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24 Hour Read-a-Thon: Ready, Set, Go!

I’m up! And the dogs have bones to keep them occupied!

Just to make sure everyone knows: IT’S DARK O’CLOCK HERE ON THE WEST COAST. GRUMBLE GRUMBLE.

I’ve just started Twilight, so at this point I’ll continue with that. I’ll update at the end of each hour.

So far, I’m all set: I’ve got my book, my dogs have their bones, and I’ve got my granny panties on. I’m all about comfort for the next 24 hours. Oh, and I’ve got my most favoritest blanket.

What are you reading right now?

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6 Responses to “24 Hour Read-a-Thon: Ready, Set, Go!”

  1. Veens

    i m cheering for u … not reading..!

    ohh wait.. i m reading so many posts 🙂

    and hey it is getting dark o clock here 😉

    have fun reading!

    read on!


  2. softdrink

    I’m reading my google reader…I have yet to catch up on the posts there. I may never make it to all the other blogs!

    The pressure! 😉


  3. Lezlie

    My hubby hates my granny panties. But they’re so comfy! I’ll have to tell him I’m not the only one who wears them while reading. 😉



  4. dew

    It was dark for me, too, for the first hour or two.


  5. Lisa

    Granny panties! I’d so still be in my jammies and granny panties if I were doing this. Instead I am about to fix my hair and get my clothes on for a FUN DAY OF IN-LAWS. Maybe I’ll wear the G.P. anyway in solidarity.


  6. Marg

    If I was to do this, which I am not, I wouldn’t be starting until 10 oclock at night, so dark for the first 8 hours! Not a good time to starting reading for 24 hours!

    I am happy to watch all you crazy, errr, I mean brave people do it!

    Go you!


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