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Inspired – Booking Through Thursday


This week’s Booking Through Thursday question is:

Since “Inspiration” is (or should) the theme this week … what is your reading inspired by?

I don’t know if I can say what my reading’s inspired by, but I’ll try.

First off, I’ve got over 200 books sitting here in my house that haven’t been read yet. So my reading is often inspired by what I’m feeling like at the moment. I happen to like alternating between mind candy and literature (or something of substance). It’s rather nice being able to pick and choose what book I’ll read next. It’s almost like having my own personal bookstore.

My reading is often inspired by my fellow bloggers, who do such a great job of keeping me wanting to read more, as if I need any help.

One of my reading goals this year is to clear out my ARC pile, so for the next few months, my reading will be inspired by my attempt at reaching a goal. 😉

On the flip side, often it’s the actual reading that inspires me, not necessarily to another book, but it fans my love of reading. For example, The Wednesday Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton and The Likeness by Tana French were two books last year that reminded me of what a great book is like. There are so many books that I read that are good, even really good. But great? Ah, now those books are few and far between.

Right now I’m reading an ARC of The Help by Kathryn Stockett. THIS is a great book. I can’t stop talking about The Help and I’m devouring it every available minute. THIS is a book that inspires me. THIS is a book that spurs me to read more, in search of the next great book.

What is your reading inspired by?


24 Responses to “Inspired – Booking Through Thursday”

  1. romelettedj

    great answer. i might check the help.


  2. Sally

    True. Having read a terrific book, I am more eager to find another just as well written. Happy BTT.


  3. Den

    Great answer! Now I want to check out the books you’re reading 🙂


  4. Shauna

    Ooh, you just reminded me that The Help is in my pile of ARCs (which I am seriously behind on). Maybe I’ll move that one up.


  5. Meghan

    I’m excited, I have The Help in my TBR pile too! It will be coming up soon and I can’t wait to get to it. I completely agree with you – it’s the great books that inspire me to keep reading and keep searching for them.


  6. Staci

    I loved your post. I have around 80+ books of my own that are just sitting on my bookshelves weeping every time they see me pick up a book that I brought home from the library. I’m inspired every day to read…but it just feels natural to read…like breathing.


  7. Yvonne

    I know that feeling of having so many books and being able to read whatever you are in the mood to read.

    Happy Thursday!


  8. bermudaonion

    When I saw the question, my first thought was my mood at the moment, but when I saw your mention of other bloggers, I totally agreed with you!


  9. Beth F

    Great answer! I’m very mood-driven too, as I wrote in my response.


  10. Josette


    I aim to read off as many books as possible from my TBR pile too before going out and buying new ones! This is why I joined the Ban On Spending Challenge. 😀

    Great answer, by the way.


  11. S. Krishna

    This was a difficult BTT! I agree, it’s nice to be reminded what great books are like. I loved The Wednesday Sisters and The Likeness as well.


  12. Sherrie

    I’ll agree with you. I like to read so I can travel to all the places I can’t! Have a great day!!



  13. Carol

    Great answers and especially the one about being inspired by fellow bloggers.


  14. confuzzledbooks

    I have trouble getting through the ARCs I have as well. So many so little time.


  15. The Social Frog

    Very good answer Trish 🙂 I have a few books I want to read, I was going to try and read at least one book a month and I was supposed to do a review for an author this month, but there were issues with the book getting to me, so it looks like it will be done in Feb. But I have a book I really feel inspired to read like today, so I just might since I am sick,lol.


  16. Literary Feline

    It is nice to have so many choices right there at your fingertips, isn’t it? I have a rather large TBR collection myself of books I have been inspired to collect and eventually read for a number of reasons.


  17. sagustocox

    great answer…and I have a similar problem with the unread TBR books


  18. gigidiaz

    Certainly a good book motivates one to read another, however, good books are so hard to find. Maybe I’m too picky… Eh.


  19. Frances

    I think we may have similar reading habits. Ultimately all about appetite I suppose. What does one want to consume today? And my tbr pile? Eeeeek. I have taken to giving away books lately to avoid the guilt over my consumerism staring at me from all over the house – and I do mean all over.


  20. Chelsea

    It’s great to read that your inspiration comes from where so many others also seem to draw their inspiration – from this wonderfully strange thing called book blogging that we’re all lucky (or crazy?) enough to participate in!


  21. Lisa

    200 books, sounds like a dream come true.
    I can’t afford to buy books, making the library my option. I wish I had a friend like you. I always return what I borrow.


  22. Kat

    I have to agree with the reading itself as an inspiration. 😀


  23. Maggie

    It’s really hard to say one thing that inspires me to read. It pretty much depends on my mood at the moment. Right now I’m inspired by other people’s lives and so am reading a lot of memoir. The one I’m reading now is That Went Well…, a very inspirational memoir by Terrell Dougan about her life caring for her mentally disabled sister.


  24. D Dubs

    I know what you mean about having a personal bookstore – I feel the same a lot of the time. And the thing is, I read a lot of obscure stuff that I can’t find in the library or on Interlibrary Loan, so I end up buying even more books!


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