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Did You Know There’s Some Penguins That Can Fly?

It’s TRUE! Check out this video:


And if you still don’t believe me, then watch this:


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12 Responses to “Did You Know There’s Some Penguins That Can Fly?”

  1. terri

    Arrrrgh, you got me. Well, sort of. I watched the first one twice and just kept saying Noooo, it’s not true! April Fools in November, indeed!


  2. Jeane

    Ha ha! That’s really cool. Especially the second video!


  3. Michelle

    Ha Ha! I am a sucker! I had people come and watch the first one in amazment before I watched the second one. Tricky….. Thanks for a silly morning!


  4. Becky

    You’re a dork. And I am a sucker.

    And, somehow, I just managed to add you as a link. How you of all people managed to slip through my linkage is unimaginable. I mean, COME ON BECKY, GET WITH IT.


  5. Kim L

    Your title caught my eye and I thought to myself… Trish would not be posting about penguins… unless the video was very, very silly.

    Pretty cool how they made that promo video!


  6. Teddy

    That was really cool. Thanks for sharing. LOL!


  7. Liv

    haha. I watched the first one and totally bought into it. 🙂


  8. donstuff

    I think the first one is real and the second video is the April fool’s version. I just prefer to believe Penguins can fly!


  9. Ladytink_534 (Jen)

    lol. Penguins are SO cute!!!


  10. Dreamybee

    OMG, that’s what my Basset hound would look like if he could fly! LOL.


  11. Amy

    Oh my! I totally believed it! No matter how often I dye my hair…I’m still a blonde at heart. Too funny!


  12. veens

    Damn! I almost thought they could fly dayummmnn


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