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The Best Way to Get Stink Outta the Bathroom

Matches are the way to go. Air fresheners DO NOT WORK.

How do you get stink out of the bathroom?

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8 Responses to “The Best Way to Get Stink Outta the Bathroom”

  1. Jeane

    Those are pretty matchboxes. I never thought someone would market such a thing. I don’t like the way most air fresheners smell; and my father always used to light a match and blow it out. I do the same. The smell of a match makes me think of birthday candles. Nice.


  2. donstuff

    I don’t tend to notice any stink (on my part), but my wife seems to believe it permeates the house. That said, matches are the only thing that mask certain “perfumes” (I’m thinking of Flower from Bambi as I write).


  3. Nicole

    Haha. It’s gotta be the match. Everything else smells like perfume on top of the original offending odor. Yuck!


  4. Jessica

    Those are the prettiest matches ever.

    Stink stinks!


  5. bybee

    Oh, matches, of course.


  6. chartroose

    I do not stink! I am a lady, and my doo-doo smells like roses!


  7. donstuff

    After reading Chartroose’s comment, I believe I smell some roses.


  8. olivertheboo

    I just keep holding it in.


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