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The best feature in an e-reader?

(this is my entry to possibly win Irex Technologies’ soon-to-be-released e-reader)

Irex Technologies, the makers of the OH MY GOD FREAKING AWESOME e-reader has challenged bloggers to tell them what the most important feature is in an e-reader.

And my first thought was DRM. I think open DRM is essential to the future of books and publishing. Because, um, I do NOT want to have Amazon all up in my business. And by all up in my business I mean deleting books off my reader. Seriously, Amazon’s fingers are everywhere, and why must their fingers also be wrapped around my books, ready to take them at a moment’s notice? But is that the most important feature?

And then I thought about the e-reader having a touch screen. People who’ve used touch screens when reading a book, whether on their iPhone or PDA, say it’s the best and you’ll never want to go back to clicking a button to turn the page. A touch screen is just so much closer to the actual act of reading a book, which is what we all love, right?

And then I thought about how an e-reader should allow you to buy books INstantly! Because I am spontaneous and will buy more books if I can buy them whenever I want, and not necessarily when I’ve got my e-reader tied up to my computer.

And then I thought, an e-reader should make me lose weight! Er…nevermind. Wrong product.

But then I realized what the most important feature would be in an e-reader. And it has nothing to do with DRM or touch screens or 3G networks.

An e-reader should give me reading super powers. Reading super powers that rival Swapna Krishna or Jessica. Reading powers that make my TBR pile go DOWN, no matter how many books I add to it. Reading powers that stop time so I never have to put down a book in the middle of a great scene because I have a dinner party to attend.

Because really? Isn’t that what all readers want? To be able to read more? Would you rather have someone do your dishes every day, or have a reading super power? I’d take the reading super power, because the person doing my dishes every day is called MY HUSBAND. I don’t even kid. Sort of. I mean, my husband does the dishes, but he always does them tomorrow. So it is great, but in a procrastinating type of way.

I digress.

I know, you’re kind of rolling your eyes and going, Oh please. Can you just be serious?! But check this out:

If I had an e-reader from Irex Technologies, I estimate I could read an extra 2 pages per day. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I’m 30 years old, and let’s estimate I live another 50 years. That means I have 18,250 days left. Having an e-reader from Irex Technologies would allow me to read an extra 36,500 pages in my lifetime. Assuming the average book is 350 pages, that’s 104.3 books I wouldn’t have otherwise gotten to read. So if I can’t have the reading super power, I’ll take getting to read an extra 104.3 books.



Can I start my wishlist now?

Thanks to Irex Technologies for making Book Blogger Appreciation Week FANTABULOUS!

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17 Responses to “The best feature in an e-reader?”

  1. booklogged

    Don’t you already have that wishlist started already? Good luck. Hope you win.


    trish Reply:

    LOL. Good call. Why yes. Yes, I do.


  2. Jen Forbus

    Very cute, Trish…although, I wouldn’t mind the e-reader that made me lose weight! 😉


  3. S. Krishna

    LOL – hilarious post! And thanks for the shout-out 🙂


  4. Stephanie

    I love your post–parts of it made me giggle. 🙂

    I have had a Kindle for over a year now but have kind of grown apathetic towards it. Loved it at first, but now I prefer actual books and my Kindle has been languishing in a drawer for some time now. So I don’t know how my feelings would be towards IREX’s ereader. Maybe it’s 10x better than the Kindle and I would love it. Or maybe I’m just not an ereader kind of gal.


  5. Jen - Devourer of Books

    Now if only someone made an e-reader…or any product, really, that let me read more and lose weight. I’d probably drop quite a bit for that.


  6. Steph

    I recently got an ipod touch (after many years of faithful service with an old b&w ipod… farewell Melicus!), and of course the first thing I did was download the Kindle app. I’ve played around with it and generally speaking I like it, but the small screen bothers me just a tad, and well, it’s still not as satisfying as having an actual book in my hands. I worry that if I purchased a fancy schmancy e-reader, I’d be like the other Steph above – I’d use it frantically at first, then ultimately push it aside for the old method.

    Also, one thing about me is that I rarely buy books new, because I buy so many of them and I love raiding used bookstores! E-books are certainly cheaper than new paperbacks and hardcovers, but are they cheaper than $1.50 (which is what I generally pay)? Because if not, then for me there isn’t that cost-saving benefit!


  7. Heather

    Don’t we all wish we could read like Swapna? I don’t see how she twitters and blogs, with all that reading! lol

    Good luck, I hope you win!. Then you can let me borrow so I can decide about e-readers myself. I just don’t know about them; I think I would the smell paper, the feel of a book in my hands, the act of turning the page too, too much.


  8. JJ

    Thanks for this post! I think that there is some potential in the future of e readers, but at the moment this technology is still out of reach of most and has a long way to go


  9. zibilee

    Loved this post! If an e-reader made me read more books, and get them done in a faster amount of time, I would so be going out to buy one right now.


  10. BevE

    Now I know BBAW has made the right choice for most Chatty – good heavens girl LOL


  11. Julia Smith

    I stopped by to congratulate you on winning for Best Literary Fiction Blog at BBAW. And then I found myself laughing at this:

    ‘ Would you rather have someone do your dishes every day, or have a reading super power? I’d take the reading super power, because the person doing my dishes every day is called MY HUSBAND. I don’t even kid. Sort of. I mean, my husband does the dishes, but he always does them tomorrow.’ – LOL!


  12. debnance

    You should win the e-reader! Most Entertaining Post!


  13. Erin

    I was gifted a Kindle for my last birthday and though I think it’s a very cool little item I have only picked it up a coupe of times sorry to say. I did get a lot of attention when I took it out to dinner with me once, but every morning I walk right by it and grab a good old paperback instead that I can toss (throw is more like it – not going to throw a kindle;) in my car and take with me. I am really going to have to force myself to pick it up. Also – I can’t lend that book to anyone which really annoys me as when I find a great book I always want to share it with someone. I regret to say I have not lost one pound while reading it, dang;) All that said I hope you win and I hope you enjoy!


  14. MarthaE

    Great job on this post! And I could for an eReader that helped lose weight too! That’s why I have an MP3 for Audible books and walking!!


  15. Charlene Ann Baumbich

    I think you should say you’ll live another 60 years (how many more books would that be?) because … why not? After all, you’re the one who’s sayin’. 🙂


  16. Kelly

    Hey, I have a husband in that model too! Only he doesn’t have the procrastinating feature.

    If I could read more on an e-reader, I would definitely go for it. The other tempting thing to me is being able to look up definitions because I’m always too lazy (hence the dish-washing husband) to do that when I’m reading a book.


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