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No Title

Sometimes I just can’t come up with a title. Frankly, I just wanted to talk about random things…I’m feeling very chatty and kinda needy right now, so who better to talk with than you!

I owe a huge thank you to Heather from Age 30+…A Lifetime of Books for taking pictures of me at the Baltimore Book Festival. I now have proof that I moderated a panel of authors! Sort of. There’s no pics of me on stage, but there are pictures of me with the authors!

me with authors on panel2

From right to left: Margot Berwin, Mary Monroe, me, Lyah Beth LeFlore, and Donna Andrews.

me with authors on panel

We were hanging out in the author area where they provided food, a private bathroom (no port-a-potties!), and a lovely place to sit! We all felt very important. 🙂

me and heather

Me and Heather!

I thought this was a great post over at pages turned on blogging burnout. Have you ever felt burned out on the whole thing? Like you could walk away and not even miss it?

Last night I went to my knitting group for the first time in months. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t allowed myself to do the knitting group, but I’m finally caught up and can have fun again! I was disappointed to find that one of the women I love won’t be coming regularly because of health problems. She’s not very old but has really bad arthritis and other issues, and I guess they’re getting worse. I’d only known this lady a month or so when I had a dream that she died and I was at her funeral. I was sobbing and my husband had to wake me up.

I’ve been in a reading funk. I’m not really into The Time Traveler’s Wife, not really into Burnt Shadows, and frankly I just want to read Fire by Kristen Cashore. I loaned it to someone, and it should be in the mail to me, but I can’t read nothing in the meantime! I just started Beat the Reaper by Josh Bazell because he’s coming to my local independent bookstore, and it’s really quite good. It might do the trick and bring me out of my funk. But in the meantime, got any really fantastic-blow-me-away suggestions for books?

A sales person called my work the other day, trying to reach my boss who happens to be the department head. She wouldn’t admit she was actually a sales person and was being really cagey. Then I heard, “What up, dawg!” in the background, and started questioning her more. She finally said that the old department head (my old boss) had told her to call, and if I wouldn’t put her through to the new department head, she’d call my old boss back on his cell phone. I said, Well I can just call him on his cell phone too and find out who you are. And then she says, Are you threatening me? and she goes on like that for a while, and I was like, Is this the Twilight Zone? What planet did I wake up on? I wish I was quicker, because I would have called her on her bullshit, but I think I was so confused that she wouldn’t tell me where she was from and then was asking if I was threatening her. I had all kinds of good comebacks after she hung up!

I recently entered a baked good into the Harvest Fair here. I won 2nd place in my category! I should mention, though, that only two people entered in that category. But hey, a win’s a win, right? That’s how I like to win…with no other competition!

Have I ever told you I used to eat raw ground beef? Not a lot of it, just a nibble when my mom was making burgers. I couldn’t do that now, though.

That’s it! Anything you’d like to chat about?


25 Responses to “No Title”

  1. Alipet813

    I enjoyed that! Sometimes you mind just needs a release before you can dig into what you need to do.

    I answer the phones at my office, and those sales people are so sneaky sometimes!!


  2. Jen - Devourer of Books

    You eating raw hamburger reminds me of my cousin that used to eat a whole stick of butter by itself. Gross.


  3. Literary Feline

    I think it’s awesome, Trish, that you were a moderator on a panel of authors. 🙂

    I’m sorry about your friend’s health problems. I hope she’ll be up to coming to the knitting group more often in the future. I hate death dreams. They always leave me feeling so sad all day.

    Beat the Reaper is a book I’d like to read. I never did get to The Time Traveler’s Wife like I planned this past summer. Someday. Right now I’m reading The Last Dickens. While I’m really enjoying it, I’m not sure it’s the “fantastic-blow-me-away” type book you’re looking for. The book I’m reading after this one is a sad one, so I’m not sure that one would be much good for you either.

    I hate it when I get calls like you did at work. Just tell me who you are and we can get on with it. Sheesh. And like you, all the good comebacks come to me when it’s too late. Never fails. Maybe we should start a list and keep it handy. We might look a little weird whipping it out when the time comes, but at least we’ll be prepared.

    Congratulations on your second place win at the Harvest Fair. 🙂 You and the 1st place winner at least entered. Everyone else is a loser for not even trying.

    I don’t really have anything chat worthy to bring up. I got my hair cut today. Tried a new place. Didn’t go shopping like I planned afterward so got nothing done. My oldest cat is sick. I’m beginning to think it’s seasonal. I love the cooler weather. My computer shuts off at 12:22 every day all by itself. I don’t get it. I could really get used to this furlough schedule. Yeah, nothing exciting. Have a great day, Trish.


  4. Hilary

    I was not a fan of the Time Traveler’s Wife – it was sort of confusing. But if you do finally finish it, I look forward to hearing your review of it! I completely loved and laughed out loud to your eating of raw meat! Just tooooo funny!


  5. Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit)

    Love the pictures from BBF


  6. Heather

    Lol you crack me up.

    Let’s see, I would typically recommend the Time Traveler’s Wife as an awesome book to help break you out of your funk, but that’s apparently not working so let me think… In Cold Blood by Truman Capote? The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri? A Secret History by Donna Tartt? All three of those are books I think you’d enjoy, if you haven’t already read them.

    My husband used to eat raw ground beef, too. Even today he says it’s delicious but he doesn’t seek it out. If he tried to eat raw meat around me I think I would get physically ill. But that’s just me. 🙂

    Have a good weekend!


  7. Brenda Kula

    I am the best at come-backs… HOURS later or the next day. I can never think up these things immediately. My oldest daughter can do this. But I am sorely lacking in the area of quick killer come-backs!


  8. Tyler Reed

    Fun post, Trish. What’d you make for the baked goods contest??? *salivating*


  9. Belle

    I hope you do more of these rambling posts – they’re such fun to read! My husband discovered a hamburger recipe that you can actually eat rare – it’s because you buy a hunk of beef and chop it up into chunks to form into the hamburger, rather than grinding it into itty bitty pieces, so it’s like eating rare steak. But no, I’ve never had raw ground beef!


  10. Jeane

    I always think of the best comebacks after the moment is over. Makes me feel kinda dumb. And I used to love eating raw cookie dough, or even bread dough when my mother baked- but that’s not really in the same class as raw ground beef!


  11. Kristen M.

    I hate crying dreams. I had one a little while ago where my great-grandma was at a family party sitting in a chair and just smiling and watching everyone and I wondered why nobody was talking to her and then I remembered (in the dream) that she died five years ago. I was totally crying when I woke up. 🙁

    Anyway, I am reading a non-fiction book right now and I’m not in the mood for it but I promised myself I would finish by next Thursday.

    Wow … I’m a downer tonight! I need a happy day tomorrow. I think I will take the kid to find a Halloween costume. How can that not be a happy day?


  12. Jen Forbus

    I have got to find out what is up. I know I signed up to get your email updates, but I’m surely not getting them. Anyway…

    I have some possible recommendations for you. I recently finished Louise Penny’s THE BRUTAL TELLING. I recommended her to Jen (Devourer of Books) as well. I think you would love Louise Penny as well, Trish. Another author you might like is Tim Hallinan. His books are so beautifully written and they are set in Bangkok.

    I also just finished a book called TOWER. If you liked the movie THE DEPARTED then I think you would like this book. I adore both authors – it was co-written by Ken Bruen and Reed Farrel Coleman. Coleman was a poet before a novelist and that influence comes out in everything he writes. But it’s definitely a hardboiled crime fiction novel, so don’t pick this one up if you’re looking for “feel good” fiction! Ha!

    Congrats on the bakery win. Even if there were only 2 of you, the committee voting didn’t disqualify you…I’d probably be disqualified!

    Have a fabulous weekend!


  13. Beth F

    I loved TTW, I listened to it — perhaps that made the difference. And I agree, a win’s a win, so CONGRATS!!!!!

    Glad you’re back to knitting.


  14. nikki

    I always recommend The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay to get people out of a reading funk. I’m kind of in one myself now after having read four Sookie Stackhouse books in a row, LOL.

    I used to be a receptionist and I hate cagey salespeople. I got used to saying “I’m sorry ______ is not available. I can put you through to his voicemail,” a lot!


  15. Jeanne

    I’m glad you liked the Pages Turned post; she’s one of my favorite bloggers. For new reading, I suggest Oryx and Crake and/or The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood. Or if your reading burnout requires something easier to read, Justine Larbalestier’s new YA novel Liar. As I just said in my review of it, I wanted to read it before all the secrets got out.


  16. Darlene

    Great post and pictures Trish! I’m having a hard time getting into some of the books I need to get read yet they are interesting. Maybe it’s the weather here-my brain is frozen. I just recently got back into my knitting and I’m glad I did. I have bad arthritis in my hands so I can’t do a lot at a time but even doing some has been relaxing. I’m trying to make a blanket right now -we’ll see how long it takes. I’m glad you’re getting back into yours. Hope you find something good to read that’ll take you away for a while.


  17. Jenners

    Well, that was certainly random!!! I like it!

    And I like to compete in that way too … but I probably wouldn’t have even mentioned that only 2 people were entered!


  18. Petunia

    I used to eat raw ground beef too. Then I got worms. Now the smell of it makes me remember the flavor and I wanna puke. Actually raw meat of any kind makes me wanna puke.

    I give you permission to stop reading Time Traveler’s Wife. Go watch the movie. It’s better.


  19. gwendolyn b.

    This was a fun post! And I love seeing the pictures.
    I know telemarketers have a tough job, but I really hate it when they get all snippy like that. I’m so glad I can dump them into voice mail – which they usually just hang up on!
    I’m wondering, though, why do I suddenly want some rare roast beef?


  20. Aunt Becky

    What did you make that placed in the contest?


  21. Kiki

    I was just telling my husband the other day that when I was a little kid I used to eat raw ground beef with my mom–she’d put a little salt and pepper on it. Yum (but not anymore–now I feel sick at the thought).

    Then she married into a family of German butchers. We went to one of their homes for Christmas and they had a gigantic bowl of raw ground beef!! Steak Tartar I suppose, but on a grand scale, though! It was a big Xmas treat! It was their cow and they butchered it themselves, so I’m sure it was the safest raw ground beef ever, but by then I was a teenager and totally grossed out. No more raw meat for me!


    Kiki Reply:

    I juts found this after I left the previous comment:


  22. zibilee

    I am kind of in a reading funk as well. I am in the middle of a book for book club, but I am finding it beyond boring. I feel like I have to finish it though, since I am the founder of the club! I really just want to get into the Hunger Games, but I know if I pick that one up, I will never get back to the other book, so I am just fiddling around wasting all kinds of time on other silly things. I am sorry to hear about your knitting friend. My best friend has pretty bad arthritis too, and she is very young. I had not realized what pain it can cause until I started hanging out with her. I hope she gets better soon and is able to return to the club.


  23. J.T. Oldfield

    Hey Trish! I gave you an award!


  24. Lisa

    I totally used to eat raw burger, too, and I would again if it were safe–I loved it.

    Looks like you had a great time with the authors!


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