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Love My “O’s”

Edited to add: After this post was written and posted, it was brought to my attention that one of MY BEST FRIEND’S LAST NAME begins with O. So I put her in her rightful place on the list (well, she should be #1, but I think you can see the list is not in order of importance).

I was doing some blog surfing and stumbled on Sizzle Says, an awesome blog that kept me riveted as I thumbed through her archives. One of her recent posts listed 10 things she loved that begin with the letter R, and she said the way the meme works, if you want to get tagged, you leave a comment and she’ll assign you a letter, and so it goes. How fun is THAT?! So I left a comment, crossing my fingers I wouldn’t get Q or Z since I’d definitely have to bust out my dictionary…and I got O. Don’t think I don’t hear the universe laughing at me.

The only problem with the letter O is that there’s SO MANY things I’m rather ambivalent about: Oprah, Obama (don’t get me wrong, I like him, but I don’t LOVE him…I like him, but I don’t like him like him…anyone else feel 15 when I say that?), October, Ohio, and olives all instantly came to mind. But I don’t lurve any of those things. So with a little help from my hubby, here’s a list of things that I love that begin with the letter O:

1. Oreos. Specifically, Double Stuf.

2. Optimistic people. No Eeyores tolerated here!

3. Ophelia. Have you heard Natalie Merchant sing this song? Here’s a youtube video of this song (she starts singing around the minute-and-a-half mark):


Let me tell you a story: I had a friend who I used to go to open mic night with, and she was always the best. She could quiet a huge crowd as she sang a capella. I would beg her to sing Beloved Wife by Natalie Merchant, which she did about half the time. The guy who ran the open mic would tell her every time she performed that he’d love to record her, but for whatever reason, she never wanted to sing professionally. A few years later, this friend and I went to see Natalie Merchant at a relatively small venue. During one particular song, Natalie Merchant put the microphone down into the crowd for specific people to sing parts of the song, and when my friend volunteered to sing the next part and Natalie Merchant put the mic close to my friend, my friend belted out the next few lines, and Natalie Merchant pulled the mic back and said, “Wow.” She was stunned and it took her a few beats to recover, since she hadn’t expected to be impressed by any singing. Ten years later, I’m still so proud of my friend.

4. Off-hours, aka the weekend. Could I get a double shot of that, please?

5. Older women. Preferrably over the age of, oh, 50. Women old enough to be my mother. I even went so far as to tell the ladies I knit with that I preferred their group to another group I knitted with because they’re older (they seemed to take this okay, though on reflection, I probably should have just kept my yap shut). Given the choice between women my own age and older women, I usually choose the older women.

6. Onions. I was just wondering the other night if my excessive eating of onions will inhibit my ability to discern more subtle flavors in the future. If it does, I’ll just eat more onions.

7. Being online. My blog, my blog reader, Twitter, Facebook (purely for Scramble purposes)…

8. Opinions, of which I have many. And of which you will get to SEE when I do some more videos. This next one should be a doozy. Jessica and I have decided to discuss our difference of opinion on how LibraryThing should be used.

9. My oven, which, if you’ve ever rented a room from your friend, whose oven broke while you were living there, and they didn’t fix for six months, and finally you moved out to a new place and not a month later your friend got her oven fixed, well then you’d love your oven, too.

10. Did you really think a newly married gal would get the letter O and not mention ORGASMS?! I won’t even expound on that one.

11. One of my best friend’s last names begins with an O (I won’t give out her last name for privacy reasons), but I’d take her over everything on this list. Well, almost everything. 😉

Lest you think I’ve forgotten words that begin with the letter O, here’s words I thought of using but rejected, probably because I didn’t love them enough: oranges, ovaries, oxygen, oysters (blech!), Ozarks, options, orchids, Oregon, opera, olive oil (I like butter better), octopus, and oatmeal (another blech!).

Okay, now, remember how I said this works? If you want to participate, leave a comment and I’ll assign you a letter (randomly, I swear!). You then write about 10 things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and when people comment on your post, you assign them a letter, and so it goes.


50 Responses to “Love My “O’s””

  1. sizzlesays

    You did a great job with this! I knew orgasms had to make any O list. That’s a great story about your friend. Impressing Natalie Merchant? That’s something!

    Glad you stopped by my blog. 🙂


  2. shelburns

    OK…I’m crossing my fingers! Can I be tagged on this one? Sounds like so much fun; loved your answers!

    shelcows AT gmail DOT com


  3. The Social Frog

    Of course I’d like to be tagged, sounds like fun 🙂


  4. Kimmy

    Great list! This sounds like tons of fun. Letter me please?


  5. bermudaonion

    Glad to hear you love older women! I’m 50!


  6. Chris@bookarama

    Oh, me, me! I want to play.


  7. Joanne

    Very fun post! I’m so glad you posted about loving the song Ophelia – I remember falling in love with Merchants singing around the time that Lilith Fair was going on, but I haven’t listened to her in ages. Now I’m going to load my ipod up!


  8. Care

    I would love to play! You did excellent with the O letter, I must say. I would add Omaha to such a list. I enjoyed living in that town… And of course, my puppy Oscar.


  9. Kim L

    LOL, I would love an oven too in that situation. I luurve my dishwasher after living without for what seemed a VERY long time. Assign me a letter please!


  10. Dreamybee

    I’d like to play too, please!


  11. softdrink

    I’d like a letter, too, please…Vanna. 😀


  12. Jo

    Tag me, tag me!


  13. CB James

    Now see, I didn’t even think of that last one until you mentioned it. ;-P


  14. Alyce

    I love Oregon and oatmeal! 🙂 I’ll play!


  15. Dreamybee

    Thanks, Trish! My post is up here:


  16. Stephanie

    How fun!!


  17. Rebecca @ The Book Lady's Blog

    Sign me up! This one is really cute.


  18. nikki

    I’d like a letter please. And like you, I am crossing my fingers to not get an X,Zor Q!


  19. Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit

    what a fantastic meme! I would love to participate!


  20. avisannschild

    Love Natalie Merchant (and that song in particular) but I’d never seen the video, which is great! I love the interviews at the end! Great post, Trish.


  21. Veronica

    I’d like a letter please!


  22. Kimmy

    Thanks for the letter! Here is my post;-)


  23. Alyce

    Here’s a link to my post:


  24. Christa

    Ok I’ll give it a try


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  26. monnibo

    Hahah that was a great read!! …. especially #10!


  27. chartroose

    Hey, since I’m #27, do I get to pick my own letter? Yeah, baby!


  28. hillary

    ok i wanna play


  29. Chris@bookarama

    Here’s mine:


  30. Rebecca

    I’d love to play! Which letter may I have?


  31. Ruth

    I’d love to do this! May I have a letter please, Vanna? Er, Trish?


  32. Lorin

    I tagged you for a meme.


  33. lisamm

    Can I play? Letter, please.

    You did great with O !


  34. S. Krishna

    If it’s not too late, I’d love to play along!


  35. Sandra

    That was fun to read. I wouldn’t mind trying this please. Thank you.


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  37. lisamm

    I had fun with this!! Here’s the link to my post:


  38. smoothpebble

    Is it too late, cause this seems pretty fun! And frankly I enjoyed reading your list!


  39. Deeeeeeeeez are a Few of my Favorite Things | Literature Blog

    […] Trish had a fun post the other day about 10 things she loved that started with the letter O. It’s a meme and to play along, I had to leave a comment and wait for Trish to bestow me with my very own letter. She bestowed me with the letter D. At first I thought, could she have picked a harder letter?? Then I thought, yeah, I guess she could have given me X or Q or U and I’d be stuck talking about x-rays or Quantum Leap or underwear. So Trish, thanks for D. It’s not so bad. […]

  40. Deeeeeeeeez are a Few of my Favorite Things | 1800blogger

    […] Trish had a fun post the other day about 10 things she loved that started with the letter O. It’s a meme and to play along, I had to leave a comment and wait for Trish to bestow me with my very own letter. She bestowed me with the letter D. At first I thought, could she have picked a harder letter?? Then I thought, yeah, I guess she could have given me X or Q or U and I’d be stuck talking about x-rays or Quantum Leap or underwear. So Trish, thanks for D. It’s not so bad. […]

  41. Dawn

    I’m always up for a challenge…


  42. Jen Forbus

    O.k. Trish, I’ll bite – assign me a letter…I’ll also mention that you were smart not to include Ohio. Being an Ohioan…in February…I can attest to the fact that it really isn’t a LOVEABLE state! 🙂


  43. Jessica

    O is a tricky one- good job!


  44. Lisa

    Nice list! I love the Natalie Merchant story and I can’t wait to see the next video.


  45. Marta

    This sounds fun! Tag me!



  46. Christa

    Ok I did it!


  47. Heather

    MY last name starts with O too!! (hint: you should add me to this post… just kidding. ;))

    Give me a letter… sounds like fun.

    (even though I have plenty I need to write about now, being 5 reviews behind and all… I’d way rather do this.)


  48. Terri - teelgee

    I wish I’d gotten O. I would have put Obama at the top of my list! and Oregon, cuz that’s where I live.

    I got a hand me down E from Lisa. I can make that work!


  49. Starts with “P” « Book Addiction

    […] with “P” Posted on February 8, 2009 by Heather So I saw Trish over at Hey Lady! doing this meme, where she listed 10 things she likes that start with a particular letter (she did […]

  50. S. Krishna

    Here’s my “S” post!


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