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Read Dating, as in Speed Dating…but not.






In the February 11, 2009 issue of Shelf Awareness, they had the above picture and the following blurb:

Last Thursday, the University Book Store, Seattle, Wash., held its first “Read Dating” event. Participants had eight minutes to chat about their favorite books and authors before moving on to the next person. Stesha Brandon, manager of public relations and events, reported that “a ton of people came, and I think even a few matches were made. We’re definitely going to do it again.”

Read dating? Really? I mean, I guess if you’re going to connect over something, reading’s as good as anything else.

So would you do it? If you were single, of course.


26 Responses to “Read Dating, as in Speed Dating…but not.”

  1. Amy @ My Friend Amy



  2. Meghan

    I had a friend who went speed-dating and according to him, a book would have helped a lot as a conversation starter. I guess you might as well find someone else who reads if you’re actively looking!


  3. msmazzola

    Funny. I used “read dating” my AP senior class, but our version was a little different. After my students take the college board exam, we always have a few weeks left of school. I allow them to do a free read during this time. We raided our school library and book closets and grabbed about twenty or so different books and then spread the around the room. In five minute time periods, we went around the room and checked out each book before we chose our “match”. I had a little questionaire for them to fill out to help with compatability and such. They got a kick out of the corniness of it all.


  4. Lezlie

    If I was single, I absolutely would go to an event like that. How cool!



  5. madeleine

    What a great idea 😀


  6. Rebecca @ The Book Lady's Blog

    I love this idea and soooo wish I could get permission to do it in my store. If I were single, I know I’d be asking my dates about what kinds of books they read (and it would definitely be a factor in my assessment of them), so this would just take out the middle man.


  7. Christa

    I would do that if I lived there!


  8. Lorin

    On our first date, my (now) husband took me to a bookstore. I knew it was meant to be!


  9. Stephanie

    OK, I’m married, so I won’t be doing this, but I like the idea that it revolves around books and not drinks at a bar (although I have to say, doesn’t one of those guys in the picture look a little old for read-dating)?


  10. Marta

    I think this sounds like fun…and gives you something to talk about that’s more than the ASL, where do you work, etc thing. I also thinks it gives you much more insight into the person.

    On top of that…you’re meeting readers…not neanderthals who never pick up a book…;)


  11. King Rat

    I went to that event at the UW Bookstore, but I left at start time because I was by far the youngest person there (I’m 38). Though younger folks showed up late and they included them.

    There’s a library in the UK that did a read dating kind of event, though I don’t think they modeled it after speed dating.

    Next time the UW Bookstore does this I’ll be going again.


  12. Chava



  13. sarah

    If I were single, that would be a fabulous idea! So much better than meeting someone at a bar!


  14. Jen Forbus

    I AM single and I’d jump at the chance for something like this! I have the hardest time meeting people – shy factor. But to be paired up with guys who like to talk about books…now that would be GREAT! A guy at work and I always talk books – we could probably do so for hours, but drat! He’s married!


  15. Staci

    Personally, I think this would be a blast and if I was single I would sign up in a heartbeat!!!


  16. Biblibio

    That is, quite frankly, one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever heard of…


  17. sagustocox

    I bet there were some really great conversations…not sure if that is going to spawn any romance.


  18. TexasRed

    I would do this if I were single. Meeting someone who can talk about books for 8 minutes would definitely be a good sign 🙂


  19. Dave

    I think it’s a great way to find kindred souls. What if you love Dracula your date loves Twilight — bingo! Plus, I bet Bar Refaeli would be there talking her love for Pride and Prejudice. 🙂


  20. belleofthebooks

    It’s better than speed dating! A person’s books can tell you so much about them!


  21. cbJames

    Why not? I’m not single anymore, haven’t been for ages, but when I was I certainly did worse things than this trying to meet someone. But that’s another story…..


  22. S. Krishna

    This sounds interesting…


  23. chartroose

    Yeah, I’d do it once, but I’d probably hate it since I’m shy and misanthropic and think practically all men are total asshats. I doubt a “love connection” would be made, plus, my current squeeze might object quite vociferously!


  24. Jessica

    I don’t know if I could do that…..but it looks cool!


  25. Sadako

    Sounds awesome. I like it!


  26. Amber

    If I were single it would be a possibility. At least I would have the hope/impression that the fellow reads. 🙂


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