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Weekly Link Round Up


Wish you had more time to read blogs? Me too! Lucky for you, all you have to do is come here to find selected posts. 😀

Let’s start with me, shall we? This week, one of the most well-discussed topics was whether bloggers should disclose from where they get the books they review. I was actually surprised at most people’s comments.

Amy at My Friend Amy encourages you to Get LOST in a Good Book. Amy hosts the LOST Books Challenge, which she’ll be hosting again this year. Do you watch Lost? Well, if you don’t, just head on over to the LOST challenge, because Amy’s enthusiasm is infectious.

Swapna at S. Krishna’s Books reviewed Conscience Point by Erica Abeel, which she described as a modern-day Gothic mystery. Doesn’t that sound good?! And she gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars, meaning, we all must put this on our to be read list.

If you don’t have enough to read yet, Marta at Marta’s Ramblings reviewed The Little Giant of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker and called it an “awesome, wonderful read.” If you haven’t yet put this on your TBR pile, Marta’s review should push you over the edge!

When I clicked over to Wendi’s Book Corner, I thought her design was the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time! And then to make things better, in this post of Tuesday Thingers, she talks about the Swap This link that’s on every book for LibraryThing so you can easily see where the book is wanted…or where there’s a glut. I love learning new things!

Shelly at Write for a Reader interviewed Tony Peters, author of Kids on a Case: The Ten Grand Kidnapping. What’s not to like about author interviews?! I’ll warn you, though: you’ll want to read the book after you’ve read the interview.

Speaking of adding MORE books to your pile, I’ve been hearing all over the blogosphere about this book that Julie from Booking Mama reviewed called Beat the Reaper. Julie said, “I’d have to say that it is a suspense thriller as well as a comedy. It’s full of action and even some intrigue; however, I most enjoyed how much I laughed (and was shocked) while reading this novel.” Tell me that doesn’t sound awesome.

ForstRose at Bibliophile’s Retreat reviewed The Centurion’s Wife by Davis Bunn and Janette Oke. Janette Oke wrote Love Comes Softly, so that totally sold me on this book. But if that doesn’t sell you, then maybe this will: “I’m not sure how to balance this rave out with more sober thoughts on the book as truly I wasn’t able to find anything not to love about it. It will definitely be amongst my permanent collection for years to come and I am impatiently awaiting the subsequent books in the Acts of Faith series.” How can you not want to read something that someone said they couldn’t find anything to love about it?

Kathy over at Bermudaonion’s Weblog reviewed American Savior. Not really a mainstream book, but it certainly looks interesting! Jesus Christ is running for President of the United States, and gathers a ragtag campaign team to help him campaign. and Kathy said, “This book is humorous as well as thought provoking and I enjoyed reading it.”

Beth over at Beth Fish Reads reviewed Rebel by Bernard Cornwell. This is “the first of the four-book series The Starbuck Chronicles, covering the U.S. Civil War.” “We see how battle breaks some men but brings out the best in others, and we’re left wanting more.” Doesn’t that sound good? Beth said this book, which she experienced as an audio book, was “engrossing”.

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5 Responses to “Weekly Link Round Up”

  1. marie

    thanks for posting that link about the ethics of book reviews. it’s a great conversation!


  2. Planet Books

    What a great collection of posts and a wonderful idea!! Hope you have a lovely week!


  3. S. Krishna

    Nice job – it’s interesting to see how each of us did this!


  4. Elizabeth

    I read and reviewed Beat the Reaper and The Little Giant of Aberdeen County this week, also. They are definitely for different audiences, but I enjoyed them each for what they are.


  5. Staci

    Sounds like some fun reading is up ahead for me, not only the great links you supplied, but all the books that I haven’t heard of and will more than likely add to my TBR pile!!

    Have a great week!!


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