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Vegans Eat Meat, Right?

I won’t say who said this, but it’s someone I know. I overheard this being talked about and confirmed it with the peeps.

Apparently, these people I know are vegans. Do you know what a vegan is? A vegan is someone who doesn’t eat any animal product. Cheese? Out. Shrimp? Out. Ice cream? Out. Vegans are pretty hard core. With that background, apparently the vegans that I know make a couple of exceptions.

The vegans I know eat…


And parmesan.

Attention, Vegans! You have been depriving yourselves for far too long. Apparently seafood isn’t an animal nor does parmesan come from milk anymore. WHO KNEW?

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5 Responses to “Vegans Eat Meat, Right?”

  1. donstuff

    Utter nonsense (cow joke of the day). Here’s a clip for the Vegans:


  2. Jessica

    you would think that if you are going to do something that hard core, you would commit to it 100%. Otherwise, whats the point?


  3. A Soldier's Girl

    Too funny! I personally could never go a day without a glass of milk or a piece of meat!!! 🙂


  4. Becky

    I just officially peed myself. I’m no huge fan of pseudo anythingers. Including vegans.


  5. normalslife

    *waves* Hi Becky! I’m a pseudo vegan. I’m doing it for 2 weeks as a wedding gift for my vegan friends. I thought it was just about the sweetest gift a person could request of their friends… it costs nothing, but it makes them happy.

    Did you know that even that fake “veggie” parmesan contains cream? I’m so surprised at the stuff that sounds like it’s supposed to be vegan, but actually contains animal products… like, what’s the point? why not just eat the real thing?


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