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Sometimes I Talk To Dave Like This

When I first saw this video I watched it like five times and showed it to Dave and every once in a while I tell Dave I love him kinda like this:


And since this video has been watched over 9 million times, you’ve probably seen this one as well, but I live under a rock and only saw it recently.


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8 Responses to “Sometimes I Talk To Dave Like This”

  1. Wendy

    Oh those were priceless! Thanks for sharing *giggling*


  2. lisamm

    So funny! My sister’s dog, Malibu, a chihuahua, also says “I love you” I thought he was the only talking dog! Ha!


  3. Kim L

    Wow that cracked me up. I guess I live under a rock as well:-)

    I’m wondering now if they trained the dogs how to do that or if they just started doing it….


  4. Aaron

    I must also be part of the rock people, I’ve never seen these videos before.


  5. Literary Feline

    What great videos! Thank you for sharing, Trish!


  6. Kim

    I haven’t seen them either! SO cute! NCLM


  7. Susan

    Those puppies are SO cute! Sadly, all my dogs do are bark…



  8. C

    LOL — I just love dogs. I wish my dog could say “I love you.” But I’m pretty sure her way of showing it is tearing up our garbage and leaving it on the floor for me to find.


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