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I’m So Lame

I LOVE to get awards. Especially since I never got awards as a child. So now, when people give me blogging awards, I start to cry and start fumbling over my words of who I should thank.

And then I forget to acknowledge the award.

So I’m going to give myself one more teensy weensy award before I acknowledge the rad (HA! when was the last time you used the word rad?) bloggers I know.

I’m giving myself the I’m So Lame award! Given especially to those prone to forgetfulness, this is a prestigious award, given only to those bloggers who can’t seem to remember what they should be blogging about next.

I’d like to thank my mom and dad for passing on the rockin’ genetics I have that contribute to my forgetfulness. Also, I’d like to thank my blogging friends, because without you I’d never get distracted! Finally, I’d like to thank my husband, because without him around, I’d be sure to remember so much more…

The first award that I so lamely forgot about was the Sharing the Love award, bestowed upon me by Heather.

First, I want to thank Heather for giving me this award. I think the fact that she’s become quite popular in our book blogging community is a testament to her awesomeness.

I’ll pass this on to three people:

Heather at A High and Hidden Place. Oh. my. goodness. Does she have the cutest kid or what? I love Heather’s posts…I love that she mixes in some personal stuff with book stuff, and I love her son. LOVE HIM. Sorry, Heather, but I love you because of your kid. 🙂 Actually, I loved you first, before I ever saw him, but holy toledo, I can’t get enough of him!

softdrink at Fizzy Thoughts. One of the blogs that I click IMMEDIATELY when I see a new post from her in my reader. Just a wonderful, nice, thoughtful person, that I’m lucky doesn’t mind that I stalk her.

Heather at Book Addiction. Another person I stalk. We’ve had a fair amount of discussions over email and I think we get along famously. If we lived closer, I think we’d totally be friends in real life. I mean, I consider her a friend now, and my life is real, but, well….you know what I mean. Right?

…Okay, sorry, but my brain is turning to mush! If I have to tell you why I love everyone, I’ll never get this done and I’ll have to make up another award for myself. So instead I’ll just post a list at the bottom of SOME of my favorite blogs. Obviously I can’t list all 200 from my reader. I might be an overachiever, but I’m not a masochist (at least not tonight).

Speaking of Heather…she gave me this award! MWAH! Love you girl!

So did softdrink…seriously, I’m typing this out as I go, I didn’t mean to give the above award to these people. This must be a testimony to the love we feel for each other. :p

Jen also gave me this…sheesh, man, how lame am I that I’m only now getting back to all the bloggers who love me? Guess the award I gave myself is more apropos than I thought.

Bethany from B&b ex libris gave me this award, the Arte y Pico Award. Cool, eh?

Chris from book-a-rama gave me this award. As did Amy from A Park Avenue Princess. And Jen (yes, she awarded me TWO awards in ONE day!)

A Soldier’s Girl

Age 30 – A Year of Books
an adventure in reading
Anything That Pays…A Freelance Writer’s Blog
Bloody Hell, It’s a Book Barage!
Book Addiction
books i done read
Books on the Brain
Care’s Online Bookclub
Citizen Reader
Devourer of Books
Don’stuff (a new blogger that’s really great!)
Fizzy Thoughts
Library Queue
Maw Books Blog
Mommy Wants Vodka
My Life in a Nutshell
Naked Without Books
Park Avenue Princess
Reading Derby
Ready When You Are, C.B.
The Bluestocking Society
The Book Lady’s Blog
The Hidden Side of a Leaf
The Written Word

Feel free to take these awards and pass them on! You couldn’t possibly take much longer than me! 🙂

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11 Responses to “I’m So Lame”

  1. lisamm

    The only one I even deserve is the I’m So Lame award, because I’ve gotten all of these awards (except the one I truly deserve) and have never done an awards post or given them out to others. LAME-O, no??

    It’s now basically impossible, or nearly so, to go back and figure out who gave me what. I need to do a LAME post and acknowledge me LAMEness and just get on with life, I believe, rather than feeling guilty (because I do) and spending hours trying to figure it all out and do it right.

    Now to figure out who I need to thank for being so lame. This may take hours, or days, or weeks. Probably I’ll never do it. See how lame I am??


  2. Becky

    Aw. Thanks, my friend. I’m all blushy and gross now.


  3. Heather

    Oh wow, thank YOU! LOL and thanks for loving my kid (and me!). I think he’s pretty terrific myself! 😉


  4. Heather

    You are too.too.funny. Love ya!


  5. Melody

    Trish, I’ve passed you an award! Come on over! 😉


  6. mellymel

    why, thank you. this made my night 🙂


  7. donstuff

    Thanks for the mention. You are really too kind.
    I think you are great too. Lot’s of good stuff going on here.


  8. softdrink

    Awww, thanks!

    I’m lame, too. Because I read this yesterday and didn’t leave a comment. Sometimes I’m just too lazy to click through from Google Reader. So not only am I lame, I’m lazy.

    And don’t worry. It’s not stalking if it’s mutual. I think.


  9. bkclubcare

    LINK-LOVE!! You’re a doll. Thanks for much. 🙂


  10. bkclubcare

    Wow – I’m not awake – is there an award for lame, distracted and asleep?! I meant ‘Thanks VERY much’ not thanks for much. sigh….


  11. Another Award That Highlights My Lameness « Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin’?

    […] surprised she would give this to me the day after I left her off my list of bloggers who deserve an award from me. Therefore, I present myself with my SECOND I’m So Lame […]

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