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Peeing My Pants With Book Anticipation

Have you ever known a book was coming out and wondered how you’d possibly be able to pass the time until the book came out? That’s how I’m feeling about these two books:

Faithful Place  by Tana French

I’ve been anticipating Tana French’s new book ever since I finished The Likeness  back in 2008. It’s been almost a year and a half! But only 6 months more, since the book will be published July 13, 2010. Can I wait that long?? Here’s the synopsis via Amazon:

“The course of Frank Mackey’s life was set by one defining moment when he was nineteen. The moment his girlfriend, Rosie Daly, failed to turn up for their rendezvous in Faithful Place, failed to run away with him to London as they had planned. Frank never heard from her again. Twenty years on, Frank is still in Dublin, working as an undercover cop. He’s cut all ties with his dysfunctional family. Until his sister calls to say that Rosie’s suitcase has been found. Frank embarks on a journey into his past that demands he reevaluate everything he believes to be true.”

If you haven’t read In the Woods  or The Likeness  yet, GET THEE TO A BOOKSTORE NOW. I promise, you will thank me.

This other book has got me in a tizzy because of Michele, an events coordinator at RiverRun Bookstore. She’s been talking up this book on Twitter, and I’m hooked!

The Passage by Justin Cronin

According to a New York Times article, The Passage  is “the first book of a planned trilogy about vampires born not of bat bites, but of medical experiments gone awry.”

Sounds good, right? But wait. Guess who’s blurbed this book and who I’ve learned to trust almost implicitly? Stephen King.

“Every so often a novel-reader’s novel comes along: an enthralling, entertaining story wedded to simple, supple prose, both informed by tremendous imagination. Summer is the perfect time for such books, and this year readers can enjoy the gift of Justin Cronin’s The Passage. Read fifteen pages and you will find yourself captivated; read thirty and you will find yourself taken prisoner and reading late into the night. It has the vividness that only epic works of fantasy and imagination can achieve. What else can I say? This: read this book and the ordinary world disappears.”

The Passage  will be published on June 8, 2010.

Any books that’re making you pee your pants in anticipation?

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26 Responses to “Peeing My Pants With Book Anticipation”

  1. Steph

    I am right there with you in terms of pants-peeing re: the new Tana French! That’s the one book I’m REALLY looking forward to this year!


  2. Kathy

    I thought for sure you’d mention Hunger Games 3!


  3. Fyrefly

    OOOOH! I haven’t even read The Likeness yet and I’m *still* excited for French’s new book!


  4. Kay

    OK, so I’ve got 6 months to get The Likeness read. In the Woods was one of my top reads of 2009. I’m really excited that Book 3 will be coming out this year.

    The Passage sounds interesting. This one will go on my anticipation list as well.

    Thanks for sharing!


  5. Jeane

    You know, I’m not a big Stephen King fan (I just don’t like scary books!) but his blurb has really got me hooked. I love books that contain “an enthralling, entertaining story wedded to simple, supple prose, both informed by tremendous imagination”. Wow. What a recommendation. I think I’ll have to keep my eyes out for this one.


  6. Alison

    Oh, man, I’ve been waiting to hear about a new Tana French book for approximately the same amount of time! I don’t think I’ll pee my pants, though… probably I’ll just annoy everyone around me with random Anticipation Dances instead.

    Also, July 13 is my husband’s birthday… if I get myself a gift does that mean I have to get him one?! 😀


  7. sarah pekkanen

    Ooh! These both look great. At first I was like, Not another vampire book… but Steven King? He steered me to Michael Connolly, who I adore. Thanks Trish!


  8. Shay

    I fell in love with the writing of Tania French when I picked up The Likeness. Wonderful book. Having a little difficulty getting into The Woods but I can’t wait until her next book.


  9. Marg

    I liked Into the Woods, but I loved The Likeness, and I am mega excited at the prospect of reading about Frank in this book! Bring on July.


  10. Julie

    I’ve read In the Woods and the Likeness and really enjoyed them both. The synopsis of Faithful Place sounds so good! Definitely going to have to put it on my TBR list!!!


  11. Becca

    I just bought The Likeness, and now I’m really excited to start it!


  12. Frankie

    I just finished, ‘IN THE WOODS’and now I’m reading,”THE WEDNESDAY SISTERS’. I’ve enjoyed both and will be picking up ,”THE LIKENESS’, next. The one author I would love,love,love to read a new book from is Abraham Verghese. I still think about parts of, ‘CUTTING FOR STONE’. Is there a new book a brewing????? I will keep my legs crossed till I hear.


  13. Kathleen

    I have In the Woods and the Likeness on my shelves. I can’t believe I still haven’t read them even after so many glowing reviews. Now I am reading your description of the new book coming out and it sounds GREAT. I have got to get the other two read before July!!


  14. Jen - Devourer of Books

    I own at least one of the Tana French books and still haven’t read either of them. I know, chastise me. All of you who are peeing your pants over “The Passage” are really getting me interested!


  15. Beth F

    I love to have THE PASSAGE. I can’t wait for that one.


  16. Jenn's Bookshelves

    I’m with you on both of these books. I LOVE French’s writing style!


  17. Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit)

    The passage sounds like a book that’s right up my alley!


  18. zibilee

    I have not read anything by Tana French, but have read numerous great reviews of her books. I was inspired by your excitement over her new novel so I just ordered a sample of Into the Woods for my Kindle. I will let you know how it goes!


  19. SFP

    I’ve had both of these on my wish list for awhile. I’ve read Cronin before–he made me cry–so I’m excited to see his take on vampires. And, yeah, I want to get inside Frank’s head for awhile. . .

    I’m also anxious to read the new David Mitchell–I’ve gone so far as to order it from the Book Depository instead of waiting for the US pub date–and the new Jane Smiley.


  20. Lynn Spencer

    Oh, I am so ridiculously excited about the new Tana French! I am also waiting for the new Julia Spencer-Fleming coming in April. Have you read her series at all? They are mysteries, but so much more. Each book contains a suspense plot, but she also deals with some deeper social issues and there is a continuing plot involving a friendship/relationship between a police chief and a newly ordained Episcopal priest. The characterizations are just fabulous.


  21. Tobey

    I haven’t read any Tana French (she stole my daughter’s name) but you’ve inspired me so I think I will add her to my TBR list.


  22. Mary Q.

    Justin Cronin’s THE SUMMER GUEST was one of my favorite books of all time. I’ve been following THE PASSAGE and have been frustrated because the publication date has been moved back several times. I hope they stick to this latest promised date because I’m busting to read anything new by him (even something about vampires!). The upcoming Tana French book sounds intriguing too, even though I still need to read her first two!


  23. Lenore

    Oh YAY! Tana French! You know I love her!


  24. nat @book, line, and sinker

    hmmm…i have a tanya french in my tbr pile and might have to skip to it in the near future. but i really want to read ‘the day the falls stood still’ first. oh, the choices!


  25. Michelle

    I don’t know if you watch LOST or not but all the buzz on Twitter yesterday (thanks @bostonbibiliophile) was that The Passage is very remeniscent of the show in multiple ways. That TOTALLY makes it a must get for me!


  26. Les in NE

    Woot!!!!!!! Thanks for the heads-up. I have both books by Tana French on my Top Ten list for 2009. I wonder how I can possibly get an ARC of this 3rd title……..


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