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Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge – Favicons and Gravatars


Welcome Bloggiesta-ers!

Your challenge today is two parts: add a favicon and register for a gravatar. First, though, let’s talk about branding.

Many casual bloggers never think about branding. I mean, why would you need to brand yourself when you’re a casual blogger? As ProBlogger points out in How to Shape Your Blog’s Brand: “…a brand emerges over time with or without you as people begin to develop perceptions about you and what your blog stands for. As they read your content, as they look at your design, as they interpret what you say, as they gauge your passion, as they observe how you interact with them and other readers – all of this contributes to how they perceive and describe you – your brand.”

ProBlogger suggests three things in regards to branding:

  1. Identify what you want to be known for
  2. Be what you want to be known for…consistently
  3. Monitor and participate in conversations about you

Even if you’re not very serious about blogging, you DO want to stand out from the crowd, right? A huge part of standing out from the crowd is your favicon, because that will allow people to see which tab is yours when they have a bunch of tabs open. A favicon is your visual branding.


Let’s talk about favicons now.

First of all, a favicon is the little icon to the left of the address bar (where the url is, or in simpler terms, where you type in web addresses). If a site doesn’t have a favicon, you may see a blank white page with an Internet Explorer icon, assuming you’re using Internet Explorer. It looks like this:

IE favicon

(click to enlarge)

If you’re using Firefox, then the blank page without the Internet Explorer image (dur) shows up.

When a visitor sees a favicon on a website, it lets them know they’re on the right site. A favicon also can save time, as it gives people a quick visual of which tabs they have going without having to read the names. Your eyes will notice an image before they even have time to read the text surrounding it.

Additionally, if you bookmark a site with a favicon, the favicon will show up in your Favorites or Bookmarks menu next to the site’s name as well.

For example, here’s some random blogs I pulled up with no favicon. My blog stands out quickly, while the others all blend together.

no favicons

(click to enlarge)

In my opinion, it’s even more important for those on Blogger to use a favicon, because that orange Blogger favicon is particularly jarring and is rarely complimentary to a blog’s theme.

So now that I’ve convinced you to add a favicon, how do you go about doing it?

When you do add a favicon, keep in mind that your favicon needs to be easy to identify. A dark picture doesn’t reduce well, so you want something simple with a lot of contrast. Here are some good examples of favicons.


Okay, now let’s talk about gravatars.

“A gravatar, or globally recognized avatar, is quite simply an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things.”

Gravatars are used by wordpress blogs, and since wordpress and blogger are the two biggest blogging platforms, it’s a good idea for you to register for a gravatar. There are many people who leave a comment and have the same name and no avatar. Don’t you want to distinguish yourself from every other Tom, Dick, and Harry (or Lisa, Trish, and Jen)?!

Why should you sign up for a gravatar? Here’s five reasons to use gravatar from The Weblog Zone (you’ll need to click this link for the explanation behind the reasons!):

  1. Gravatar Draws Attention – Leads To More Traffic
  2. Gravatar Improves Brand Recognition
  3. Gravatar Makes You Famous
  4. Gravatar Helps You Sell Your Product
  5. Gravatar Lets You Express Yourself

Please, go sign up for a gravatar!

You Cahn Doo Eet!

After you’ve added a favicon or registered your gravatar, leave a comment on this post and you’ll be eligible for a publisher sponsored giveaway at the end of Bloggiesta!

If you need more help, I would encourage you to check out the bookblogs.ning group on How to Add a Favicon to Your Blog and Avatars and Visual Branding, because many questions were asked and answered there. However, I’m happy to answer your questions in the comments if you have any!

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168 Responses to “Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge – Favicons and Gravatars”

  1. Lynn at Chronicle of an Infant Bibliophile

    Fun — I’m going to try a Favicon. Thanks for the idea! The Free Favicon Generator site has exceeded its bandwidth, though. Did Bloggiesta’s popularity kill it? 🙂 I’ll keep trying.


    trish Reply:

    Here’s another place with Blogger instructions:


  2. michaelsean

    All great info! Stuff that a lot of people don’t do or don’t think about. Cool beans!


  3. The Brain Lair

    I had a favicon on iconj but they were hacked and now it’s gone. Tried to do one today but can’t upload to google pages. Will try again later. I did register for gravatar though! Thnx for tips!


  4. Lazygal

    Yeah, the iconj site is down now, but I’ll keep trying. Great idea (didn’t know you could do this for Blogger!)


  5. Tam @ Bailey's and Books

    Thanks for this great challenge. I just updated both to be my little sock monkey friend (I think) – but very glad to know how to do both of these things now.


  6. 3m

    I’ve had a favicon for awhile and I do have some gravatars set up through blogger and wordpress, but I’m thinking of a universal one. Something to think about.


  7. Kathy

    I never knew what a favicon was or how to create one, but I just did it! Thanks for the instructions!


  8. Lezlie

    Very cool! I’m going to have to give this a shot when I have some time later tonight. Thanks, Trish!!



  9. haiku amy

    Yeah! I signed up for my gravatar. So is it just supposed to start showing up now? I guess I’ll find out.

    I had the same troubles with iconj. Do you know if there are other good sites for creating a favicon?


    trish Reply:

    Yeah, the gravatar will just start showing up. You could try a test comment at, since it worked fine here. 🙂


  10. The Biblio Brat

    Forgive me if this is a duplicate. I seem to be having a problem with this site and leaving a comment.

    I just wanted to say that I have done the Gravatar and am thankful it can be easily changed. Choosing a picture to represent me is always the hardest part.

    Will be now moving on to see how much fun it will be to do a favicon. Thanks for the information Trish. Wonderful!


  11. Britt

    Already had a favicon, though I may end up changing it if I ever find a background I like a lot!

    Registered a gravatar.

    Great challenge!


  12. cbjames

    This is brilliant. Thank you. The Favicon is down for maintainence but I’ve done the gravatar. Hope it works.


    trish Reply:

    Yay! You look lurvely. 🙂


  13. Michelle

    Ok this is the big test Trish. I just created a Gravatar account and I’m hoping that when I post this comment it will show my icon. Here’s to hoping….


    trish Reply:

    Michelle, it worked! Woot!


  14. Jeane

    Wow, thanks for the info! I have a gravitar, but I never thought of doing a favicon. Off to make it right now.


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  16. Care

    testing, 1-2-3… Do you see my PIE slice?


    trish Reply:

    Yes! I see your pie slice! Really cute. 🙂


  17. Cindy

    I never knew abou the favicon before this thanks Trish. I just did the gravitar. Hope it works 🙂


  18. nat @ book, line, and sinker

    i recently uploaded my grav…but have to work on the other thingy! i’m so technically challenged but you’ve saved the day with your explanation!



  19. The Story Siren

    Another very cool thing I had no idea about! I’ve mad a grav! still working on the favicon… but I’ve bookmarked the site to go back to that later! so much fun! thanks!


  20. Icedream

    Thanks so much for the info. I usually get so confused with code stuff but I successfully created a favicon! Now let’s see if I can figure out the gravatar. 😀


    trish Reply:

    Hurry up on that gravatar, Icedream! I’m missing your lovely face in amongst everyone else…


  21. AnimeGirl

    It took me most of the afternoon but I finally managed to add the favicon to my site! YAY!

    And I signed up for Gravatar a couple of weeks ago, actually.

    YAY! First challenge completed


    trish Reply:

    Yay! Love your avatar!


  22. Marg

    I did have a gravatar but I have updated mine. I was going to add a favicon but the site is down so will have to go back and do that later.


  23. Janssen

    I did the favicon thing and it was awesome! Thank you!


  24. Kristi

    Yea! I’ve done it (I think). I often wondered how people got favicons, but since I didn’t know that’s what they are called it was hard to look up directions on how to get them! I’d never heard of gravatars, either. Guess I’m not as big a geek as I thought I was (bummer ;o)).


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  26. Rob Henderson

    You say “hey” a lot here don’t you? Well, hey, guess what? I had tried the Gravatar gizmo on WordPress before and not been able to “crop and finish.” But I’d discovered when trying to upload pics to my BobtheBard WordPress webpage that Firefox wasn’t letting me do it but I could if I used Explorer (Firefox has since fixed the problem, it seems). Well, hey, anyway, I ran into the same problem just now when I tried the Gravatar gizmo. Got it to work OK using Explorer. What the hey, huh? Thanks for challenging me to try it again. My little favicon looks just precious. I am one branded, happy guy now. I have also become your loyal follower on Twitter. Hey, isn’t that nice?


    trish Reply:

    Hey Rob! I’ll check you out on Twitter, see what else you’re up to. 🙂


  27. Rebecca Reid

    When I started blogging a year ago, I spent forever figuring out how to get my favicon uploaded to the right folder! If only I’d known about the plug in! (Maybe it’s new? that would make me feel better.)

    I do like your facicon/gravatar. I know who you are!


  28. Liyana

    I already have a favicon (a black heart) which is cute, and can represent anything, so I’m keeping it. 😀 Added a gravatar of my blog icon, made by Korianne from Korianne Speaks. 😀


  29. Kristen

    Took me a while to figure it out, but I did it! 🙂 I feel very accomplished.


  30. Marie Burton

    Got a Gravatar
    Got a Favicon


  31. Sheila DeChantal

    Thanks for this information! I have completed your mini challenge and really enjoyed learning about two things that I had no idea what they even ere 24 hours ago (favicon and gravator)

    Thank you again! Wich each mini challenge my blog changes for the better. 🙂


  32. Literate Housewife

    You have been reading my mind, Trish. I can’t figure out why my gravatar shows up sometimes and not others. Now it should always work. 🙂 Thanks so much!


  33. Diana

    This is great advice that, I admit, I have procrastinated on for quite some time. I’m using a pre-made theme and slowly adjusting it, so I haven’t quite figured out the details like a favicon… It is definitely about damn time I sit down and make a decision.


  34. Pam

    Thanks for this great information; I’ve just updated my Gravatar. Exciting! Working on the favicon, next…


  35. Laura/BookingIt

    OK, I picked a new picture, edited it, and updated my Gravatar, my Favicon, and every other image I could track down! (Well, Technorati failed, but it seems to be having issues this weekend.)

    Thank you for this challenge.


  36. Emily/Emily's Reading Room

    I made a favicon, and it wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought. And, it really adds a neat flair to your blog. I also signed up for gravatar and updated that picture. I’m working on updating my avatar on all my other networking sites as well. This was a fantastic challenge, thanks!


  37. Shan

    I just got a gravatar. it’s great. Thinks for the idea, I am on my way to signup for a favicon. Thanks again.


  38. Kay

    I had my gravatar already but I learned how to make a favicon! 🙂 It’s not exactly as I want it, but I’ll work on it more once my pen tablet works again (it’s too hard to draw with a mouse!)


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  40. gaby317

    thank you – these are great ideas! i just signed up for my gravitar – haven’t checked if it works yet.

    something’s wrong with the site for the favicon but I’ll head back at another time.



  41. gaby317

    it worked!! thank you!


  42. Trin

    Hum, did it work? I signed up for a gravatar.


  43. Joanne

    Great challenge! My current gravatar is just the pic from my blogger account. But one of my Bloggiesta goals was to finally get something done about my desire for a personalized header/logo. So I figured out just what I wanted and sent some emails on to a couple of my artisty friends. I also mentioned I would like something to use as a favicon that is part of the logo/header. So while I don’t have a favicon yet, I am hopeful to have a new one soon!
    Thanks for the challenge Trish 🙂


  44. Nicola O.

    Yay! I finally did it.


  45. Hasta la Vista Bloggiesta « Bailey's and Books

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  46. Jennsbookshelf

    Great challenge! I have an existing gravatar and favicon, but it’s great to see so many other bloggers creating them!


  47. Sally Hanan

    Got the blavatar, the favatar, the gravatar . . . we should have a writatar. 😀


  48. avisannschild

    Trish, thank you so much for this! I had no idea I could sign up for a gravatar that easily. Now I just need to find a better image to use!


  49. Christina

    Love favicons and gravatars. It immediately reminds me of who the blogger is.


  50. Debbie

    Ok, I got my favicon working on Firefox but not IE and my gravatar shows up in my blog. Not sure if it will show up in other blogs. Guess we will see.


  51. Florinda

    Well, it took a lot longer than I thought to do the favicon (partly because I use Blogger, partly because I had to translate Windows instructions into Mac), but hopefully it’ll show up soon – and with luck, you’ll see my new gravatar with this comment :-).

    Thanks for the mini-challenge!


  52. The Kool-Aid Mom

    Okay, after some head-scratching *ooh, hope that’s not lice*, I finally made the blavatar thingamabob… though, I think I already had one… not sure. It never showed on my favorites, so maybe not. Unless I have to do something special for a favatar.
    My head hurts.
    And then I went over to the gravatar thing, and apparently I’d already made one… so what good was it?
    Too hot… I need the fan.


  53. Susan @ Reading Upside Down

    I have an avatar that I use on some sites but it doesn’t appear on others. I need to get both the flavicon and gravatar organised, but will have to wait until I get together with Meredith on Tuesday as she is my tech-guru. I am tech-challenged and Meredith discourages me from making important tech decisions without supervision. 🙂


  54. Susan @ Reading Upside Down

    Just noticed that I added an “L” to favicon. Oh dear.

    I don’t have any favicon for Hey Lady! showing up on my screen either (just the standard intenet ‘e’. Should I be seeing your favicon?


  55. Stephanie

    Already have the gravatar, but I think the Favicon is cool! Will have to do it tomorrow when I’m not at work and can generate one easily!!

    Great tips!


  56. heidenkind

    I already had a gravatar, but based on your advice about branding, I decided to change it to the same pick as my twitter account. I tried to sign up for a favicon, but the site is down for maintenance. 🙁 I’ll have to try again later.


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  58. Nicole

    So I have a gravatar, and I finally figured out how to make it show up everywhere. I am still wrestling with the favicon. I got it, uploaded it. No dice. Took it out and put it back in. Nothing. Maybe at some point I will be able to get it to show up.


  59. Haiku Amy

    I know this is kind of late in the game, but I found a good instruction site for uploading your favicon on the Blogger platform. You don’t need a web hosting site. Check it out. I was pulling my hair out all day long, and this is the one that finally worked.


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  61. Shannan Lee

    I did my gravatar this morning. I used me to sell my site lol. A little conceited I guess lol. Did not do a favicon though


  62. Wendy

    Well I wanted to do this one…but I have my own domain and when I tried to install the plug in for a flavicon, it warned me that it had not been tested with my current version of wordpress. So I did not feel comfortable adding it right now.

    Re: registering for a gravatar. I don’t ever remember doing this, but it says that my email is already registered. Problem is, I was not able to sign in because it kept telling me the password was wrong. I don’t see how to get a password sent to me 🙁


  63. Wendy

    OH wait!! I found a way to get my password…and I DID IT!!! Yay…I now have a gravitar 🙂


  64. Bloggiesta: Wrap Up – caribousmom

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  65. Jane

    got me a gravatar

    favicon is next.

    great motivation, explanations and links

    Jane of Janezworld


  66. Bloggiesta Update: Saturday « Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog

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  67. Bloggiesta update – Saturday night « Starting Fresh

    […] Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin’? – set up my gravatar but had some trouble with the site for my favicon. Will go back to do that, possibly after the challenge. This was something I wouldn’t have known about at all – very helpful! […]

  68. TexasRed

    Great information. I already have a gravatar, but will set up a favicon now!


  69. Marie BUrto

    Was wondering. When are winners posted ?


  70. Amber

    Seeing this as a mini-challenge and upgrading to IE8 reinforced how useful a favicon can be when using tabbed windows. I used one of the WordPress plug-ins since my theme is an older one.

    I’m glad I finally got around to doing this!


  71. cbjames

    I finally got the favicon to work!!!

    Thanks for posting the directions here.


  72. Britt

    I had favicons already on 2 blogs, but now one has disappeared and the other is some random “J” favicon that I did NOT put there!! What the heck?!?! I can’t get rid of it!


  73. haiku amy

    Britt – Did you use iconJ for your favicon? The same thing happened to me. Someone said they were hacked. I would just try to delete the html code.


    Britt Reply:

    Yeah I think so. I think I need to remove all the favicon stuff and start over. I’m tired of mucking about in html….


  74. Raych

    Experimentation with avatars!! Works or doesn’t work?


  75. Raych

    WOrks!!!! But this one is only temporary. I’m trying to lure my sister into making me one.


  76. Melanie

    I didn’t have time to do this during the Bloggiesta, and I promptly forgot afterwards. It randomly came to mind today, so I thought I would give it a try. It was a lot easier than I imagined!


  77. tanabata

    I’ve had a favicon for a while, since Natasha mentioned how to do it over on the Ning group, but I just signed up for a gravatar. Hopefully it worked. Thanks for the nudge, Trish.


  78. tanabata

    Yay, looks like it worked! 🙂


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    […] I’ve really, and I mean really got to figure out my favicon thingy. It’s all added but for some reason, not working. So, that’s on the list over at Trish’s site. […]

  80. the1stdaughter

    Yay! It worked! Thank you so much! I just needed to channel my inner “Trish” and got it. No really, the wordpress plug-in and the right directory name goes a long way. Thanks again!


  81. Amanda

    Okay, I’ve added a favicon (thanks for your help!) and I went to the link to add a picture for a gravatar. If it worked out the way it was suposed to, when I leave this comment, I’ll have a little pink sketch of a lady as my picture. Here’s hoping…


  82. Amanda

    Hm…no, it didn’t work. I’ll have to try to figure out what I did wrong. 🙁


  83. Amanda

    (Nevermind, it fixed itself, yay! Sorry for the triple comment, Trish!)


  84. Joyful

    I’ve added a favicon


  85. Jennifer

    I added a favicon and changed my gravatar picture to match.


  86. Jacqueline

    I’ve tried and I’ve tried, but I can’t get the flavicon to show up on my blog. 🙁


  87. Jacqueline

    Finally got it! Thanks for the help


  88. Katie

    Already had a Gravatar, but managed to get a Favicon! So very excited! (And thank you for having instructions for both WordPress and Blogger — so very appreciated and not always given!)


  89. Angie

    Hi, really new to blogging and had no idea what either of these were. Your post is great and has a ton of info on it. Thanks for the help. I tried adding a favicon and it said it saved but it’s not showing up. Hmmm…may need to work on this more.

    aksimmo at brainerd dot net


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  91. Gnoe (on Graasland)

    Thank you so much for the motivation and tutorial! I already had my gravatar up but hadn’t figured out I could also get a blavatar in my wordpress blog 🙂

    Thans to you and the 2nd edition of Bloggiesta my blog is getting better and better!


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  93. Moonsanity

    Wooo-hooooo I did it! Thank you SO much. I used my little moon face that I use for Twitter and blogger so now it’s my favicon and Gravatar! This is my first Bloggiesta:)


  94. Alexia561

    That was so much easier than I thought it would be. Thank you so much! I am now the proud owner of a Favicon! 🙂


  95. Kristen H.

    I did this one last time, but I’ve updated them to reflect my new blog layout image. 🙂


  96. Kate

    Thanks for the information. I got myself all set up!


  97. jehara

    i already had a gravatar registered, but i did the favicon. i didn’t know about those. it’s pretty cool. thanks for the instructions. they were very simple and easy to follow. 🙂


  98. Lisa

    Yea! I did it! I’m so computer illiterate–I didn’t even know what a favicon or gravatar were.


  99. Alexia561

    Just signed up for a gravitar! Bloggiesta has been very productive so far! 🙂


  100. Kate

    Got me a new gravitar and changed my favicon! I am so happy.


  101. bloggiesta: mini-challenge post! « read what you know

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  102. Moonbeam

    Ten minutes ago I didn’t know flavicons were real. Now I have one of my very own. Thanks!


  103. sherry (nite swimming)

    I’ve always wanted a favicon for my blog but thought I’d never be able to figure it out. Thanks!


  104. Ash

    Phew! It took me awhile but I finally got my favicon working. Thanks for the mini-challenge!


  105. Angela

    Thanks for the instructions for the favicon! And since I don’t use wordpress, I never felt like I needed a gravatar before, but if I’m going to be commenting more, and on the blogs of people who use wordpress, that gravatar could come in handy. I’ve set it up so it’s the same as my Blogger profile pic, so there’ll be consistency across platforms.


  106. Sheila DeChantal

    Looking at these challenges again is like going down memory lane…LOL In June I had no idea what either of these things were. Thanks tot he 1st Bloggiesta I applied both to my blog and now stopping back in to say thank you again for teaching me something that 6 months later I am still thrilled with!


  107. Sheila DeChantal

    Ok… now that seems really funny that my pic didnt show up on the above post when I do have one…LOL

    I have been messing with my blog this weekend – maybe I goofed something up….. I will check it out. 🙂


  108. Bloggiesta Day Three

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  109. Karla @ Ramblin' Roads

    I added a favicon! (Very cool!) And I think I already have a gravatar.


  110. Amused

    This was super useful! Ok I got both a favicon and gravatar so theoretically when I hit submit by gravatar will show up…


  111. Esme

    I started doing the avatar just to realize I have one-I am working on the favicon.


  112. Wrap Up Post - Bloggiesta

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  114. ReaganStar

    Thanks for the tips!!! I so had to do this.. great idea.


  115. Kathy Bloomfield

    I am so excited about this and the fact that I could actually do it all by myself. You are a blessing! Thank you so much.


  116. Suey

    I finally added a favicon this bloggiesta and I think it might actually be working. Cool.


  117. Kate

    Set up both!! Sooo excited, thanks.


  118. SenoraG

    I LOVE YOU! I have been trying for weeks to add a favicon and it never worked. Your directions are idiot proof, me being the idiot and now I have a working favicon! THANK YOU SO MUCH


  119. Lydia (The Lost Entwife)

    Installed my favicon at .

    This is FANTASTIC! You made it so easy! Thank you so much


  120. wallace @ Coconut Library

    Thank you so much! I have been wondering how people get their URLs to do that. Now I feel stupid (realizing it has been in my reach), but happy too because I can do it! Well, not exactly at this moment… it’s not working for me on my computer right now, but I have someone who I think can help me with it. I’m very excited and though I won’t be able to do it this weekend it is now on my list of things I must (and want to) do. Thanks for the tutorial!


  121. Marquetta

    Thanks for the great post and information. I’ve signed up for a gravatar and I now have a favicon!


  122. Tracee

    Thanks for the great tips – I have a gravatar and am currently working on finding the right Favicon. Happy Reading!


  123. Marie

    I completed both. Yay!


  124. Jan@eatingyabooks

    Now have my favicon and gravatar. Thanks


  125. avisannschild

    One year after the first Bloggiesta, I now finally have a favicon! My only question is: should the favicon and the gravatar use the same image? At the moment, my favicon is part of my header image, which makes sense to me, but my gravatar is an actual photo of me (which doesn’t really work as a favicon, in my estimation, but is useful for recognizing me…). Anybody have any thoughts on this?


  126. Laurel-Rain Snow

    Thanks for the tips, Trish…I did a gravatar for Word Press during the last Bloggiesta, and tried the Blogger one…no luck.

    I tried again today, and I thought I did everything right, but nothing…does it take awhile for the image to show up?


  127. Uniflame ()

    Thanks again for this tutorial! I think it is so useful 🙂 It took me some time to find a suitable favicon and to find the right place in my huge HTML code. But I succeeded with a little help from my BF 🙂


  128. Alisha ()

    Fantastic, no more funky orange/white “B”! Yay!! ^_^

    This was so much easier than originally expected. Thank you for sharing!


  129. Sheila DeChantal ()

    Fantastic directions Trish! I have both favicon and gravitar.


  130. Laura

    Thanks so much! I have a Gravatar now (hopefully it’ll show up) and it’s perfect for attracting new followers.


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  132. Sas (Tea Mouse) ()

    Thanks for an awesome challenge! I actually already had both, but I decided to update my gravatar since it wasn’t very easy to see since it had tiny writing on it. So now it should be much clearer! I couldn’t remember how to do this, so this was a great challenge and helped me heaps. Thanks again!


  133. Melissa ()

    Thanks for hosting this challenge, I was fighting with this issue myself last weekend…sometimes when I posted I would see an icon from blogger (but I don’t use blogger) sometimes another image, sometimes twitter image…oyoyoy! lol I set up a gravatar so now my face gets to show up everywhere LOL


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  136. Sherree

    I did it, I really did it. I feel like I want to jump up and holler, but I would wake my family up. Thank you so much for the directions. I feel at times that I am so lost, but I am going to keep trying. Thanks , again.


  137. Erin ()

    I have them both! Hooray!


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  140. Ashley ()

    I just added a favicon! I feel really cool now! I might change it later, but this image is attached to my profile, so I think I’m going to leave it. 🙂


  141. Jayme @ Horribly Bookish ()

    Had to google a bit, but I finally got it to work! Yay!


  142. Joy Weese Moll ()

    I have a favicon (biggest problem was uploading both the gif and the ico to my host — delete the gif and everything started working). And a gravatar (there the biggest problem was just patience–started working about 10 minutes after I did it).

    Thanks! I’ve been wanting both of these!


  143. Sharon ()

    sigh. I did it though. I fought with filezilla forever until i realized wordpress had a plugin… I used the “all in one” favicon I don’t know how great it was but it beat fighting with filezilla and my brain. Thanks for the tutorial!


  144. Sharon ()

    oh, the gravatar was too easy. thanks!


    Sharon Reply:

    wait, why didn’t my image show up?


  145. Nicola O.

    Well, I had a favicon from the first Bloggiesta, but it disappeared a few months ago. I use free hosting sites and they seem to come and go, so I had to spend a little time finding a new one.

    But the favicon is back online, so yay!


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  147. kai charles ()

    I did both thanks!


  148. Debbie's World of Books ()

    Geez, I wish I remembered how I actually did this the first time around. My gravatar doesn’t seem to have updated when I tried to edit it today 🙁


  149. Debbie's World of Books ()

    Oh wait. Never mind it did update. Thanks again for hosting this mini challenge so long ago 🙂


  150. Phoenix Shutters

    The importance of a Gravatar cannot be underestimated as it is the image that will follow you to every site.


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  153. Juju at Tales of Whimsy...

    I have one and love it. Great post.


  154. jenn aka the picky girl ()

    Well that was shockingly easy. Wow. Thanks so much because I had wondered about how to do that. The problem is, after a while, you wonder about so many different things, you get lazy. Thanks!


  155. jenn aka the picky girl ()

    Let me try again to see if it shows up. Sorry. Don’t know another way to test.


    trish Reply:

    Haha commenting is the only way I know how to check it too! It showed up and looks great!


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