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Bookish Gifts

I was doing some perusing on Etsy and thought I’d share my finds with you! I love looking at bookish things, and with the holidays coming up, maybe you’ll see the perfect something for someone!

book pillow

Sold by JunqueInTheTrunque, this pillow has the page from a mid-1900s cloth book. You can also convo her to request something specific, and she’ll see what she can find!

reading pillow

I love Icelandic Poppies, and poppies on a reading pillow?! Sold! Sold by susanskeepsake.


Aren’t these bookends adorable? Nextdoortoheaven makes them.

girl reading

I just love this. Found it at hilariagalleries’ shop.

zombie limericks

Zombie Limericks??!! Can we say WINNER for a stocking stuffer?!

gotta read necklace

A Gotta Read necklace! So cute! There’s also one for Word Nerd. LOL.

protag antag

How can you go wrong with these for $1.75? Sold by beanforest.

go away i'm reading

Ahahaha!! So awesome. Bookity, I love you.


An upcycled necklace by RespectYourMother.

There’s also a really cool bookmark that I’m buying for a friend who reads this so I can’t show it to you yet. I’ll show it to you once I’ve given it to her, though!

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17 Responses to “Bookish Gifts”

  1. Delisha

    I’m a huge book reader so I love the post!!


  2. Angie

    Great post! These are all good ideas. I particularly love that print.


  3. Kathy

    I love books, etsy and all of your great finds!


  4. Suko

    These are all adorable. Thanks for sharing your Etsy finds!


  5. Katrina London

    Hoho!! I have just nabbed the Icelandic Poppy reading pillow, sorry guys! There’s a couple of similar looking ones on Susan’s site – all old-englishy, splashy floral gorgeousness.
    Thanks for the tip-off Hey Lady! xx


  6. Lisa

    I think I need those bookends. Yes, yes, I definitely need those book ends. And then I need to figure out how to make them cuz they would make great gifts.


  7. Kathleen

    These are all great but my favorite is the reading pillow with the poppies on it! Thanks for sharing.


  8. Michelle

    Ooh, I LOVE that last necklace.


  9. Jen Forbus

    Damn Trish! I was going to try to keep from buying anything for myself this holidays season. Now I can’t resist!! Geez!


  10. Beth F

    So fun!!! Thanks for doing the searching for me! I love the “Go away. I’m Reading” pin.


  11. Darlene

    What a great post! I’d like almost all of these. lol. I just love the pillow and the picture.


  12. Jodie

    Beanforest’s badges are just wonderful, I picked some up for Christmas. Also love that gallery shop you’ve showcased and added it to my favourites.


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  14. Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit)

    What a great post…thanks so much for this! I really am all over that Zombie Limerick book!


  15. zibilee

    These are all such great gifts! I would love to find any one of these (or all of them!) in my stocking or under the tree. I am pointing my husband to this post and will be thinking of these items for my friends in the book club. Thanks for posting this, it’s awesome!


  16. carol

    I love all these! It’s a shame my hubby is afraid to buy things on-line.


  17. Emily

    Holy crepes! I was feeling really ‘bleh’ this afternoon, and for some reason thought I should google my zombie limericks book…and I can’t believe they are featured on your blog!! Thanks so much for the plug!! xo!!


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