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I Spy With My Little Eye

…a lady that looks strangely familiar.

Does that girl look familiar to anyone else? Lisa? Literary Feline? Lisa? Superfast Reader? Bibliolatrist?

Okay, I’m kinda impatient, so I won’t wait for anyone. Here’s what it should remind you of:

Same chick, different cover. And here I thought book covers were ORIGINAL. Guess I was wrong.

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26 Responses to “I Spy With My Little Eye”

  1. Literate Housewife

    Okay, that’s just not right. I don’t know which book was published first, but I would be seriously peeved if I was the author of the book that was published first.


  2. Amy @ The Friendly Book Nook

    Nope they are definitely not original. Stock photos are used for book covers. πŸ˜‰


  3. softdrink

    I feel strangely disillusioned.


  4. Jessica

    oh no! What a shame. That breaks my heart.


  5. lisamm

    I saw it immediately!! Weird.

    I think The Wednesday Sisters resembles The Secret Life of Bees, with that yellow cloud shape in the center with the title on it. It kind of bugs me.


  6. lisamm

    Oh, and before I saw this, I assumed the girl on the cover of Loose Girl was the author. Silly me!!


  7. Jessi

    Wow, very strange. I guess book cover designers use stock photos.


  8. Jena

    The cover for Twilight is almost the same as a cover for… argh, I can’t remember what it’s called, but I was looking over a spirituality or philosophy section and saw the grayscale hands with the red apple. It wasn’t exactly the same (I went and grabbed a copy of Twilight to compare), but I’d say it was probably from the same series of photos.


  9. Mrs S | Blue Archipelago

    Great use of stock photography! Of course anyone who has read Loose Girl will think that the Hyde book is based on a similar tale…


  10. Planet Books

    This seems to be happening more and more or I’m just noticing duplicated book art more often as I surf book blogs and read more and more.
    I just received LOOSE GIRL in the mail the other day and can’t wait to read it myself. I agree with Leterate housewife and LisaMM too.


  11. bybee

    Yeah, I can’t bring myself to read that Wednesday Sisters book because the cover looks like The Secret Life Of Bees.


  12. Lezlie

    Not original at all. I noticed it first years ago when repeat covers popped up on romance novels. Recently I saw that the cover of The Aviary Gate is a picture that is on at least two other books I can think of. It’s kind of sad.



  13. literaryfeline

    Like Karen, I’m noticing it is happening more and more. It seems odd to me that so many of the same covers (or variations there of) would be released close together. You’d think the publishers would want their books to at least appear unique in the short run.


  14. curlywurlygurly

    good eye! i just got a new audio book at the library last night–i know it’s popular title right now–but it’s escaping me. all i can remember about the book is that it has a melting hot fudge sundae on the cover. yum.


  15. Bobbi's Book Nook

    Why can’t book covers be more original? I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but sometimes the cover just appeals to me. But recycling covers is just wrong …


  16. chartroose

    How lazy and cheap can publishers get? I think we should complain…nah, I’m too lazy and cheap.


  17. Alea

    LOL! I’m glad someone else noticed. I actually have several posts on my blog entitled Lookalikes and this was one of them! Check them out here if you like!

    That’s the drawback of using stock photography, but that’s what it’s there for. It’s just unfortunate when it appears on multiple covers in some cases. But it’s much much much much cheaper then hiring a photographer for a shoot.


  18. bexadler

    I have seen SO many copycat book covers recently. To me, it’s like book publishers are trying to show that they’re cutting back on funding for new books by using stock images. I saw the cover of “The Richest Season” on a different book at the bookstore. The only difference was the other book had been photoshopped into being blue while “The Richest Season” is pink.


  19. readerville

    Hey! I tagged you for a fun book buzz meme…see my post here .


  20. Bookfool, aka Nancy

    That’s kind of sad. But, wow, what an eagle eye, Trish!


  21. Kim L

    It looks like that chick from The Ring, you know the one who climbs out from the TV to kill you? Yeah.


  22. Melody

    Very observant, Trish! I think I came across some book covers that featured the same pic… If the readers aren’t careful, they may have bought the wrong books!!!


  23. herschelian

    Wow, you have an amazing visual memory. Looks like one picture, two very different books. Presumably you’ve read both!


  24. Liz

    Not only is it the same girl, it’s the same exact picture.. Bugs me because I think if it was the same girl, different photo, it might be okay but it’s the same EXACT picture, just differently colored… ugh..


  25. Similarities and Abnormalities « Books on the Brain

    […] and Abnormalities Posted on August 15, 2008 by lisamm Trish recently pointed out how two different books used the exact same clip art on their covers. Β It got me thinking about other books I’ve […]

  26. Lisa

    Wow. It’s cool how different the background makes it. I think she looks almost evil in the first, but not the second.


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