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Appendicitis! With Pictures!

Many of you may know about my recent appendectomy, but for those who don’t or who haven’t seen the pictures, I thought I’d tell the story. I have to warn you: I get graphic, I make inappropriate jokes (sorry, Dave!) and sometimes it might be vulgar. But you know what? Surgery, hospital, and recovery aren’t elegant, graceful, fun, or in any way allow you to keep your dignity.

(All of the pictures below were taken after I was admitted to the hospital but before I had surgery. Except for that last one.)

So last Monday evening, December 7th (the night of my birthday! What a fantastic gift I gave myself, as you’ll see.), I was feeling nauseous and had stomach cramps. I felt like throwing up, but I wasn’t surprised I didn’t because I have a really strong stomach. I’m so nauseous that I can’t sleep and don’t fall asleep until 3am, and had already decided not to go to work on Tuesday, because 3 hours of sleep? Really?


But when I woke up I had this terrible pain in my side, not a sharp pain, just an ache, and I couldn’t explain why. It felt like I’d been punched in the stomach. And I know Dave had punched me in the stomach the day before, but surely it wouldn’t hurt this bad?

So I’m laying on the couch (which isn’t comfortable, by the way. NOTHING is comfortable.), and Dave calls and says I should call the doctor because it could be appendicitis. First I call my friend, Ann Marie, because she’s had every sickness from A-Z, but I have no other symptoms associated with appendicitis other than the pain in my side. So she tells me to call my doctor.


I call Kaiser, and I get a condescending advice nurse who says, Is the pain mild, moderate, or severe? If it’s mild you can still go to work, do things around the house, etc, if it’s moderate you’re home from work but can still function, and if it’s severe you’re doubled over in pain. From her tone I knew I wasn’t severe, so I picked moderate. I mean, I wasn’t at work, was I? And SHE went through all these other symptoms with me, and while she didn’t seem too concerned, she gave me an appointment with my doctor that day anyway.


So I go to my doctor, and she puts me through a battery of tests and has blood work done and has my urine tested blah blah blah. But everything’s normal. The only thing wrong with me is I have a pain in my side. But my doctor sends me home with Vicodin, which I’m really grateful for (until I take one and it gives me a massive headache, then I’m not so grateful). When I leave the doctor I’m in severe pain, walk to my car with tears in my eyes, only to find that some asshole has parked so close to me that a piece of paper barely fits through the door when I open it. I’m in severe pain and I have to be a contortionist?! If I had any energy I would have written that guy a nasty note and left it on his windshield, but I didn’t, so I gritted my teeth and contorted.


The next day I’m in severe pain. My husband is out of town at a conference, so I call my friend Becky, who so kindly spends the next 10 hours with me, though neither of us anticipated it would take so long. So Becky saved the day!


The nurse I saw that Wednesday was really nice. I hobbled in at 11:00am, stooped over, clutching my side. She poked and prodded, and everything was fine, but I told her she was poking in the wrong spot. So I poked in the right spot and immediately tears leaked out and I yelled, BUT DON’T TOUCH THERE! She ordered more blood tests, so I had those done, then I went back to get the results from the nurse, who then sent me to have a CT scan. Boy was that a party.


For the CT scan I had to have liquid inserted into my anus. Then she injected me with some kind of dye that made me feel like I was peeing, but I wasn’t (oh good! I still have some dignity left because I haven’t peed my pants). Then she suggested I use the bathroom, where I subsequently peed the liquid out of my ass. Good times. Any shred of dignity I *might* have had walking out of the CT scanning room, I left in my recovery room after the surgery. Weeeee!!

It’s now 4:00pm, and I’ve been running around the hospital for 5 hours. Finally, FINALLY, when I go to the nurse to get the CT results, I find out I DO have appendicitis, and I’m so happy I almost cry. The pain will end! Boy, was I naive.

Surgery was Wednesday evening at 7:30pm, and Dave was able to make it home so I could see him when I woke up.


I can’t even tell you how much pain I was in Thursday. The doctor who did my surgery came to check on me around 10 or 11am, and I burst into tears. She asked if I take something at home that they should be giving me at the hospital. A joke! Except, she didn’t mean it as a joke. *sigh*

So let’s just say that Thursday was intense. I had really sweet nurses who let me take my time and who helped me as much as they could. The big deal when you have surgery is peeing. When are you going to pee! So they have this hat that sits under the toilet seat to catch your pee and measure it. Thursday was all about Can Trish Go Pee?


I had the best roommate on Thursday. She was a young girl, about my age, who’d 5 days ago had her gall bladder removed. She respected my need for privacy (did I mention I was in a lot of pain?), but was helpful when needed. For example, my hospital phone rang but I couldn’t get it because I couldn’t bend to where the phone was, so after a few rings she got it for me. Unfortunately, she was discharged Thursday evening, and by 10:30pm, I had a new, white trash roommate.

This lady looked about 50, but easily could have been 40. She came tooling in like this was no big deal, she does this all the time, oh, and don’t forget to try the red jello! Her sons (late teens, early 20s) quickly follow but are booted out by the nurse who needs to admit her and ask questions. From what I gathered, the woman came in because of pain in her stomach, and the doctors in the ER found bleeding in her stomach. When you’re bleeding in your stomach, they ask you not to eat anything. This lady was obviously not happy with that, but reluctantly agreed. Finally her sons come in, one of them bearing Carl’s Jr. My roommate scarfs down the food, saying something about how she’s not supposed to eat anything, but she’s hungry. I can’t stand the smell of fast food, I’m in pain, it’s late, and I’m tired. So I close my curtain. From around the curtain I hear this lady snidely say to her sons, Well I guess you should leave since SHE wants some privacy. Her sons stay for a little longer before she finally makes them leave, and the younger one storms out.


When the nurse comes back in to check on this lady, this lady says, Can you believe my sons, leaving so fast like that? And the nurse says, But you told them to leave. And the lady says, No I didn’t. And the nurse says, YES, you DID, I heard you. So the lady says, Oh…my youngest son is a prick, though.

And the best part? At some point amongst all this, the lady has to pee, but my hat hasn’t been emptied yet. That didn’t bother her though! When I brought it up to a nurse (I was PISSED (no pun intended)…this was my whole goal all day, to PEE, and this lady peed right over mine), the lady’s like, Oh, it’s okay, I peed on top of hers. HOW GROSS CAN YOU BE???


(Yes, I *am* THAT white)

So that’s my story. I’ve been recovering ever since, and I have to admit it’s taking me longer to recover than I thought it would. I haven’t been up to working or doing much of anything except resting, watching Gilmore Girls, and sitting at the computer (sitting in a chair is actually pretty comfortable).

Anyone else got any good hospital roommate stories? Because now I can commiserate.

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56 Responses to “Appendicitis! With Pictures!”

  1. Literary Feline

    What a nightmare, Trish. I am glad you are okay and hope your recovery goes smoothly. Does it still take six weeks to recover like it did when my dad has his done? That was many years ago.


  2. Meghan

    That sounds terrible, Trish – I’m glad they discovered what it was eventually and acted to operate fairly quickly. I hope you feel completely better very soon.


  3. Jennifer

    At least you appear happy in the pictures! I wish you a very speedy recovery. As for my story:

    I had my appendix removed about 8 years ago. My pain came quick and severe, but my CT Scan never showed anything. I was accused of drug seeking and sent home. 3 times. Finally a really bitchy surgeon told me if it was appendicitis, I would be in less pain so if I would tone my faking down, she would do exploratory surgery the next day. I basically bit on a piece of leather for the next 12 hours and had the surgery. There was my appendix, huge, red and ready to burst. No one apologized because it was my fault my symptoms had presented atypically.

    There were no beds anywhere but the geriatric floor, so my roommate was in her 80s and on a respirator. Needless to say, she didn’t cause much trouble.


  4. Michelle

    From one really white girl to another I’m glad that you are on the road to recovery. I’m struck by how in the face of pain and inevitable surgery you’re still smiling and happy (though I’m sure you weren’t feeling particularly happy).

    I think I can safely speak for most of us in saying that Appendicitis is definitely not on our list of things to do! I’m so very glad you were able to be diagnosed and treated and have come through it all as well as possible! Take it easy and let that husband of yours papmer you until you’re back to 100%. 🙂


  5. Chrisbookarama

    That sounded awful but you got a great blog story out of it. 😉 Bonus!

    If you ever have a baby, kiss goodbye to your remaining dignity. Nothing more humbling than an army of people looking at your hoohah.

    On the bright side, I never had roommates. Thank God.

    Take it easy on yourself.


  6. Helen

    That sounds awful, but you told it so well! I’ve only been in hospital for childbirth and I didn’t have to have tests to confirm what was happening like you did 🙂 Speedy recovery and be sure to take care of yourself; don’t overdo it! Happy Holidays!


  7. Rebecca @ The Book Lady's Blog

    Oh my God, Trish. This is awful….and completely hilarious.
    I love it that you thought to take your camera to the hospital, and I just wish you had a photo of the white trash roomie. She sounds like a real winner.

    Glad you’re on the road to recovery. Enjoy the Gilmore Girls marathon!

    (and is there a term for it when you pee something out of your anus? it seems like there should be.)


  8. Beth F

    OMG. What a nightmare. I’m so glad you are able to find the humor. Glad you’re finally on the road to recovery and hope you don’t get anymore birthday presents like this one.


  9. nikki

    You may have lost a little dignity, but you gained it all back in writing a hilarious blog about it! Anyone who has ever been in a hospital can assure you that it is no place to keep your dignity. (And I’m going to agree with commenter number 5 about if you ever have a baby, you really lose all dignity. Oh…you want a class of first year nursing students to watch me push a nine pound bowling ball out my vag? Sure! Why the hell not? Oh good, they’ll get to see an episiotomy!)

    Seriously, is there anyone who has had appendicitis and didn’t have the doctors doubt it at first? Because that seems pretty par for the course with everyone I know who has ever had appendicitis.


  10. Jenn's Bookshelves

    Continuing with the “peeing” theme, I almost peed myself reading this! Of course, I have complete sympathy for all the pain you went through, but the way you described everything is so freaking hilarious :).

    Wishing you a speedy recovery!


  11. Melissa

    Trish I had no idea! In fact, the other day Tyler told me he thought you had toncilitis. That’s a bit different! I am glad to hear that you are all right and have survived this ordeal! This post is hilarious- although I’m sorry that you had a Carl Jr. scarfing, taking-over-the-spotlight peeing, loud, rude roomate. Boo. Best of luck with your recovery- take the time to relax and do the things you enjoy!


  12. Ann Kingman

    OMG, that sounds absolutely terrible! I hope you are feeling much better. I do have to say, though, that I hope I can have 1/10th of your sense of humor if something similar ever happens to me!


  13. Nicole

    What craziness! You always see appendicitis on TV as this emergency do or die thing, and then hear you are strolling around and taking pic in preparation for a blog post. Anything to get the story! Are you sure you don’t want to be a reporter?

    But I am sorry you got such a raw deal on the birthday gift and happy to know that you are feeling better!


  14. Ashley

    I can totally sympathize – I had my appendix out in early June. I had that weird not-quite-pain feeling in my stomach for a couple days – was very nauseous, no appetite, figured I had a weird stomach bug – and then all of the sudden one night the pain got so bad I couldn’t even stand up. And loss of dignity is quite a good way to describe the ER/surgery experience!

    My roommate was a woman in her 50’s, who looked about 70. Her situation was quite sad, really – I got the impression that a lifetime of drugs and smoking was taking its toll. Anyways, I listened to her and her parents argue every single day. There was a man who wasn’t allowed in our room with her – I got the impression he was an ex boyfriend or something that was not a good influence when she was trying to stay clean, so we had an afternoon of drama (while I was still rather out of it on morphine) when he tried to come in repeatedly.

    Definitely not a fun experience, but look at it this way – you can’t have appendicitis twice! 🙂


  15. Heather J.

    Hospital? Dignity? Those two don’t belong in the same sentence! Like commenters #5 & #9 said, when you eventually have a baby all dignity is forever gone; by the end, you’ll be able to march around the room buck naked in front of an audience without any problems. 😉

    I’m so glad that you’re home and on the mend. It took Kiddo about a week to recover from the surgery to put in the feeding tube – hopefully you’ll be a quick as he was!


  16. Kathy

    Only you would take pictures in a hospital like that!! I’m so glad you’re on the road to recovery. It always takes longer to recover than the doctors say it will.

    I’ve never had a hospital roommate, so I don’t have any fun stories.


  17. Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit)

    I’m glad that you are ok. I haven’t been in the hospital in a long time…since about 9th grade for back surgery. I don’t remember much of that stay being on morphine and all. I can tell you that my dad has had some fantastic roommates and my hubby has had one roommate who was out of it most of the time, though he talked in his medication-induced sleep!


  18. Vasilly

    OMG! You poor baby! That second roommate of yours was so horrible I’m glad you can recover at home. I don’t understand why didn’t she ask the nurse to take your pee cup out of the toilet? They would have done it. Dear Lord. Love the pictures of you showing your legs in the hospital gown.

    I hope you feel WAY better soon.


  19. Lu

    I hope you keep feeling better! I don’t have any bad hospital stories because I’ve never been. Well, I’ve spent plenty of time in hospitals because I have volunteered and work there off and on for the last seven years, but never been for myself (knock on wood)! Your story is hilarious 🙂


  20. Jeane

    Oh, wow. I had my appendix out a few years ago- it was kinda scary! I suddenly had awful pain in my side that got so bad I couldn’t walk- hands and knees on the floor. When I went into the ER I threw up and then felt better- so they sent me home! I crawled into bed and had just fallen asleep when the ER called me back- a more experienced dr had just come on shift and read my chart- classic signs of appendicitis he said come back right now, you need surgery today. I didn’t have a roommate, so no stories about that, but they did a regular old incision (looked like yours!) and it took weeks to feel okay again. I’m such a wuss when it comes to pain. I hope you’re up and better before long!


  21. Steph

    How terrible! I’m glad to hear it was all figured out in the end and that you are all right, and even though it was an awful way to spend the days after your birthday, at least it didn’t happen during the holidays! I hope your recovery goes smoothly and that you’re back to feeling as normal as possible ( 😉 ) soon!


  22. Tara

    OMG what a horrible time! But I am laughing so you must be getting better! I work in a hospital and let me tell you the last place I’d want to be is upstairs as a patient!


  23. Ali

    You amaze me. How in the world could you manage such a beautiful smile when you were in so much pain?
    I’m glad they figured out what it was before it got worse, you poor thing. Rest up, and I hope you’ll be able to recover enough to enjoy the holidays a bit.


  24. Jen - Devourer of Books

    Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you took your camera to the hospital. You crack me up, girl! Relax and enjoy your excuse to do so!


  25. Jaime

    What an ordeal! I’m glad you’re ok and feeling better!


  26. Diane

    OMG Trish…you are too too funny. Surgery with photos! I loved the story, but I would not have wanted to be you; poor thing. Heal quickly so you can enjoy the rest of the year 🙂


  27. Lisa

    I’m so glad you weren’t in so much pain that you couldn’t remember the whole white trash scene! Hope you’re feeling better; at least you’re getting to watch the Gilmore Girls!


  28. J.T. Oldfield

    Seriously, I don’t know what the worst part of that story is.

    I’m glad you’re on the mend though!


  29. Melissa

    Only you would take your camera to the hospital for your appendectomy and get a crazy story to entertain us all with later. 😀

    Your white-trash roommate was a piece of work – boo to that – but I’ve had to deal with nutters like that at my work (and I’m only a researcher so I get to hide behind the door while the ICU nurse tells the patient off); at some point you wonder why they even bother coming to the hospital if they’re just going to ignore medical advice. I’ve never been in the hospital aside from about 4 hours for knee surgery but both my parents have had minor(-ish) surgery and I think the hospital staff lives in fear of my family. My brother is a paramedic specialist and I’m a hospital epidemiologist so we tend to watch over everything like hawks from IV insertion to hand hygiene – talk about mother hens!

    Glad you are home and feeling better for the holidays! 🙂


  30. Teddy

    Great picture, I especially like you in the hospital gown. You’ve made a bold new fashion statement. LOL! I’m glad you are doing better.
    A few years ago I had my gallbladder removed. There were no phones in the patient rooms, only in the waiting room and I was there for a week. My mom kept calling the nurses station to speak with me and they explianed that there was no phone in my room. She kept calling and yelling at them until they finally wheeled me to a phone. LOL! My roomate was a very old woman who appeared to be dying. She was hooked up to all kinds of loud machines. She kept rolling over where she wasn’t suppose to and one of the machine beeped very loudly. The nurse took there sweet time in the middle of the night to fix it. They would leave the room and a few minutes latter it would beep again. This went on and on. I finally asked them to move me to a different room. They said there wasn’t another. The day I was discharged, I found out that there was a totaly empty room the entire time I was there. I was pissed!


  31. Kiki

    I recently has a similar experience–I had an intestinal blockage (Crohn’s disease), and it hurt really bad. I dealt with intense pain for 4 days , before I insisted we got to the hospital(I’d already been through a series of humiliating barium studies the day before the intense pain). Good thing we went then because I was in big trouble–I got morphine! But they did some pretty awful stuff after that…

    Now I have three kids, so I pretty much can no longer be embarrassed at the hospital! And luckily, they put me in the only room available–a private room in the very quiet heart wing. But none of this was pleasant. I think I was pretty good natured, actually. Worst part–the very freaky blood transfusion. Had a hard time mentally with the whole idea of it, and it was cold…ewwww.


  32. Kiki

    Selfish me–glad to hear you are done with that–take it easy until you are 100% back to normal! Blog, watch tv and read if you can!


  33. meliss @ 1lbr

    Wow! Glad you are ok now. I got a good laugh remembering my own CT scan and their warning that you would feel like you are peeing, but you aren’t. Such a crazy thing! (Surgery really does make you feel ok about everyone knowing your bodily functions.)


  34. Ti

    I have a story for you but I will make it short.

    My daughter had to be admitted to Children’s Hospital to remove a bead that she aspirated when she was 18 months old. She laughed, snorted and he bead when that-a-way.

    There was no bed at Children’s Hospital. They put her in a room with:

    A kid that was brain dead
    A 13-year-old recovering from an overdose
    A kid that had horrible seizures every 5 min

    There I was, with my BABY in a crib and the druggie kid is peeing on the floor and talking on his cell phone all night long. The brain dead kid is getting fed through a tube and it keeps getting clogged and the seizure kid keeps setting off the alarm every time he seizes.

    I thought I was going to lose it. It took 2 days for her to be operated on.

    Your incision looks very nice 🙂


  35. Nely

    Peeing out your ass, huh? Yea, been there done that. fun times. Although it seems like you had quite the adventure, I’m glad to see you’re doing well and recovering quickly. ((Hugs))



  36. Alessandra

    Oh, poor Trish. Hope you can recover very fast! (I also hope I never get appendicitis).


  37. bybee

    Oh Trish! I’m sorry you had such an ordeal, but you should be feeling a lot better by Christmas Day.

    That woman…peeing on your pee! I can’t believe it.


  38. Aunt Becky

    You poor thing. I had mine out when I was 14 and it was AWFUL. Blech. Luckily, I was on the privated roomish pediatric floor without roommates, but still. BLECH. Also, hope you got the good drugs!


  39. Amber

    Wow! You had an adventure in more ways than one. I hope your recovery speeds up a bit for you and I’m glad you’re no longer in so much pain.


  40. Cheryl M

    Hoping you are feeling better and on the road to recovery.


  41. jennygirl

    Thank goodness it didn’t burst or perforate. Glad you are on the mend and am very sorry about your roomate situation. Didn’t know that about the CT scan, and I read medical records for a living. I’ve never spent the night in the hospital, just had outpatient surgery, so no roomate stories. It’s also nice to meet someone who is as white as me 🙂
    Feel better soon and take those pain pills if you need to. no sense suffering for no reason and it may inhibit healing. Take care Sunshine 🙂


  42. Michelle

    Oh, you poor thing! I don’t know whether to laugh at your story or cry. I am utterly amazed that you are able to smile through those photos. That’s sheer craziness. As for your roommate story, all I can say is that when I had my first child (in Germany and a German hospital), I was placed in a room with a German. While I was trying to sleep, after having stayed up all night in labor and giving birth and all, her family was there talking in loud, German voices. I was moved later that day to a room with a fellow American, but she was working on her 13th child and made me feel inadequate by her sheer composure. Again, though, her entire family came to visit just as I was trying to take a nap. So, two days and still no sleep for a brand-new mother. Roommates in hospitals just plain suck.

    I’m so glad you are feeling better, but remember to take it easy on the recovery!!


  43. Petunia

    I’ve got one! On my 28th birthday my little neice died suddenly and nobody knew why. We were told that she had taken antibiotics for an ear infection earlier in the day. The next morning my baby woke up with a fever of 105. We took him to the hospital where they ran some tests. My entire family was crying on and off because of my neice and we are panicked because of my son. So the nurse comes in to give the baby an IV. My husband and both sons have impossible veins so the nurse pricks him about a dozel times before she leaves to get someone more capable. This person makes another dozen jabs before finally getting it right. Meanwhile, in the cubicle next to us a woman is talking loudly to her daughter who brought her in because her ankle was bothering her. She tells the nurse, “I’m leaving because the doctor won’t see me and this brat next door is making such a racket I’m getting a headache.” My husband held me back from choking her. Just to finish the story, baby had ear infection, needed antibiotics. I panicked some more (while still fuming over stupid b*tch next door). Baby got better. We find out that neice died of an unrelated infection in her heart. The situation was so terrible and the lady’s comment hurt so much. It’s inextricably burned into my memory. Seven years later I still wish I would have kicked her in her sore ankle.


  44. zibilee

    Oh Trish! How awful that you had to go through this (not to mention it was on your birthday). The pee-woman seriously sucks and peeing out of your ass doesn’t sound that great either! I am glad that you are on the mend though, and that you are finally home and far away from the pee-woman. I really hope you get better quickly and that you have some good drugs during your recovery. I must say though, this was a kind of hilarious post, and the pictures with you smiling are a great added touch. Get better soon and take it easy!


  45. Lorin

    Wow, Trish. You are so lucky that it didn’t rupture before they figured out what was going on! Thank God you’re okay! Take it easy and rest up. Sending prayers and good thoughts your way!


  46. Alyce

    I’m glad to see that you are on the mend, but sorry you had such a bad experience.

    I’ve been in hospitals several times, and never realized how lucky I was to have private rooms. Although I did go through a few hours of labor with my youngest son in a closet because they didn’t have any labor rooms available. They just put me up on a table and wheeled in the monitors. They apologize profusely, but really I was just so happy to be having the baby I didn’t care. 🙂

    Last year I had a pain in my side and the doctor thought it was appendicitis so I got to have the lovely CT scan that you mentioned. It turned out that I had pulled several muscles in my abs. A couple years prior to that I had kidney stones that they thought was appendicitis, and had the CT scan for that too. At least that one found the kidney stones. 🙂 I really didn’t care about what they were doing for that CT scan because of the combination of the pain and the really good drugs they gave me.

    I’m crossing my fingers that I a) never have to have a roommate in the hospital, b) never have appendicitis (gall stones, or anything else requiring organ removal). 🙂


  47. Stacy

    Wow! You’ve been busy. I’m glad to hear everything’s okay. You are a lucky girl (just keep telling yourself that when the pain is too much :))


  48. appendicitis

    Hope you gonna better soon.I am a surgeon.I can tell you that your condition is ok now.Nothing to worry!


  49. Diane

    I am so glad you are on the mend! What an adventure you have had since Borders. Since I spent my share of time in hospitals, I can tell you Dignity is left at the door (there must be some huge invisible container there which is emptied hourly) when one enters the hospital as a patient. Some day I’ll tell you about trying to pee when one has two broken ankles, two broken knees, one broken hand neck head and face, and while lying flat on one’s back. It seems no matter what you go into the hospital for, peeing ends up being the problem.

    My appendix hasn’t messed with me yet, but I can look forward to that.

    I just discovered your blog via Ravelry so have come in at a very important time. Don’t think of this as being sick, but as having a knitting opportunity!



  50. nat @book, line, and sinker

    how do i always miss all the drama!?!?! i hope you’re feeling better soon! so sorry for all the agony but if it’s any consolation, your story did give me a few laughs! i love the carls jr. lady! classy!

    speedy recovery and happy holidays!!!!



  51. Cindy

    Sorry to read of your troubles but glad you are on the mend, and as Diane says a wonderful knitting opportunity.

    Have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends.


  52. Shay

    I was lucky, no roommates when I was in the hospital, had the room all to myself for 3 days. Had to have a polyp removed from my intestine, so it wasn’t just pee but I had to do a poo before they would even consider letting me leave. Your scar is very cute compared to the Frankenstein-ish gash down the center off my belly. Awwwwww, memories. Hope you feel better real soon.


  53. Sheri

    I had mine out on Valentines Day many moons ago. It was an emergency and they identified it with a blood test and internal ultrasound. They totally doped me up and then called in the surgeon on call who was out on a date for Valentines Day. He was having sushi. So, all buzzed, I asked him if he had been drinking sake at the restaurant and if he was sober enough to operate on me. Of course, he was… and he laughed at me. He told me that he knew he was on-call. He was TOTALLY HOT, too! Anyway, the procedure was way worse back then than it is now. I have a huge scar and I was down and out for 4 weeks and could barely walk. From what I hear nowadays with the laproscopy available, you’ll be up and about before you know it.

    Thanks for the article. It was funny!


  54. Dawn - She is Too Fond of Books

    I hope you’re well on the road to recovery now, Trish! Thanks for sharing the highlights with us 🙂 You defnitely are well-prepared for childbirth (all kinds of stuff emerging from all kinds of openings).

    Keep laughing, the people at Readers’ Digest were onto something with that “laughter is the best medicine” line …


  55. Jamie

    I had mine done in the 80’s. I can still remember how painful it all was. Though my inscion is a wee bit bigger then yours. 🙂 Gotta love the 80’s.
    Thank you for sharing. I hope that you are fully recovered by now.


  56. Barbara Coppa

    I know exactly what you went through. Although three weeks earlier I had my uterus removed. When
    i could not roll over, my husband asked if I wanted to go back to the
    ER. Yes!!!! That’s exactly where I want to go back too. I was shocked when told my apendex had to come out ASAP. The next three days were rough. The nurses were great and kept asking me to walk. One problem I was in so much pain from a gas bubble I could not walk. The only way to get rid of the bubble was to walk. Eventually, they drugged me enough to stand and things slowly got better. Thanks for your story, and to everyone out there, listen to your body and br persistant. The Doctors do the best they can but hey are not inside you.


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