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Which Would You Rather Wednesday – May 12, 2010

I’ve been toying with this question for a while, because it’s something I ask myself quite often.

Would you rather be smart or funny?

Now, to make this question interesting, I have to add some caveats. Because if you asked me that question, before you could finish saying funny, I’d answer FUNNY. Funny, coupled with my average intelligence, would be AWESOME. For me. Maybe not for you. Maybe you’d get tired of me and boot me out of your club, but I love funny people. I want to be them.

So the caveat to this is that, if you’re funny, you’re not particularly smart; you have less than a 100 IQ. You’re average. You’re, uh, me. HA! Sucker!

But seriously, you can’t cheat on this question and be all, oh, I’ll have my cake and eat it too. Uh-uh. No, that’s not how this game is played. It is one or the other. You choose one, you lose the other.

If you choose to be funny, you make friends easily, lots of people like you (sorry, there’s always some haters out there), and you’re often the center of attention (in a good way).

BUT, if you choose smart, well, you’re SUPER smart. In whatever way you want to be! You know how some people are math smart or language smart or food smart? Basically, you’re a genius at something, or maybe just super smart about everything. But along with your being super smart, you’re also stunted socially. You’re stiff, you have a hard time making friends, often times you don’t get the slight, silly jokes people tell. You don’t *get* many of the social clues others pick up on. Now, that’s not to say that don’t have any friends. I’m just saying, you have to have some drawback to being smart.

So that’s your choice for this week. Smart or funny. One or the other. Which will you choose?

Would you rather be smart or funny?

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29 Responses to “Which Would You Rather Wednesday – May 12, 2010”

  1. Sandy

    No hesitation whatsoever!


  2. Helen

    My gut reaction was smart. As I read the post/challenge I kept thinking smart, right? The “right” answer is smart. Which just goes to show why I chose smart: it has been so ingrained in me since I can remember to be smart and “successful” that I automatically pick it and feel pressed to pick it at the same time…


  3. Amy

    Yep, no question, I easily choose smart here. I’m already socially awkward so what would be different 😉


    Florinda Reply:

    I thought exactly the same thing when I chose “smart” – I’m used to being socially awkward anyway! 🙂


  4. zibilee

    I would totally choose smart. I don’t think I would mind too much if I was socially challenged if I could speak intelligently on lots of different points. At this point, looking at the results, it seems things are equally distributed between those who want to be smart, and those who want to be funny. If this were the case in real life, the world would be an incredibly balanced place!!


  5. Jen-Girls Gone Reading

    Smart…maybe I would “learn” to be funny 🙂
    Okay, I know that went against the rules. Actually, I was thinking that I could help people more if I was smart-solve stuff, write stuff, etc. that changed the world.


  6. T.Y.

    Funny! Everybody loves a clown. Besides, if I choose to be smart, I’d opt to become a literary prodigy and you can’t pull off an entertaining novel without being funny. I could write dark, depressing stab-myself-now novels but that’s not keeping with my tone of voice. So FUNNY! I want hugs and I need the sound of laughter to thrive!


  7. Pam

    Funny! Do I have to be a complete veggie though? Can I be a bit below average but funny?


  8. Melissa

    I know other people would enjoy me being funny more than smart, but I just can’t stand the thought of not wanting to read or not understanding what I’m reading. I’m going with smart.


  9. Jen - Devourer of Books

    Smart, no question. I always want to know everything, and if I couldn’t understand it, my life would suck. I could live with just a few unfunny close friends.


  10. kigen

    I’m with the cartoonist and the wisdom of the clown.


  11. The Girl from the Ghetto

    I’d choose smart. If you are smart enough, you can learn to be funny.


  12. Lorin

    Smart. Better chance of being rich. And everyone thinks rich people are funny, even when they’re not.

    See I can have my cake and eat it too! =)


  13. Kay

    I pick smart because for me, funny is often sarcastic quips. Not meanspirited but definitely sarcastic. So, you didn’t say that the smart person couldn’t be sarcastic. In fact, it often takes a bit os intelligence to get irony and dry wit. That’s been my observation anyway.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it anyway!


  14. Elizabeth

    I am funny, which is one of the first words people use to describe me. But I’m also really smart, and it takes them a while to figure it out because I appear to be joking around while I am getting everything organized the way I want it and being the best at whatever task I take on. Once they figure it out, they’re a little scared that I did all that without their noticing. HA!

    BTW, read Leaving Unknown in 1 day: LOVED IT!!


  15. Bonnie A

    Funny gets you through the bad times. An IQ of 100 isn’t stupid…and you can learn to be smart as easily as you can learn to be funny….maybe easier. There are all kinds of ways to learn information…learning to be funny is DIFFICULT.


  16. MaNiC MoMMy

    OMG, I would totally choose funny, before and after reading your caveat. Smart people are boring know-it-alls. What’s the point of hanging out with smart people? They’re only good for if you’re lost! If you need to know anything, all you have to do is go google it. If you want a laugh, can you google THAT? NOOOO! You need to find a FUNNY person!

    At a party, do you look for THAT one smart person to entertain you all night long with tales of how deep the Red Sea is or how many continents there are? (How many continents ARE there anyway?) NOOOOO! You look for that one funny person who’s got everyone cracking up at the party because she’s a riot.

    So yeah, I choose funny all day long.


  17. MaNiC MoMMy

    Oh, and Sandy must have chosen FUNNY because she didn’t indicate in her comment what her answer was, just NO HESITATION WHATSOEVER, so that to me means she’s not very smart, but she must be funny as hell!


    trish Reply:

    *dies laughing*


  18. Emily Palm

    Definitely funny, because to truly be funny, you must be smart as well! In fact, I consider funny to be the echelon above “smart” on the intellect scale.


  19. Meghan

    Smart. I want to know everything. I’m always trying to understand and learn more. I do better with a small group of nerdy friends anyway – that’s my life now, so nothing would change!


  20. Jessica

    …This isn’t about me, is it? *blink blink*

    I picked ‘smart’ because I sort of live this situation already. TG for blogging because it gives me as long as I want to try to come up with witty responses to my readers’ comments. Also I can steal other people’s funny ideas, and it’s possible I might even get away with it!


    trish Reply:

    Well, since you’re smart AND funny, no, this isn’t about you. In fact, can you give me one or the other? Either your smartness or your funniness? I’ll take either. Thanks!


  21. Bonnie A

    What a great discussion you have going. I have really enjoyed hearing from all these smart and funny people.


  22. stacybuckeye

    If I’m smart I can change the world. Cure cancer, bring about world peace, invent a drug that can make smart people funny too…


  23. Valerie

    I pick smart. Because I think the truly funny people are smart as well. Look at Oscar Wilde and Dorothy Parker, for example. Their funny sayings have lasted over the years because they are truly smart.


  24. Aths

    If I choose smart, I’m sure I’ll have a good career, be famous, give speeches, trounce Bill Gates as the richest person in the world, find ways to rid the world of its demons and also find ways to capitalize on those demons. 😉 A good life spanning 30-40 years? Now, who will be there on my deathbed?

    So I’d rather choose funny. Have some cozy friends who love to laugh with me, and put up with my sub-par IQ. After all, don’t we all love FORREST GUMP??? And people close to him don not ridicule him, and he doesn’t care about those who are not close to him! So that will be my choice. 🙂


  25. Alipet813

    I choose funny! I am not a genius, but I have brains and graduated college with honors. I can be HI-Larious if I want. Well, I hear I can anyway. The thing is many leaders aren’t overly smart, but they have charisma and many have a sense of humor. If I have to be dull and smart then I will still have to work as hard as the charismatic, funny person to get ahead. I might as well be funny and enjoy my time here! Besides, I can study my butt off and still learn things. You just said I wasn’t naturally super smart. wink wink


  26. J.T. Oldfield

    Smart, for sure. But, out of curiousity, under which category would you put wit?


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