think of it.

Thanks to everyone for entering…I wasn’t sure anybody would even want the book, and I’d be out by myself in Blog Land going, “Hello? Hello? Is anyone listening?” So thanks for not letting that happen. 😀

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7 Responses to “The Sister Book Giveaway Winner”

  1. softdrink

    My condolences, umm congratulations go out to Raidergirl.;-)


  2. Amy

    Congratulations Raidergirl! Enjoy your new book!

    Thanks for being so generous Trish!



  3. Sarah

    That is a fantastic hat!


  4. raidergirl3

    cool beans, that’s me!

    thanks Trish, I hope I like the book more than you did!

    [I hope you do, too! –trish]


  5. katrinastonoff

    I adore the hat! Do you wear it? That’s one I would wear on a regular basis, I think, if it were me. Although some of the more old-fashioned hats are too small for my big head (that’s “inflated ego” to you).

    And what a great idea — posting a pic of the hat and the slip you drew! I just may steal it from you. I could use a different hat every week (I have a thing about hats).

    [I used to wear the hat. I used to wear lots of vintage clothing, and it really “went” with the clothes I would wear. I haven’t worn it in a long time. I think one of the things I liked about it is that it actually fit my head. Apparently, I have a larger than normal head because many hats don’t fit me. 🙂 –trish]


  6. bkclubcare

    LOL. “hello? anyone out there!?” You’re too funny. I love the hat.


  7. raidergirl3

    Hey Trish,
    I finally read the book and I really liked it! So it was perfect that I got the book. I am trying to gather my thoughts for a review, but I decided early on that the narrator was ‘off’, and then reading the book was like reading between the lines to determine what really happened.
    have a great day!


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