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The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott – Readers!

Holy torpedo! The books for The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott  by Kelly O’Connor McNees went FAST! I’m glad I wasn’t physically handing them out…I think I would have gotten some fingers bitten off. 😉

Here’s the folks participating in the reading series:

1. Lisa from Books on the Brain

2. Jilleen from Seaside Book Nook

3. Kristi from peetswea

4. Laura from Reading and Rooibos

5. Ti from Book Chatter

6. Mari from Bookworm with a View

7. Carrie from nomadreader

8. Colleen from Books in the City

9. Jenn from Jenn’s Bookshelves

10. Susan F.

11. Kathleen W.

12. Jennifer from The Literate Housewife Review

13. Heidenkind from Heidenkind’s Hideaway

14. Diane from bookchickdi

15. Jennifer D.

16. Jenny from Takemeaway

17. Jennifer from Rundpinne

18. Irene Y.

19. Susan Gregg Gilmore

20. Beth Fish from Beth Fish Reads


This Reading Series is going to rock my socks, I’m sure. (How can something “rock your socks”? Have I mixed two sayings?) ANYway, all this to say, I can barely contain my excitement for this. This will be like a regular book club meeting but on performance enhancing drugs. 😀 Fun!

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17 Responses to “The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott – Readers!”

  1. Ti

    What a great response! I’m so glad I acted quickly.


  2. Kristi

    Yay! Glad that I made the cut – sounds like it was tough competition 🙂 Looking forward to the series.


  3. nomadreader

    I’m so thrilled to be part of this book discussion! Perhaps I should reread Little Women in preparation for this novel. Thanks for hosting and organizing, Trish!


  4. Jenny

    Yay!! Can’t wait to read the book!


  5. Lisamm

    Good thing I didn’t hesitate longer than 30 seconds before deciding I wanted to be included!! You snooze, you lose, as they say!


  6. Chrisbookarama

    Can I still be part of the club? I’m getting it for TLC tours.


  7. Jennifer

    I am looking forward to reading and discussing the novel. It will be such fun!


  8. Colleen (Books in the City)

    Thanks for hosting this! I am really looking forward to reading and discussing the book with the group!


  9. heidenkind

    Boo-yah! This book discussion is going to be ahmazing. ^__^


  10. Beth F

    I’m looking forward to this!


  11. Literate Housewife

    What a great group! I cannot wait!


  12. Diane (bookchickdi)

    Thanks so much! I already received my ARC in the mail and I can’t wait to start reading. Looking forward to the Book Club discussion.


  13. Kiki

    Got mine yesterday–already started reading!


  14. Lisa

    I like to think of all of the wine I consume at my regular book club as performance enhancing. I do put on quite a performance when I’ve been drinking.


  15. Lisamm

    Got my book a couple days ago.. Can’t wait to discuss!


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    […] can view the reading series participants’ virtual discussion with McNees and also visit the blogs of my fellow reading series […]

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    […] excited I am to be part of the reading series for The Lost Summer of Lousia May Alcott hosted by Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin’?  It appears that the competition was fierce, so I was lucky to sneak in and grab one of the 20 […]

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