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Giving Thanks…From A-Z

Apples – a fantastic snack that helps me get through the day without snacking on junk food. Too bad I haven’t been bringing them to work lately. 🙁

Blogging friends – for keeping me sane when I think I’m going to scream. You know who you are! 🙂

Cold weather – I wait all summer for winter to come! I love skirts and tank tops, but I love staying bundled up at home even more.

Dave – my husband, who keeps me grounded in reality, and always proves to be my hero.

Emergency workers – so important whether there’s an emergency or not!

Family – the little family I have I am extremely grateful for!

Google – from Google Wave to Gmail to Google Docs to Google Calendar to Google Maps to Google Images to just plain Google. I love it all.

Hot showers – I try to appreciate every hot shower I take.

Ice cream – mmm…

Jammies – It’ll be hard to get out of my jammies this whole holiday weekend!

Knitting group – I love them probably more than I should!

Lemonade – one of my favorite things to drink, but only if it’s nice and tart.

Mail – as in, receiving books in the mail!

Nail salons – can you have a pedicure too often? Really?

Orthodontics – I love my straight teeth. 🙂

Pets – even though they can drive me crazy, I love them!

Quiet time – you know, the kind of time where your mind isn’t racing about the next thing you need to do? It’s few and far between, but I’m very thankful when I get it!

Reading – need I say more?

Snaps – Few things make me as happy as undoing a bunch of snaps, preferrably on a shirt. 😀

Trash collectors – Ever wonder what we’d have to do if we had to get rid of our own trash?

Underwear – I’m not one who can go commando. 🙁

Violins – I think they make the most gorgeous sound.

Wine – I wish I had the occasion to drink more!

Xerox machines – What can I say? I’m an office supplies junkie.

Yarn – Oh, how I love my knitting.

Zero debt – Well, I WILL be thankful for this when I get there!

What are you thankful for? Can you tell me one serious thing and one silly thing?

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25 Responses to “Giving Thanks…From A-Z”

  1. Literate Housewife

    Just lovely! That for the ideas. You can never really run out of things for which to be grateful. I think Jammies is definitely my favorite and something that I love about Christmas day (wrong holiday, I know). It is so relaxing and luxurious to sit around all day in them while playing with our Christmas presents. Ah, for the love of Jammies. I’m with you, sister.

    Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!


  2. lena

    I’m thankful to Barnes and Noble for putting out the Nook. And I will be very thankful to whomever would like to purchase one for me 🙁

    All joking aside, I think I’m most thankful for my family and friends. I would be a mess without them.


  3. softdrink

    Holidays. ‘Cause holidays = no work.

    And I’m having a hard time picturing your brain and quiet time going together. 😀


  4. v1rag0

    Skittles. And Don’s mom finishing chemo this week.


  5. charley

    What a wonderful idea. Great list.


  6. Kathy

    This is a great and creative post! I’m thankful for my family (of course) and I’m thankful for gas heat because I hate the winter!


  7. Ti

    Besides the obvious stuff like family and friends, I am thankful for:

    Mashed Potatoes & gravy (the most perfect food when done well and Thanksgiving is probably the only time I eat it).

    I am so thankful that my family has its health.


  8. Eleanor

    Happy children.


  9. Emily

    I am thankful for my husband, the best man in the world (no offense, Dave, but he could give you a run for your money), and friendships rekindled. I am also thankful for Hagen Dazs strawberry sorbet. It is DIVINE!


  10. bybee

    Serious: The incredible community of friends I’ve made since moving to Korea. I was born to be an expat!

    Silly: Being able to checkout a book for a whole month at my school library because I’m a professor!


  11. Lu

    I stole this! I’m thankful for you for coming up with such an adorable idea. 😀


  12. Michelle

    My list of things to be thankful for is super long but I’ll count you as part of it! I hope your Thanksgiving holiday is one filled with family, friends and relaxation. 🙂


  13. Heather

    I love this! I’m definitely most thankful for my family – I don’t know what I would do without them most days. And also, I’m thankful for coffee, because without it, I’d be a grinch 24/7. 😉

    Happy Thanksgiving, Trish!


  14. Beth F

    How fun!! I have a lot to be grateful for this year too.


  15. Jodie

    Yay for mail and wine (maybe you should start getting wine through the mail, we do – wine club).


  16. Bellezza

    I like your idea of going from A to Z on your list…it’s something we do in my class of third graders which helps us cover a lot of ground. A silly thing? I’m thankful for coffee pots and washing machines who do the work so I don’t have to. On a more serious note, I’m thankful for all of God’s blessings which often wonder how they’ve come to fall on me. It rather takes my breath away.


  17. Lisa

    I’m thankful that after 27 years of ups, down and 3 children, my marriage is stronger than ever. And I’m thankful for my mixer–her name is Big Bertha. God, I love Big Bertha!


  18. Ralph

    I am thankful for my daughter who is the most. She has dazzled me from the first. I have never been disappointed is her. She ahs humor, wit,insightfulness, compassion and all of the good qualities that anyone could hope that their children might have. I have been blessed. That is one of the things that I am Thankful for


  19. Stacy

    I love this! Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving. My favorite one? Snaps. It was unexpected and made me smile 🙂


  20. melanie

    Seriously thankful for the new lil girl. Beyond what I could have imagined, more than I could have hoped. I’m also seriously thankful for Nutella, but I guess that has to be my frivolous pick. 🙂
    love ya!


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  22. Wendy ()

    Hope you had a great day, Trish!


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