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Holy Hair Batman

No. words.

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10 Responses to “Holy Hair Batman”

  1. A Soldier's Girl


    I agree, there are no words for this! Can you imagine how hot she is?



  2. curlywurlygurly

    don’t you just love my lush locks? are you jealous? could you please give me a photo cred? lol.


  3. Liz

    Holy moly…. that’s a whooooole lotta hair… Can you imagine the tangles?


  4. Chris@bookarama

    Who is that?! That would make me nuts! I’m mentally giving her a make over.


  5. kegsoccer

    That is a LOT of hair.


  6. Nancy, aka Bookfool

    I have two words: Bad perm?


  7. Becky

    I see you found a picture of me on the internet. You do not like my hair?


  8. gautami tripathy

    Actually I got very long hair. Mid thigh length.

    But straight. No curls.


  9. bookroomreviews

    HA HA Funny Headline ” Holy Hair Batman” Thanks for the chuckle:)


  10. lisamm

    Wow she would look SO MUCH BETTER and about 10 years younger with a little chin length bob- if I were a relative I’d sneak in while she was sleeping with a good pair of scissors.. she’d be pissed but no doubt would thank me later!!!


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