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Why Should You Read Book Blogs? (vlog)

Natasha, Amy, and I discussed why people (specifically, people who don’t already have a book blog) should read book blogs.

I’d love to hear your opinion, especially if you don’t have a book blog. Why do you read book blogs? Would you recommend your friends read book blogs? What’s your opinion???


20 Responses to “Why Should You Read Book Blogs? (vlog)”

  1. Stephanie

    I love how you guys emphasize the fact that we all feel a part of a community. It is true that I have found a few bloggers with my same taste in books that I go back to again and again to find out what they are reading next, because chances are I’m going to love it!!


  2. BEA

    i read book blogs for information about new releases, book synopsis, new authors, etc. books i’m interested in i put on my library or trade book lists.
    Book Reviewers [reviews] are just someone else’s opinion about what they have read. I’m more interested in how i perceive a story. Reviews do not guide me.
    To me, Book blogs are great for finding stuff ): i would otherwise never have come across,


  3. rhapsodyinbooks

    Great video. I too liked the emphasis on the “online bookclub” aspect of blogging.


  4. Deb

    I love reading the blogs. I tend to read them with my morning coffee, lunch and later in the day. I love reading the reviews, there is something for every type of reader. I share what I have read on your blog (and others) with my colleagues, parents and friends. I purchase many of the suggested “must read” for my personal library and my classroom library. I gather a wealth of information and the “desserts” for my reading feasts! Thank you so much!


  5. Rachel

    I just enjoy reading about what other people are reading. Especially since I am at a job that requires me to remain at my desk. It helps the slower parts of the day go by more enjoyably.


  6. Aunt Becky

    I read book blogs because I like to hear what other people have to say.


  7. Missy

    I read book blogs to find new and different books to read. I also like to view blog designs, look at pictures, and leave comments…making new blogger friends. I have found so many books on others blogs that I never would have found on my own, plus getting someone else’s personal review on a book is a added bonus!


  8. Tokemise

    I read book blog because I love to read and talk about books. It’s like a book club but you can participate whenever you have time and only if you want to. It’s great to know that there are lots of other people out there who love books as much as I do. I also get ideas for books to read from blogs and of course I love the giveaways and contests. I like to talk about books so much I started my own blog. It’s like one huge book club!


  9. Kathleen

    I will answer even though I have a blog because I read them before I started my own! I read blogs because I love to read and I appreciate hearing what other people are reading and thinking about the books they read. I get many of the books in my “to be read” pile from the blogs that I read. I enjoy being part of the large online community of readers!


  10. Pam

    I don’t have my own blog. I enjoy reading them though because I love reading, and buying, books and like being able to read honest reviews before purchasing them. I’ve added many books to my “want to read” list as a result of book blogs. Thanks!


  11. Darcy Wishard

    As a librarian blogs are a GREAT way to get the scoop on new books coming out. With a limited (VERY limited at this point) budget, I want to know if a book is worth my money. I read professional reviews (school library journal, Publishers Weekly, etc.) too, but bloggers give more info about what type of reader would like a certain book. I started my own book blog for my students, as well as librarians in my community, for the same reasons I stated above. I guess I look at it as an extension of my job…as a librarian I want to help people find a good book they will enjoy and keep them reading. My impression of other bloggers is that they love books, and this is a way of sharing their love of reading.


  12. Julie

    I very much enjoy reading book blogs and I only wish I had the time right now to begin my own (sadly I just could not commit to one at the moment). I think they are wonderful venues for authors, readers, publishers, reviewers and anyone else in general to learn about and discuss books and the literary world. It is interesting to be apart of such a large community that share my own interests and I very much value the opinions and time put forth by others!


  13. Charlene Ann Baumbich

    After a day of writing, I love to toodle around the book blogs to be reminded that YES, people DO care about books. It might seem odd, but that’s an easy thing for an author to forget, especially after one of *those days* when my characters would not cooperate (they can be a stubborn lot), my frustration level soared (behind on word count, or too many interruptions), and my fingers produced a record amount of typos.


  14. Rebecca Cox

    Well, I started reading book blogs because someone told me about being able to win books. Having a very limited budget for books, this seemed like a great idea. Then, I started actually reading the blogs. I like the reviews of the books, more information on a personal level than what the publisher says (which is always positive). I read the profiles, go to the links to other blogs to find more new books, and even look at family pictures if they are there.

    I have found some blogs very easy to read and comment on and some impossible to figure out how to comment, how to send an email to blogger, how to follow in email since I am not a blogger, etc. BTW, yours is VERY easy.

    My question is, why would you read book blogs if you are a book blogger? sometimes when I read someone’s blog, it seems like they think only other bloggers read them. Just curious.


  15. jess

    I feel that having my own blog has made me a better reader and writer. I read books that a year ago I wouldn’t have thought of picking up. Being a part of this book blogging community has made me take more risks in my reading and opened the door to new genres and authors. So thanks everyone for the great reviews and recommendations!


  16. jennsbookshelf

    Great vlog topic! I definitely agree with the statement that book blogs allow a discussion to take place regarding a book, at any given time. And to make this even easier for the reader of the blog, this discussion can take place at their leisure, just whenever they have the chance to read about a certain book and comment on it.

    This has been one of the benefits of book blog tours: I get to read several reviews of the same book, and I often learn/discover certain aspects of the book that I myself missed.

    Once again, great job Trish, Natasha & Amy. It was good to “see” you all again!


  17. Michelle

    To me, it is about a personal connection that I feel with the blogger. There are an outrageous number of blogs out there – about everything – including books…so I really don’t go looking for blogs to read. If I have a friend who is writing one, or one has been recommended to me, I will definitely check it out. but otherwise, I don’t spend alot of time reading blogs. As for this one, it was just a feeling I got, based on similar reading tastes, that made me subscribe. I enjoy reading everything that you write but especially your book recommendations, because I love to hear about books that I haven’t discovered on my own. I got hooked on this blog because I love your writing style and I like to think that I would write in a similar, chatty, style – like you – if I had the guts to blog myself! Keep up the good work 🙂


  18. EMILY R



  19. Kim L

    Great topic. I myself only stumbled upon book blogs because I decided to start a blog myself, without any real idea of what I wanted to blog about. I don’t know if I would read book blogs if I hadn’t started blogging, but now I’m addicted. I think even readers who don’t have blogs could definitely take away plenty from book blogs, but they probably won’t get as much out of it unless they blog themselves, because that’s what makes it so interactive.


  20. Teddy

    I love it when the three of you get together! Thanks for representing our book blog community!


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