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I Got to Meet Meg Waite Clayton!

SQQUUUEEEE!!! Last week Meg Waite Clayton came to a bookstore in the city I live in and I just so happened to be available that night. Lucky me!

My friend came with me and I was actually kind of nervous! I was going to meet the woman who’d written my favorite book this year: The Wednesday Sisters.

How cute is she?!

This is how it went:

We walked into the bookstore and I saw her in the cafe. I poked my friend in the ribs and in a loud whisper said, “That’s her!”

We walked around the store until it was time for Meg to talk. The first thing she did was promote other books. She had the nicest things to say about Michelle Richmond. I really want to read everything Michelle Richmond has written after what Meg had to say.

Then, THEN, she asked who was there because of Library Thing. Three of us raised our hands, and when I said my name, she recognized me! EEE!! And THEN she proceeded to talk about my blog! And how much she liked it! It’s amazing I didn’t fall out of my chair at that point. 😀

We got to hear her read part of a chapter from the book. And people got to ask questions when she was done and I just felt so enraptured.

One thing she mentioned that I found very interesting is that it took her about 10 years to get a book published. She thought this was a long time, but apparently it normally takes authors even longer than that! I guess writing isn’t as glamorous as I thought. 😉

I waited for everyone to leave before asking her to autograph my books. I got to gush about how much I loved the book, and I’m even embarassed that I got a little choked up. WHEN DID I TURN INTO MY MOTHER, crying at everything??

And then she bought me this:

It says, “A clean house is a sign of a wasted life.” The mug I have is a little taller and more tapered. But she bought it for me because it reminded her of my blog. My friend said she’s been to a bunch of author appearances and has NEVER seen an author buy someone anything!

No matter how many authors I go see, I’m sure this will always be my favorite. 😀

Which author have you seen that was your favorite?

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24 Responses to “I Got to Meet Meg Waite Clayton!”

  1. Heather (errantdreams)

    Eeeee! Okay, that’s just plain cool! *grin* Particularly that she remembered you and recognized your name.


  2. raidergirl3

    wow! You’re famous too!

    How amazing that she recognized you. And I can see why she bought that mug for you, it does remind me of your blog.
    Thanks for sharing this amazing experience.

    I haven’t met many authors at all.


  3. bethany canfield

    oh, that is so sweet!!! I have to get that book soon. I have been reading all you peoples reviews and am waiting for my turn with it from the library…let’s hope it is soon!!!


  4. softdrink

    Look at you, hangin’ with authors and getting presents! That’s so sweet…she sounds like a wonderful person!


  5. lisamm

    Wow Trishy, that’s so cool! I’m not surprised she recognized you from your blog, it’s great, and you did gush and go on about your love for her book, and she was so nice and flattered by it!! She is one awesome author and I could totally see getting weirdly choked up and star struck over her (sounds like me!!)


  6. Jen Forbus

    I haven’t had the chance to meet as many authors as I would like, but I have seen Michael Koryta on a couple of occasions. He’s a lot of fun. I also had a chance to see Kathy Reichs. She’s so amazing…smart, funny, talented. In September I’m getting a chance to see Alafair Burke…The big excitement will be next April when I’m planning to go to the L.A. Times Book Festival! Can’t wait for that.

    Glad you had such a wonderful experience.


  7. Heather

    That is so cool! I’m glad I clicked over to comment – because I was reading in Google Reader, I didn’t realize this was your post at first.

    What a cool keepsake – definitely an event to remember.


  8. Lisa

    That is so cool! NOBODY comes to talk here in South Dakota, esp not my favorites.


  9. Julie P.

    You are so lucky — translate that to mean that I am so incredibly jealous! I’m not surprised that she is familiar with your blog because it’s great! If I were you, I’d be living off of this memory for a long time.


  10. chartroose

    Wow, Trish, the entire night sounds magical! She knew you! She knew your blog! What a great thing.

    I’d be all teary-eyed too, but then I’m awfully sensitive. I’m just a middle aged emo girl.

    My favorite author I was able to meet was George R. R. Martin. He looks like Gimli, and he’s just the neatest guy in the world. We talked about our favorite books and why we like to read so much. I’d love to have the opportunity to enjoy his company again.

    Woot, Trish!


  11. Stephanie

    WOW, so cool! I have been in contact with Meg via e-mail and she seems nice over the internet but I sounds like she is a really nice gal in real life! I just finished her book (and enjoyed it) and will be blogging about it next week.


  12. mellymel

    i TOTALLY get it. what an awesome story! i’ve only been to one book signing/author meeting thingy – Leif Enger. it will be hard to beat.
    but i’m going to see Ann Patchett in a couple weeks.


  13. robynanne

    I am totally impressed. I can only hope that someday I meet my idol and s/he actually knows me too. 🙂

    (I’d have to figure out who my idol is first, I think.)


  14. kegsoccer

    I’m so jealous! Sounds like you had a great time 🙂


  15. Literary Feline

    That is so cool, Trish!


  16. Jessica

    Congrats!! I think meeting authors is the best. And to be recognized for your blog!! Eek!

    As for my favorite author encounter, I met Stephenie Meyer a couple of months ago, but she was a little over-tired and therefore a little bleh. Shannon Hale, on the other hand, was quite bubbly and chit-chatted with me and my sister-in-law about her latest book tour.


  17. bkclubcare

    You and Lisa : Rock Star Author Groupies!

    Really cool that she knew your blog AND gave you a gift! I’ve yet to attend any of these author readings/signings (guess I better stop reading books by dead people, huh?)


  18. bookroomreviews

    How Awesome! I can’t wait to read her book! I just got it a few weeks ago from my friend Booking Mama. That will be a treasured memory for you!


  19. Melody

    I’m jealous, Trish! ;P
    I’ve this book in my pile and can’t wait to read it! Thanks for sharing this post with us.


  20. Becca

    How awesome! I love when authors are super friendly like that.

    My favorite was Brad Listi. I’d been reading his blog for about a year before his book was published and he did his book tour. He totally recognized me and invited me to come out with everyone else afterward for drinks. It was amazing.

    Worst: David Sedaris. I waited in line for an hour to get into the bookstore. Stood for more than an hour, among 500 other people. Waited in line for two hours to get my book signed and still never met him because they said I’d probably be waiting another 1.5 hours. 🙁 It wasn’t his fault, but it was still a sucky experience.


  21. Nancy, aka Bookfool

    Wowee, that is absolutely the coolest story I’ve heard all week! How wonderful that she knew who you were!!! The gift is just a bonus. I’m sure you’ll be glowing for weeks. Months, maybe! 🙂


  22. Dawn

    How cool is that?! I love going to author events, especially when the event is small so there is an “intimate” Q & A, not just answering questions into a vast hall of people.

    My favorite author reading was 2 years ago; we were at Princeton reunions and Joyce Carol Oates, who teaches there, was at the U-store to read and promote her work, especially the new (at that time) collection, *High Lonesome*.

    We had brought our sitter to reunions with us; and she (Sarah, our sitter) had just finished a major senior research paper on Oates. We went to the reading; there were about 50 people there, so if anyone had a question it was addressed. Then we brought our books up to be signed, and Sarah was able to talk to Oates and I got their pic together.

    I think this was my favorite because it was such a good connection for Sarah, who is an excellent writer and clearly inspired by JCO.

    Enjoy your new mug!


  23. Meg Waite Clayton

    How cute are YOU, Trish! It was such a pleasure to meet you. Can I get you to send me a copy of the photo? There just might be a spot on my blog for it…



  24. Celebrating The Wednesday Sisters out in paperback. | Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin'?

    […] has been such a pleasure and a gift to get to know Meg. I got to meet her shortly after I read the book, and really, it was amazing. She has one of my favorite author blogs where she asks authors to […]

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