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Which Would You Rather Wednesday

So, I’ve been meaning to start this feature, but, well, *insert excuse here*.

One thing that I think about as I’m walking to and from the bus is which I would rather do in some weird scenario. Some scenarios I make up myself, some I get from The Book of Questions.

I may not do this every week, but let’s say I’ll do this *most* Wednesdays.

I was going to start this series off with a book related question, but then I realized that I wouldn’t be honoring the ONE QUESTION that I think about at least once a week. And that question is this:

Would you rather let out a purple cloud when you farted, or have a terrible stink that lasted for one minute when you farted?

I go back and forth on this, but I think a purple cloud would be FUN. I could hide when need be, but otherwise I could entertain myself at home.

Would you rather let out a purple cloud when you farted, or have a terrible stink that lasted for one minute when you farted?

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Soo…which would you rather?

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27 Responses to “Which Would You Rather Wednesday”

  1. Carrie K.

    Could I choose for my husband? Cause he already has option two.


  2. Suko

    Oh, this is hilarious! : D


  3. Jennifer

    The way I see it, I can blame the smell on anyone close by, but that purple cloud is going to dime me out every time. And aren’t your own smells less offensive to you than other people’s smells anyway. I’m putting way too much thought into this. I’ll take the stink, please.


  4. Rebecca @ The Book Lady's Blog

    Purple cloud, all the way. Sure, everyone will know it’s me, but if I assume that we live in a world where EVERYONE lets out a purple cloud when they fart, then I’d much rather deal with a bunch of purple clouds (especially when trapped on an airplane, in an elevator, etc.) than nasty stinks. And I’m with you on the entertainment factor. Love it.


  5. Jeane

    I agree with Jennifer- it’s a lot easier to pretend you didn’t make the stink than to hide a purple cloud! On the other hand, if nobody’s farts stank, who would really care that you made a purple cloud? Hmm. Can I vote again?


  6. I Heart Monster

    I figure you can always move away from a stink. That gets my vote. Purple cloud would be just plain embarassing. Especially if you were wearing white or khaki – would it stain?


  7. Monica

    Well is it a smelly purple cloud? Cause it it’s only a purple cloud, oh well! But if it smells, and points right at you… going “hahah you farted”… then well, I don’t vote for that.


  8. Michele

    OMG! My family is all about the smells so I gotta say I would love the purple cloud. That way I can say mine does NOT smell and it wasn’t me!


  9. Alita

    At first I was leaning towards stink (easier to pass [ha!] off on someone else). But I love Rebecca’s idea of a world full of purple clouds rather than big stinks! Purple clouds all the way!


  10. Romi

    I voted for purple cloud, but I’d also like to say that my response could change based on circumstance.

    For example, on a crowded subway the super-stink would be less risky, as I could simply raise an eyebrow and pretend it was someone else. On the other hand, a purple cloud might signal alarm in that national security kind of way.

    But all other things equal? Yes, purple cloud wins 🙂


  11. Pam

    I choose smell. However I think you should pen a book about broody sparkling vampires who emit purple puff farts. Oh wait its been done minus the purple farts.


  12. heidenkind

    LOL Terrible stink. That would be more fun because you could try to blame it on other people. Plus, a purple cloud might not match my wardrobe that day.


  13. Ralph

    Does the purple stain?


  14. Anne Fescharek

    I’d rather feel shame than stink!


  15. frankie

    When I grow old I will wear purple or fart purple. The world needs more purple


  16. Lori L

    Oh! Purple Cloud, assuming it doesn’t smell. That would certainly cut down on any “sneak attacks” from other people when you are in public. If the purple cloud was just that and didn’t smell, what would it matter?


  17. Lisa

    I voted terrible stink on the basis that I could blame other people for the smell but then I read Rebecca’s answer and totally agree with her. There are definitely some foods I would have to give up, though, if it were going to be that obvious that it was me farting!


  18. Andrea

    Either way you’d have to hide…but if you just had a terrible stink you could let one out and then run or possibly blame it on someone else if you’re in a group. If it was a purple cloud people would KNOW it was you no matter what, there’d be no denying it!


  19. Lisamm

    Would I be the only one with a purple cloud or would other people have clouds too (purple or otherwise)? If everyone had clouds and no stink, I’d vote for that. Now if we could just get rainbows for burping, the world would be a pretty place (why am I suddenly thinking about Care Bears?)


  20. Jo-Jo

    The world would be such a pretty place if we all walked around farting purple clouds!


  21. Darlene

    You crack me up Trish! Purple cloud for sure – no smell.


  22. Kristen

    This totally cracked me up. Can the purple cloud be sparkly? 😉 The terrible stink is tempting though as you can just blow cheeks and escape it. You know, like when you walk into a deserted aisle at the grocery store and it’s clear someone has farted and left the evidence behind as they head for the fresh produce aisle? Yeah, like that. Cause I’ve never done that.


  23. zibilee

    I think I would much rather have the purple cloud option over the terrible stink. It seems less embarrassing to me.


  24. Luke

    Your site doesn’t work in IE6! I’m outraged!


  25. Lorin

    Too funny! I voted for the cloud. Its not about what others think – its b/c a cloud wouldn’t bother me but stinky farts do!!


  26. Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit)

    I’m not sure blaming it on someone close by is a good enough reason for it to stink for a full minute.


  27. Teresa

    I absolutely love this post. I have a visual of a bunch of purple clouds. Hilarious!


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