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Reason #53 I Hate My Job: People Who Exaggerate

Reason #53 I hate my (second) job (as a server at a country club): People Who Exaggerate.

I was working a private party tonight. The occasion was a First Communion. There were about 6 kids there and they were given sparkling cider in champagne flutes. Before the cake was cut but after the kids ate their dinner, the kids were running around essentially unsupervised. As I’m walking between the kitchen and the room where the party is taking place, I’m flagged down by one of the mothers who says, “QUICK! GET MORE SPARKLING CIDER! MY DAUGHTER HAS LOW BLOOD SUGAR AND IS ABOUT TO GO INTO A DIABETIC COMA!”

Do you seriously want me to believe that a mother who has a diabetic daughter has no food on her that will raise her daughter’s blood sugar level? Either way I look at it, this lady is either an exaggerating moron or just a general moron.

I’ll just keep repeating my mantra: I don’t have to do this after April 30th. I don’t have to do this after April 30th. I don’t have to do this after April 30th.

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3 Responses to “Reason #53 I Hate My Job: People Who Exaggerate”

  1. raych

    I’ve had this!! And I just wanted to stop and go, ‘Really? Because my friend Andrew was diabetic, and he would carry around a little bag of candy for himself just in case something like this happened. You don’t have any little bags of candy? Not even, like, a mint?’ while, all the while, she’s flapping her arms and squawking about diabetic comas. Because serious, you know she’s got a little treat secreted away somewhere. No one comes to a restaurant, where food is everywhere but notoriously hard to secure, without some sort of back-up.
    People are morons.


  2. Dew

    I suppose MAYBE she usually carries food in her other purse, but for this occasion she used a dressy purse? I only suggest this because I have to carry an epipen, and once in a while, I leave my purse in the car or something. So I could see me running up to people screaming QUICK WHO HAS AN EPIPEN? But I would more likely be screaming QUICK RUN OUT TO MY CAR AND GET MY EPIPEN! Or, you know, not screaming at all, but just lying on the floor strangling on my own swollen throat, thinking, ‘God, what a moron I am!”


  3. bkclubcare

    You just never know, huh?


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