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Coulda Woulda Shoulda

I can’t

  • imagine life without my husband
  • eat fast food
  • bend over and touch my fingers to the floor
  • eat tomatoes without gagging
  • sing. at all.

I can

  • make tortillas (both corn and flour) from scratch
  • wiggle my ears
  • accept people as they are
  • go to sleep within minutes of getting in bed
  • eat a bit of ice cream and no more

I won’t

  • be anywhere without a book…or knitting or crocheting
  • pretend to like someone I don’t
  • eat everything on my plate
  • wear a coat when it’s cold outside
  • be on time to work unless I get up at 6am (so I can be at work by 8am)

I will

  • raise my kids so they know I love them
  • be a person I can admire
  • cry unabashedly at movies and books
  • make my pets snuggle with me even when they don’t want to
  • buy Catching Fire when it comes out, even though I’ve already read it

I shouldn’t

  • pick at my zits (but it’s SO SATISFYING!)
  • let so much time go by without calling my friends
  • buy clothes that don’t make me look fantastic
  • eat popcorn for dinner
  • say something without thinking how it will sound to someone else

I should

  • buy more locally grown vegetables
  • mellow out
  • pamper myself more often
  • replace my kitchen floor
  • learn that I can’t do everything

Borrowed from Brandy, who inspires me more than she knows

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22 Responses to “Coulda Woulda Shoulda”

  1. Sheri

    I’m with you on several of these items!

    I should treat myself better… and leave my face alone!




  2. bybee

    I love popcorn for dinner!


  3. Nicole

    I eat popcorn for dinner so much. I love popcorn so much! I probably couldn’t even list what you did in good conscience since it would just never happen.


  4. Meghan

    I can’t sing either. I still try, though, and usually torture everyone around me.


  5. Beth F

    LOL! I love everything on your lists but I do and will continue to eat popcorn for dinner. One of life’s pleasures that I would never, ever give up.


  6. Missy

    I am a face-picker…and I have been known to eat popcorn for dinner. 🙂


  7. Dawn - She is Too Fond of Books

    hmmm, popcorn!

    Now, tomatoes – struggles with ALL tomatoes, or just raw? Interesting …

    and your comment about kids had me leaning over to my 11-yr-old son and telling him I love him, just because! 🙂 (and, yes, they know it!)


  8. Janssen

    What a great list. Sad about the tomatoes!


  9. Michelle

    I love it, Trish.


  10. Melissa @ Melissa's Bookshelf

    This is a fun post, thanks for sharing it!


  11. S. Krishna

    This is such a cute meme! I can’t eat raw tomatoes either.


  12. Meg

    I really like this post, it’s a great idea…maybe I’ll do it in my blog…italian, though xD


  13. Jenners

    Loved this! Might have to borrow it for my own blog (the meme format … not your answers!)


  14. Major Bedhead

    Ok, ok, I’m commenting, but only because your pop up message guilted me into it.

    I like this meme. I think I may borrow it.


  15. Lenore

    I have 4 out of 5 of your I Cants. I love tomatoes!


  16. Amy Reads Good Books

    Thanks for the great post! Now, I’m off to think about my coulda, woulda, shouldas. 🙂


  17. Jeane

    Wow, you can make tortillas from scratch? I wish I could. I can wiggle my ears, too! And I can’t leave the pimples alone either- augh! So… what do you wear when it’s cold outside? hat and sweater?


  18. Melissa - Shhh I'm Reading

    I can’t sing either, hate tomatoes and rarely wear a coat!


  19. Holly

    Awesome list!!


  20. Kiki

    We like popcorn for dinner too! But my favorite thing for dinner (and my kids are so happy when I announce its one of these nights!) is the Ice Cream Sunday Dinner. Yes, ice cream and all the fixings for dinner! Only happens once or twice a year, but that is some satisfying eating!


  21. Alexia561

    What a great list! Found myself agreeing with so many of them – hate tomatoes! Yuck! And what exactly is wrong with popcorn for dinner? Nothing! *L*


  22. Gnoe

    My brother gags at tomatoes too! Your the only other person I meet who does 🙂


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