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The Twilight Movie – Let’s Dish!


SQUEEEEE!!! Let’s talk!

Okay. So. I went to see Twilight tonight with my friend, and my other friend called me up today to tell me about the movie, so I’ll be quoting her a little bit here.

This movie was so bad it was good. It was HORRIBLE. But that’s what made it great.

First of all…EDWARD. Not how I pictured him, and he totally creeped me out. I don’t think he’s good looking and they didn’t make his paleness look natural. It looked like he had white powder on him. And wasn’t his chest supposed to be hair-less? I could be wrong on that, but that’s how I pictured him. And those EYEBROWS!! Oh my god those eyebrows. They were very distracting to me since all I could think of was how he needs to thin those bad boys and let them go a little wilder (as in, they shouldn’t be so perfectly shaped). No girl wants a guy that’s going to pluck his eyebrows how Edward’s were done.

And then there’s Bella. Who’s very “angsty.” Umm, can we get a smile here? She doesn’t even smile when she’s happy. Please. That gets old. And could she please close her mouth?! GAH! I thought her acting was horrible.

In a town as small as Forks, they probably wouldn’t have a high school as big as they portrayed in the movie. At least, the high school seemed WAY BIGGER than it needed to be for such a little town.

But Alice? Oh, Alice, she was right on the money. MWAH!

And if they insist on giving Carlisle blond hair, why does it have to be so obviously dyed? Is there no one in Hollywood who can dye ROOTS? Because my stylist does a bang up job every five to six weeks.

HOLY CLOSE-UPS. Seriously, that director should learn the words “pan out”.

OH! OH! OH! The other good part was Jacob’s dad. I thought he was cool.

But the lines? Seriously, did Edward really call Bella his spider monkey?? That’s cute if your hubby says that in private, not so cute on screen. Some of the lines were so over the top that the whole audience was giggling. And maybe, just maybe, the movie was supposed to be tongue in cheek. But somehow I doubt it.


AND! Did they really have Bella say on the screen, “Death is easy, peaceful. It’s living that’s hard.” HELLO! This movie is targeted to the demographic that has the highest rate of suicide? I’m not saying this movie could be blamed for kids committing suicide, I just don’t think it’s an appropriate message to put in front of teenagers.

Your turn!! Tell me what you thought. I was practically giddy when the movie finished and I MUST TALK ABOUT IT.

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23 Responses to “The Twilight Movie – Let’s Dish!”

  1. Rebecca @ The Book Lady's Blog

    Okay, now I definitely have to see this. I mean, I figured I would at some point since I went to all the trouble to read 4 ridiciulous books for work. “so bad it’s good” sounds right up my alley and is exactly why I actually enjoyed the High School Musical movies.

    I’m in total agreement that they cast the wrong actor for Edward, and yes, I pictured his chest as hairless also 🙂 (are we really having this conversation?)

    Bella angsty? Never!

    I’m sure I’ll have a long ranty post when I get around to seeing it. Thanks for giving me a good laugh this morning.


  2. Christine

    My brother saw it at a birthday party, and ended up being that guy — you know, the one who sits in the theatre yelling one-liners at the screen. It was like this:

    [Edward comes on screen]
    J: You look sweaty!
    Bella: It’s like diamonds!
    J: Or SWEAT!


  3. rantsandreads

    I thought the movie was kind of cute. What was up with Jasper’s eyes though? I thought his eyeballs were going to pop out of his face. He reminded me of Edward Scissorhands.

    Edward seemed too thin, like he was sucking in his cheeks the whole time, that distracted me more than the eyebrows.

    I think it was Rosalie that called Emmett her spider-monkey while they were playing baseball.

    It was a horrible movie, well the first half was. The last 1/4th of the movie was actually pretty fun to watch.


  4. Michele

    Oh how funny!! This is going to have to be a dvd-watch for me for curiosity’s sake.

    And the casting for Edward has been creeping me out in the trailers/posters. Ugh.


  5. serena

    bella’s acting was horrible and the theater anna and i were in was full of giggles…at one point a guy in the audience, whose girlfriend obviously dragged him to the movie, said it’s about time when edward and bella finally kissed…lol he should have read the books.

    Carlisle made me guffaw in the theater with that fake blond hair. LOL

    I really liked the movie, but damn it was hilarious some times…and I loved alice…I can’t wait to see more of her.


  6. Kiki

    Warning: possible spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read the book/seen the movie.

    My family and I got to see it for free (I got tickets from work for a Tuesday night sneak! Yea!), so I was there with my 44 yo husband, my 18 yo step daughter, my 13 and 12 yo daughters and my 7 yo son.

    Theatre was filled (about 200 seats) with mostly 20-40 something aged women (I think the kids counted about 8 or so men–not counting our “men”) and a few teens here and there. They all screamed and giggled like teenagers when the movie started. Honestly, I thought the movie was better then the book (I really didn’t like the book much). I agree–all the vampires looked powdered down–Carlisle and Esme and Rosalie’s hair really looked fakey and dyed. Alice was perfectly cast and adorable. The kids were very amused by Jasper. We were all equally revolted by James. Jacob and his dad were also well cast.

    Edward–well, if he would stop brooding and smile and get a new hairstylist for color and cut! (he did not look anything how he is described in the book, in my humble opinion). He has a great smile, with gorgeous dimples, but this role really didn’t call for that did it?? I thought he needed to be more blonde, but not a fake blonde like Dr. Carlisle either. I’m thinking a Matthew McCannaughy (sp?) kind of blonde–without the surfing tan of course! More of a golden boy look.

    I agree–Bella needed to shut her mouth! It was always hanging open. I felt pretty much the same way about the movie that I did about the book–their relationship was weird. Why is Bella so irrationally unafraid of the vampire family? And they are not “in love”–they are in heat! I mean, how do you know he’s your “soul mate”when you haven’t even had more than a one minute conversation?? I realize these are teenagers, but I felt the movie and the book were a wee bit insulting…particularly to teenage girls.

    The ending was face paced and action packed–mainly to fill in the huge holes in the plot and the absolute lack of resolution after the battle of the vampires in the ballet studio. And her return to Forks. Are her parents completely insane? Bella should have been in a mental ward somewhere, or at least talking to a shrink about her problems with Forks, Edward, etc.–even if she was lying to fool her parents. I just didn’t buy into it–it didn’t ring true–and I am a child of very screwed up divorced parents, so I know crazy! Her parents were fairly normal comparatively, except for this huge lack of parental discretion!

    Overall, a very entertaining movie, but no award winning film–no I would not have paid to see it. he kids liked it, even the 7 yo, the baseball scene was cute. I would have waited for the DVD if I hadn’t have been given passes. Congratulations to Meyer, the new JK Rowling! I’m guessing there will be a number of sequels, considering the ending of this one.


  7. Susan B. Evans

    Oh dear, I’m in the minority again 🙂

    I thought it was a pretty good adaptation of the book – not the best thing I’ve ever seen, but I still enjoyed it.

    I thought all the Cullen “children” were right on (‘cept for Edward – I just don’t see it). I found myself thinking of the actors and “seeing them” as I finished up Eclipse last night.

    I didn’t like the dialog that they had for Billy Black – “I’m down with the teenagers.”??? Just not at all how I pictured him.

    All in all, I had a good time though!


  8. writemeg

    I’m with Susan — I actually really liked it! I’m a huge fan of the series (yes, with all its flaws and cheesiness) and thought it was a good adaptation of “Twilight.” There weren’t any parts where I wanted to jump up and scream, “NO! That’s not what happened!” like all the Harry Potter fans.

    But I actually loved Rob Pattinson as Edward… I thought he was exceptionally good looking and was “bad boy” enough (i.e., not a pretty boy) to pull off the role. Yes, Bella’s character was pretty angsty and slightly annoying, but it still didn’t bother me that much. I don’t know.

    And I definitely paid to see it once… I would pay to see it again! I’ll get the DVD, too. Sometimes it’s just fun to escape into something silly and not overthink it. That’s how I’ve felt about the entire series.


  9. mari

    My friend is still hung up on the fact that he called her a spider monkey. At the movie she looked at me and said “Spider monkey? Really?” You are the first to mention it besides her that I have read! Haha.

    You nailed it. So bad it was good. 🙂

    I actually want to see it again despite the fact that I was one of those giggling throughout. Very campy.

    I did like Emmett and Rosalie and Charlie. They were exactly as I pictured them to be. There was something going on with Jasper, though. He had a look that just was not right.


  10. Monique

    I was beginning to think that I was one of the only persons in the world that thought this movie was bad. I keep catching my watch through the whole thing (will at least until they got to James).

    I agree most of the casting was off. They could have done a better job in casting for this movie.

    I hated Bella more in the book than in the movie. Maybe because in the movie any personality that she had was wiped out with bad acting.

    Edward has a very creepy stalker type of look. Nothing beautiful about him.


  11. Natasha @ Maw Books

    Twilight needed another 30 million dollars thrown at it. The budget was much, much, much to low! I just about gagged at the special effects, they were that awful. Overall, it was fun and I liked it although it had some serious problems. Way less makeup for everybody. I heard somebody say that Edward looked like Tom Cruise on Oprah during the tree jumping scene. Yep, exactly. My full thoughts over at my blog.


  12. curlywurlygurly

    i got an eye twitch from all of bella’s lip-biting and squinty. she seems like a real grouch. (and in interviews, kristen stewart doesn’t seem very gracious about the movie…)

    edward…*sigh*…the best was when he put on the sun glasses…i was a bit frothy. in many scenes he was wearing more lipstick and eyeliner than me though…

    my favorite scene was when the cullens were cooking for bella…even though it wasn’t in the book, it gave me a laugh.

    rosalie wasn’t quite what i thought and alice’s wig was a bit meh.

    thanks for the fun post, spider monkey. happy thanksgiving!


  13. curlywurlygurly

    *squinty (meaning she was forever squinching up her eyes and making me nuts.


  14. Astrid

    I absolutely loved the movie. It had some shortcomings, but I blame it on the low budget. I thought the adaptation was better than most for a movie made from a book.

    Rob Pattinson, in my humble opinion MADE this movie. If you have read the draft of Midnight Sun that’s on Stephenie Meyer’s website you’ll see that he was dead on with his interpretation of Edward. He may not be beautiful enough for everybody, or the perfect man for everybody – that’s just normal. Nobody, no actor could have fulfilled that. Edward is different for all of us. Everybody has their own picture of a perfect man! Just so happens that Rob has been mine for a while now.

    If you want to read my movie review, here is the link:


  15. Aria

    I kind of liked it but also thought some aspects were really terrible or awkward. Bella was very angsty but I have never seen another emotion on Kristen Stewart’s face and have serious doubts about whether she can show another emotion. Parts of the film-making were very odd to me, especially the part after the battle. Another aspect that struck me was how unhealthy Bella’s obsession with Edward was, especially near the end when she told him he couldn’t leave her. Still, at least they kept to the book for the most part, as opposed to some book adaptations that I can’t watch with out getting angry *cough*HarryPotter*cough*


  16. veens




  17. Stephanie

    You hit the nail on the head. I agree, the director needed to STEP BACK every once in a while – I could practically see the pores in their faces! And I was so distracted by Bella’s mouth that I hardly heard the dialogue!


  18. Stephanie

    I just read this book a couple of weeks ago. It was good. Fun. But I certainly didn’t get all the hype. And I thought Bella was one of the most annoying protagonists I’ve run across in a long time. Bygones.

    I did see the movie, and I actually kind of liked Edward. I actually thought he was pretty hot. Then again, I’m kind of weird, so we’ll just let that one go.

    Alice was totally how I pictured her. Thought Carlisle’s hair was awful. But I thought Charlie was spot on.

    One of these days, I’ll get to the rest of the series.


  19. Shauna- Reading and Ruminations

    I saw the movie on Wednesday and told a friend I haven’t decided yet if I loved it or hated it. Some parts of it were SO bad, but I still found myself kinda loving it.

    I loved Charlie. To me, he was perfect. I liked Billy, but not as an adaptation of the Billy in the book. In the book, Billy was serious, and would never have said half the things movie-Billy said.

    Also, Alice. Loved her! She was underused, though. I wish they’d explored more of the growing friendship between her and Bella. I didn’t think they did very well with Jasper, and again, he was underused. Rosalie was great, and I wish there had been more Emmett- but then, I thought Emmett was kinda shafted in the books, too.

    Totally agree, re: Carlisle’s roots. They were just not very good.

    As far as Rob Pattinson goes, I like him. But I think I liked him better as Cedric in Goblet of Fire. There were times where his attempt at an American accent just didn’t work very well. I think they should have made him sound more like Kate Winslet in Titanic- cultured. Instead, he almost sounded like he would be more at home in a Francis Ford Coppola movie. And that seriously detracted from my appreciation of the job he did.

    I literally walked out of the theatre after seeing the movie, looked at my friend Amanda, and said “Is it wrong that I found Jacob to be more appealing than Edward?” Because at this stage of the game, I found the guy who played Jacob to be more Jacob-like than I found Rob to be Edward-like.

    As far as Bella goes, I didn’t love the portrayal. But I didn’t really hate it, either. I’m just kind of on the fence about it. Kristen Stewart looks like I pictured Bella, but I just don’t have anything other than apathy about it.


  20. Korey

    It’s not “pan out”, it’s “zoom out”. Pan is side to side, zoom is in and out.


  21. Heather

    I loved it, but Edwards HAIR though was horrible, I was totally distracted…it didn’t even fit in the screen half the time. CUT IT NOW, before the next movie. Alice was spot on. Bella was whiny…but that is just her throughout all four books.. She is not my favorite heroine at all.


  22. Kate

    I loved the move. I loved it. There is nothing you can say to make my opinion of the movie change, unless you told me that Robert Pattinson posed nude with a horse. In case you’re wondering, that was what ruined my opinion of Daniel Radcliff. That, and his hair cut for the fourth movie. But I digress.
    I agree with most accounts of the minor characters: They were played well. Underused, but thats how they were in the book too. Carlisle’s roots? Didnt notice them. I guess I was WATCHING THE MOVIE too much to notice. 🙂
    I also managed to overlook the vampire’s apparent powdery looking pale-ness. I agree that they could have used less lipstick (or perhaps more in a paler color) on Robert, but again, I mostly overlooked that.
    I think the movie showed a more playful side to Charile and Billy that we dont get in the book because Bella didnt notice it. I loved Billy’s wheelchair antics.
    The extreem close-ups made me shudder. There’s nothing more to add to that.
    Finally, I thought the villans were well played. The baseball scene was fantastic, and it was a fabulous adaptation of the book. The effects could have been better, but given the small budget they did well.
    Until next time, then? 🙂


  23. coffee

    i don’t understand what is the appeal of Robert Pattinson (Edward); he has an unusually shaped nose


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