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Let’s Meet at BEA!


If you’re on Twitter, you’ll know I went back and forth about whether to go to BEA. I wanted to, but I didn’t have the money, and since I’m married now, I actually have to behave like a responsible adult, since someone else is affected by my actions. BUT, I was able to fenagle enough money to go, so I booked a flight and have frantically been making plans ever since!

Blogger Meet and Greets!

I’m stoked to be one of the bloggers featured at the Firebrand Technologies booth #4077! I’ll be there on Saturday from 11:00am to Noon, and I’d love to meet you if you’ll be at BEA! Here’s a list of all the bloggers who will be doing meet and greets at book #4077.

BEA Updates!

Whether or not you’re going to BEA, I’ll be tweeting about what’s going on! You can subscribe to my Twitter updates by putting this link into your RSS reader, or follow me on Twitter. If you Twitter about BEA, be sure to use the hashtag #BEA09.


I’ll be at the BEAtweetup party and pretty much want to meet everyone. There’s over 400 people who’ve RSVP’d, so I *probably* won’t get to everyone. And I was not kidding when I said I’m introverted, but I will be donning my extroverted hat and having a good time! A drink in hand won’t hurt, I’m sure. And the fact that I’ll mostly be talking about books, blogging, and Twitter. Pretty much I could talk to a wall about those things and have a great conversation.

I’d love to meet you!

I’m only going to be in New York for Friday and Saturday (Thursday and Sunday are traveling days), but I’d love to meet you! I’m packing my schedule with as much as possible, because why waste a great opportunity? So if you’ll be at BEA and we haven’t already made plans (or if you know of a party I’m missing…) (I’m stoked I’ll be meeting Tyler from Scholastic and author Sarah Pekkanen), then shoot me an email at trish at heylady (dot net) and we’ll arrange something. Because is there anything better than connecting with people over books? I’m pretty sure: no.

Panels, vlogs, and me generally putting my foot in my mouth.

Whether or not you’re going to BEA, you can check out the book bloggers panel on Saturday at 2pm in room 1E15. It features Dawn from She is Too Fond of Books, Stephanie from The Written Word, Julie from Booking Mama, Beth from Beth Fish Reads, Amy from My Friend Amy and Natasha from Maw Books. The panel will discuss will discuss how booksellers, publishers and bloggers can combine forces to bring readers and authors together. If you’re not going to BEA, you can still call in to Blog TalkRadio at 347-945-614 on Saturday, May 30th at 2pm EST to listen live to the panel.

Also, prepare for a couple of vlogs from me this weekend that feature me sticking my foot in my mouth and/or gushing way too much. Example: I’ve met Luis Alberto Urrea, author of the new book Into the Beautiful North  at the LA Times Festival of Books, but instead of ME geeking out on HIM, HE geeked out on ME when I told him who I was and that we were friends on Twitter, so now it’s my turn to geek out on him.

ALSO! I will try try try not to mention to Suzanne Collins, author of The Hunger Games, how I want to have her book babies, but things sometimes just come out of my mouth unfiltered, so no guarantees that I won’t completely make a fool of myself.

So make sure you’re watching my blog for updates, because I would bet dollars to donuts that I will have a story that goes like this (which I just made up but would be the thing that would happen to me): “I was talking to this random person at BEA and I was like, ‘Do you know what book I hate? (fill in the blank)’ and then the person will be, ‘Oh, I’m the author of that book.'” ‘Cause that’s just how I roll, with both feet in my mouth.

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16 Responses to “Let’s Meet at BEA!”

  1. Kathy

    I better meet you this weekend! I’ll probably see you at Luis Urrea’s signing – I want to see you gush in person!


  2. Monica

    Have fun!


  3. Heather

    I am SOOO jealous of all you guys that are going!! I hope you have tons of fun and make sure you come back with lots of stories! Maybe I can go to the next event… probably not, if it involves travel, unfortunately. 🙁


  4. Debbie

    So envious seeing everyone getting ready to go. I for once have money I could use to fly out there but hotel arrangements are another matter and now I have a 20 month old and the hubby is out of town. So I feel bad leaving her with my parents. I really wish I could be there!


  5. Lisamm



  6. Staci

    here’s hoping that your feet stay clear of your mouth and that you have a wonderful time!!! Tweet out 🙂


  7. Jessica

    so exciting! Can’t wait to hear all about it! Bring me back something good!


  8. Beth F

    Cannot wait to meet you!! This weekend is going to be super.


  9. sarah pekkanen

    Hey Lady– I’m so looking forward to saying hi in person! And I”m really glad publishers are recognizing how important and generous bloggers are to the industry and are spotlighting you and others. By the way, I tend to shove both feet in my mouth, too… should be fun!


  10. jess

    Have a great time!


  11. Jeanne

    Maybe you could convey some reader gushing to Suzanne Collins? It would help me to articulate my admiration if I was passing along compliments at the same time. You can certainly use my name and website name!


  12. chartroose

    Sounds like a blast! I’ll be reading you to get the latest.


  13. gaby317

    I just signed up – am excited to go! I’d love to meet you and the rest of the bloggers. I’m coming from Brooklyn, so it’s just a subway ride away for me. If you want recommendations for food or anything, let me know!



  14. Anna

    I’ll be there Friday and Saturday, and I’ll be at the tweetup. Hope I get a chance to meet you!


  15. Dreamybee

    Maybe if you wear really sexy shoes, nobody will mind about your feet. Just kidding! I’m sure you’ll be fine! Have fun!!

    P.S. I just finished The Hunger Games, and I thought it was great. About every third page, I’d have to just stop, look around and shake my head, and say, “Man, that is SO MESSED UP!”


  16. Kim L

    You have an awesome time at the BEA! It sounds like you will have a whirlwind of a weekend.


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