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Spring Time Photo Contest

Karen is having a photo contest and the theme is Spring Time. I’d love it if you’d go vote for whatever photo you think best depicts the theme. If that photo happens to be mine, well, all the better. 🙂 You can vote HERE.

I chose this photo because it feels like if you just look a little to the left, you’ll see the sun. And there’s nothing that says spring time to me like sun and new, budding leaves.

Well, without further ado…



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4 Responses to “Spring Time Photo Contest”

  1. lisamm

    Very nice, Trish! I like how the background has a painterly quality. The small depth of field really makes the leaves stand out. The side lighting is just lovely.. look! You can even see the little fuzzies on the stem! Great job.. hope you win (are there prizes?)


  2. Nancy, aka Bookfool

    That’s a beautiful photo, Trish. I love the colors. Good luck!


  3. lisamm

    Where are you, Trish? 5 days with no new posts is a long time for you! Busy with all the wedding planning, are you? Hope all is well.


  4. bkclubcare

    oh, I’m sorry! I think I was too late. 🙁 I LOOOOOVE your photo. The colors are so vivid.


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