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Other Worlds – Booking Through Thursday

This week’s Booking Through Thursday question is:

Are there any particular worlds in books where you’d like to live?

Or where you certainly would NOT want to live?

What about authors? If you were a character, who would you trust to write your life?

(This came to me when reviewing a Jonathan Carroll book – I’m not sure I’d like to live in the worlds of his books.)

I’ll do this in list form:

  • Any magical world: Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, etc. But only if I could have magic or have a cool daemon. I think my daemon is a fox, so that’d be cool.
  • Back in the day: Gone With the Wind, The Crimson Petal and the White, etc. The only problem with these worlds is you have to shit in a pot. No thanks. Very unladylike.
  • The Handmaid’s Tale. Definitely a sucky world to live.
  • First choice on a world to live in? A world that had The Wednesday Sisters in it. If I could be friends with them, then that would be enough. Friends can make or break your world.


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25 Responses to “Other Worlds – Booking Through Thursday”

  1. Lynda

    Definately Not the Handmaid’s Tale world!


  2. googlebusyus

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  3. Melody

    Great answers, Trish!


  4. Sally

    You have more courage than I do if you’d like to live in a magical world.

    I agree that friends can add so much to our lives.


  5. Jen Forbus

    When I reviewed THE COLD DISH recently I mentioned that the book made me want to go and live with the characters. I would like the small town atmosphere, the influence of the Indians…the snow and cold, not so much…


  6. Jennifer

    Ooh, good point about friends! I didn’t think of who you’d get to meet in the world. I went with sci fi in the end: hygienic + technology that’s almost as fun as magic.


  7. Bluestocking

    Harry Potter was top of my list too!


  8. Alix

    I want to see my daemon too!

    I couldn’t cope with the dresses back in the day, how did they eat?


  9. gautami tripathy

    I too mentioned The Handmaid’s Tale!

    Here is my BTT post


  10. Heather J.

    I would want to live on Pern, from Anne McCaffery’s books. Dragons and dragonriders, fire lizards, master harpers and master healers … aaahh, that would be the life!


  11. readerville

    I loved The Crimson Petal and the White , but I don’t think I’d want to experience that lifestyle. I’d certainly trust Michel Faber to write my story, though.

    I’m halfway through The Handmaid’s Tale , and I couldn’t agree more…would definitely not want to live in that world.


  12. Madeleine

    GONE WITH THE WIND oh my =) this must have been “messy” with all the crinolins, slips, pantaloons, stockings…and if you were in a hurry…..=( I’ll stop there.

    good answers


  13. Meghan

    Oh, I forgot about His Dark Materials. I’d love a daemon. I’m not sure I’d like to live in the South of Gone with the Wind, idyllic as Margaret Mitchell makes it sound, although I wouldn’t mind a Rhett Butler of my own, especially if he looked like Clark Gable …

    On a different note, I really need to read The Wednesday Sisters.


  14. Aria

    Back in the day would be nice, minus the problems you mentioned, but not in the middle of a war. I would be more attracted to Jane Austen’s novels. If there are guys out there like Mr. Darcy and Mr. Knightly, I am all for it.


  15. Bobbi's Book Nook

    The Harry Potter world is cool! I would also like to live in the Tesseract (A Wrinkle in Time).


  16. softdrink

    I nixed Harry because I’m scared of Voldemort. And the jellybeans.

    I’m so with you on the toilets. I had to use an outhouse as a kid…never again.


  17. Becca

    Oh, I’d love to be one of the Wednesday Sisters too! Or part of the Friday Night Knitting Club 🙂


  18. Confuzzled Books

    Never thought of that with Gone With the Wind. Definately a mark on the negative for having to go in a pot.


  19. mellymel

    yeah, not a big fan of 1984 world. anything where i’m a mindless lemming would be a no for me. also not so much snow flower & the secret fan. binding my size 11 feet is laughable.
    i can think of lots of books settings i’d like to inhabit…any of the austen books (empire waists = very flattering) and i seriously think i could enjoy the jet setting life of the jewel thief/crime solving lady in the Marnie David Kellogg books.


  20. Joanne

    The “Gone With The Wind” world would be so fabulous IF they had modern plumbing and newer fastening systems for the clothing – I cant imagine how long it would take to get into one of those dresses!


  21. carol

    I loved the Harry Potter books.


  22. Kim L

    The other problem with living in the good old days…. childbirth sans drugs. And no antibiotics.

    So living in a world where women aren’t allowed to go out and so much as read a sign not so appealing? Yeah, I have to agree with you on that one.


  23. Elizabeth

    Mmm… I think I’d want to live in the Penderwick’s world… lovely country house in the woods. Plenty of summer relaxation. You know, exactly the opposite of what I have now. 🙂


  24. Literary Feline

    If I lived in a magical world, I would definitely want to have magical gifts too. I wonder what my daemon would be?


  25. Megan

    Love the observation about the pot!
    I am very happy here in my world, thank you very much. But I would like to visit a whole number of them.


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