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I don’t know how I met Raych, but it was love at first read. I was smitten! Her blog was funny, intelligent, witty…I left a few comments, one of them asking what her other blog was after she mentioned it in passing. And I spent hours reading her other non-book blog. I wanted to read everything she’s written! And then she introduced me to Dynomite and Scramble…ugh! I don’t know whether I should love her or hate her. 😀

Many of you probably already know Raych, she’s been showing up on all the blogs I visit, and she’s generous with her comments and compliments, making her an easy one to love! But let me highlight some of my favorites:

But before I show you my favorites, let me tell you a couple of things I lurve…

She rates books, not with stars, but with caterpillars. I love the word caterpillars.

She just has this amazing ability to suck people into her brain…I can hear her thoughts! SHE WRITES LIKE I THINK.

Sometimes I don’t read her blog right away in Google Reader just to torture myself. It’s like saving the best for last.

Okay, on to my favorites from books i done read:

This review of The Tender Bar. “It’s nothing spectacularly mind-blowing or earth-shattering or heart-rending or any other object-verbing, but it’s well-written and endearing, and warrants a deep, satisfied sigh.” How come I couldn’t think of “object-verbing”??

When I eventually read Jodi Picoult’s Nineteen Minutes, I think I’ll just link back to Raych’s review, whether I agree or not, because how could I possibly say it better? “I should be her editor. I would sit her down and say, ‘Jodi, honey, not since Blossom left the air has anyone tagged a sarcastic ‘…not!‘ onto their sentence. This book is set in 2007! Like, duh! Also, the ‘I’ve got to stop running into you…literally’ joke isn’t funny. That joke was never funny. None of your jokes are funny. Stop making your characters laugh at them. Also, every paragraph does not need to end with a CSI:Miami-style one-liner. And finally, the whole ‘lawyer’s brilliant wife makes innocuous comment which triggers something in his mind so that he exclaims ‘You’re brilliant!’ and runs out of the room to solve the case’ thing is overdone. Once would have been too many.’ I would make a great editor, yes? If not an entirely encouraging one?”

Read this post and then this post.

And then there’s the Dude stories that will make everyone say, Yeah, I have a friend like that! Now I know what that book is like!

Go to the end of this post and tell me if you don’t find yourself nodding your head and saying Yes! YES!

And finally, just read this one. I could go on and on, but there’s more stuff at her other blog.

And here’s some favorites from her other blog, i am saved by the buoyancy of citrus:

I love cereal and have noticed this too.

I love me some random stuff!

This is a seriously freaky story that will have you telling all your friends, OMG! Do you know what I read on the Internet today?! At least, that’s what I did. After I snorted milk out my nose.

Please come back and tell me what you think of Raych’s baby cake…I thought it was creepy.

Once you read this post, then you have to read the comments. HI-larious. I’m glad I’m not the only one who posts about stuff like this.

I would have TOTALLY been up for this challenge…and probably would have regretted it later. I doubt there’s more than 5 people who read my blog who haven’t said while eating a Krispy Kreme original donut, I could eat a dozen of these!

Sausage casing! HA!

I challenge anyone who’s gotten this far to give me examples of how they’re clumsier than this or this.

Really, this whole post of mine is just a friendly warning that you really shouldn’t read either of the blogs I’ve mentioned here. You’ll just end up reading EVERY SINGLE POST FOR THE PAST FOUR YEARS and wasting time obsessing over your high score on Dynomite and Scramble.

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7 Responses to “Introducing…”

  1. raych

    I am unashamedly your biggest fan. This made me all warm and fuzzy, and also made for a great game called ‘Name that Post,’ which I think is pretty self-explanatory. ‘Read this post and then this post’ had me right well stumped.
    I keep talking to Joel about ‘my friend Trish’ and all of a sudden he’s like, ‘Tricia Eadie?’ And I had to say no, my internet-friend Trish, who I met on the internet. Through our blogs. Who I’m going to hang out with later so that we can play head-to-head Minesweeper and drink Tang.
    You are the International Delight Coffee Creamer to my java.


  2. Maw Books

    Raych is awesome! She’s been kind enough to drop by my blog more than once, anyone who does that is cool is my book!


  3. Maw Books

    Okay, I went through and read everything! Hilarious!! I think I’ll be reading her non-book blog all the time now. I’m making my husband read the dog story because I can’t believe that is actually true!! Seems like something that would hit the papers. The cake is scary, I can’t imagine eating it.

    And I admire both you and Raych for actually blogging your own poop stories! I don’t think I could just put it ALL out there! And I wish I could write like Raych especially in the comment dropping are, she recently left one at mine that said exactly what I wanted to say but so much cooler than I could ever do it. And funny too!

    I totally know what you mean, Natasha. 🙂 –trish


  4. lisamm

    Raych is totally cool! I like her, too.


  5. bybee

    I loves me some Raych, too! We both kept showing up at The Book Mine Set and I finally clicked on her blog. So glad I did!


  6. wordlily

    I like Scramble, so that’s OK. 🙂


  7. melanie

    thanks for sharing – now i’m laughing through the tears shed from your recent post. she is a riot and i’m totally feeling her inner clutzy and i may have to borrow your borrowing of the dog story. good times.


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