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Spellcheck Likes To Change My Name

My name is Trish. Spellcheck likes to change it to trash.


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9 Responses to “Spellcheck Likes To Change My Name”

  1. softdrink

    When you’re named after a popular children’s rhyme (at least that’s the story my dad liked to tell), spellcheck recognizes you. Just one of the many advantages of stardom. 😉


  2. raych



  3. Alyce



  4. donstuff

    Why is spellcheck picking on you (or calling you names)? It seems a bit rude.
    I have several friends who get their names changed by spellcheck and so I just add them to the dictionary. It has backfired at least once, when I accidently spelled a word as one friend’s name and spellcheck accepted it.
    What is one to do?


  5. Michele

    Surprisingly enough, it does not do anything to Michele. I would think it would want to add an L. The world is changing! LOL


  6. Becky

    Leaves Becky alone, too.


  7. Devourer of Books

    Considering that every other little girl in the early 80s was named Jennifer, spellcheck doesn’t have the energy to try to mess with my name.


  8. Shauna

    Spellcheck, as a general rule, does not like my name (it always says there are no suggestions). But then, neither do the people who provide me with caffeine on a daily basis. I get: Shauna, Shawna, Shanna, Shana, Shannon, Shona, and Shuna written on my cup at whatever cafe establishment I happen to be patronizing.


  9. serena

    Spellcheck says my name is serene, which is not bad, but it translates Cris, my husband’s name, into cries! LOL


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