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BEA 2010 – Dinner with friends.

One of the things I was most looking forward to doing this year was having dinner with a couple of friends. We met last year during BEA and got along fabulously, and this year was no different.

Aren’t they adorable?? Tyler works at Scholastic, and Melissa works at Fisher Price and has just completed her first novel. She’s currently searching for an agent, and I’ve so enjoyed following her progress of writing a book. You should check out her blog! She blogs at This Too….

I met them at ‘ino in the West Village. This was an amazing suggestion they had, as everything we ate was really fresh, delicious, and left me feeling like this was one of the gems I’d hoped to find in New York.

If you can’t tell from the pictures, the place is tiny.

One thing I’ve learned is that not every restaurant/city/state (I’m not sure where the law falls) will allow you to bring your own bottle of wine in to a restaurant to drink. Who knew that not all states are just like California? I KNOW! I was surprised, too.

Instead of having desert at ‘ino, we decided to go to Magnolia Bakery to get cupcakes. On our way there, we passed this sign:

Huh. Good to know. Knowledge is power, right?

Anyway, Magnolia Bakery…oh, it was heaven! I would be in big big trouble if we had a bakery that pumped out cupcakes this fresh. I don’t have a picture of my cupcake because I ate it too fast…sowy. 🙁

I wanted to buy a shirt, but they didn’t have any in my size. 🙁

Here’s to starting the trip off with a fabulous dinner with friends!

I also did 3 publishing house tours today, so posts about those tours should be forthcoming!

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23 Responses to “BEA 2010 – Dinner with friends.”

  1. Sandy

    Awesome pictures! I think I need a cupcake for breakfast…

    Keep the pictures coming. I feel ever so slightly connected to all the fun going on up there!


  2. diane

    Great pictures. Love the cupcake tees.


  3. zibilee

    Very cool post! I am glad you got to visit with friends out there and the cupcakes sound wonderful!! I hope you continue to have an amazing time in New-York!


  4. Amy

    That cupcake place sounds divine. I need to find it 🙂


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  6. Melissa

    So much fun! I can’t wait to tour the floor with the one and only hey lady. And hope we can get together for more fun this week and in Sonoma.


  7. Allie ~ Hist-Fic Chick

    Fun! This year, we should try and get a group together to go to this fab Italian place in the East Village called Gnocco. Two words…TRUFFLE. PIZZA.

    I’m not at BEA today but will be there tomorrow with bells on!


  8. Amused

    Looks like a blast and and any cupcake place is worth taking note of!


  9. Robin of My Two Blessings

    Yummy cupcakes. Sounds like you are having fun. We’ll live vicariously through you.


  10. Michelle

    Green with envy. Not only are you at BEA, but cupcakes too? Have a great time. Oh, and it is my lifelong dream to work for Scholastic. Sigh.


  11. Jen-Girls Gone Reading

    I have always wanted to go to Magnolia Bakery…Congrats on seeing your friends and enjoy NYC!


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  13. The Social Frog

    Great pictures! I am loving the bakery. Looking forward to more posts!


  14. Lisamm

    I don’t know if a word exists in the English language to adequately describe how jealous I am. Where is my thesaurus???


  15. Teddy

    I’m so glad you had such a great time! Thanks for sharing. I stopped by Mellisa’s blog. She seems really cool. I love her descriptions of her experience at BEA. I am starting to save now in hopes of attending next year.


  16. Beth F

    Fun! Lots of yummy food to be found in NYC


  17. Sheila DeChantal

    Wonderful pics Trish! I wish I would have taken more of the restaurants we ate at.

    It was fun meeting you and I wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put into the different things of BBC. I thought I was exhausted when I got home – you had to be even more so. 🙂


  18. Esme

    Trish-It was great meeting you in person-thanks for inviting me to dinner-I had a wonderful time-I did not try out Magnolia Bakery-not that I did not try a million other bakeries in the city. I had already had my sweet fill by the time I passed it-I was on a huge macaron hunt and had my share of them.


  19. Esme

    PS thanks for all your hard work.


  20. DelGal's Book Reviews

    Hi there!
    Just stopping by to say HI and thanks for being a big part in the great convention, I look forward to attending another hopefully next year!

    Oh, and not only do not all restaurants allow a BYOB, but in some states liquor can only be bought in liquor stores, and aren’t in grocery or convenience stores. I know, GASP! 🙂



  21. Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness)

    Delicious! It was really nice to meet you at BEA and BBC. Thanks so much for all the organizing you did — it was a great event. I was honored to be on one of the panels, and am so excited for BBC #2 🙂


  22. bermudaonion (Kathy)

    I don’t think I’ve lived anywhere that let you bring a bottle of wine to a restaurant. Sounds like a fun way to spend an evening!


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